Thursday in the Garden

 We thinks this picture is beautiful. The Butterflies really like the Butterfly Bush.

 Our watermelons are growing nicely. They came up all by themselves from watermelons we planted last year.

 The tomatoes are not doing so good. We thinks cause it is so hot and dry. A cut worm got one of them and various other pest have gotten into all of them.

 The Purple Lantana is blooming.

 Gardenias smell so good, we just wants to sit by them all day and inhale their fragrance.

 Interesting little weed growing in Mommy's flowerbed. It is blue and fuzzy.

 This strange doggie came to visit Fenris, we hopes he is going home now.

 Our favorite tomato is growing in the compost pile. Nobody takes care of it and it is doing pawsome. It came up all by itself too.
 Look at how nice the tomatoes look on it.

Well we has to get over to Jonesie's for the Society of Feline Gardeners meeting so we can give our report, see you there.



  1. You sure got bigger tomater fruits than we do!

  2. Yoor garden is as pretty as a picture today!

  3. Yay for independent watermelons and tomatoes!! Awww wonderful!!!!

    Your other blooms are looking lovely. We hope rains come to help the other tomatoes along too though!

    Hello to your doggie friend, lovely Fenris! Me and Charlie hope he went home safe and sound too! Yay! Take care

  4. Wow ! Your garden is huge !!!!!
    No wonder why doggie come to visit.
    All pictures are lovely..I love butterfly too,but in the difference way of human. I think you guys know what I'm talking about..Just think about it..YUM !

  5. We think you are very right about that beautiful photo. And isn't it funny how things you least expect to grow do so well? Hope those tomatoes ripen for you and make for a great salad or sandwich garnish.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. OMD... I am CRAZY about the pic with the Black Swallowtail IN FLIGHT!!!
    The Volunteer tomato on the compost pile is amazing.
    And would you just LOOK at the wonderful Wally Melons!!!
    I saw on Mayzie's blog that Fenris is still... Lookin fur a Lady!! We need to get him a girrrrlfurend!!! hehehe

  7. We are SOOO happy to see you again~!!! As always, we LOVE your garden tour.

  8. What beautiful butterfies you have in your garden!

  9. looks like the strange doggie has a collar on. Lovely garden shots of such gorgeous plants, lucky you. Love Darcy and Bingley

  10. Looking mighty fine and oh so pretty! Hey Fenris, who was your pal?

  11. Sometimes those volunteer tomatoes are better than the ones planted on purpose!!
    Hope you get some rain to help things along in your nice garden.

    Happy Thursday,
    ~ The Bunch and Phillip

  12. Artemisia beautiful mouse, would you like to sit by the Gardenias together?

    ~your prince,

  13. Good photos. You have lovely plants. I love to smell gardenias too. Hopefully, the introoder dawg was just passin thru. Purrs from Prancer.

  14. OOOOHHHH Mom LUVZ watermelon!!! Geesh! we jus had ta wipe off da keyboard she'z droolin all ofur it ^..^ We find it fury ineresting dat it came up by itself....
    Maybe da tomatoez want to live in da compost bin ^..^ ????
    Anyway we luvz your pretty butterfly and All your Pretty flowerz ^..^
    Hope da woofie iz goin home too ....
    Happy Gardening Guyz ~

  15. Mai mom sez the BEST tomatoes she ever grows are the "volunteers." She's got some kinda vine growing out of one of the compost bins, too, but she doesn't know what it is. "Surpurrise Squash," I sez! xxoo Bhu

  16. Ooooo...your garden looks SO bee-you-teeful! And I bet it smells super good, too. My mom was finally able to plant some flowers last weekend and I helped. I took a big whiff of them cuz they smelled so pretty.

    I just luvs your butterfly pictures!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. How cool that you have watermelons growing in your garden! Jonesie has tried to grow them but it never works out. It's not hot enough here.

  18. i always told my dad he could stick a broom handle in the ground and it would grow something beautiful I must say I think you could too. Your yard is just full of life and beauty. Hugs and nose kisses for you all!


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