Tsarina Tuesday

 I won this pawsome prize at KC's Cinco de Mayo Party. I just love the cute bowls. Mommy says we can use them for special occassions like our purrdays, gotcha days and when we needs a pick me up cause we don't feel good. She said that sometimes eating off pretty bowls makes your food taste better.

 I was so excited when the box arrived. I couldn't wait for Mommy to open it so I could see what was in it.

 Wow, that white mouse is almost as big as me. Let's see what else is in the box.

 Another pretty white mouse..........

 and a cute little blue one, this one squeaks.

 Makes it wiggle again Mom.

 I got it now.

 It can't escape my paws.

 Mom, it's not moving.

 Put that camera down and makes the mouse move. Honestly good help is so hard to find. You would think moving a simple toy and playing with me wouldn't' strain her abilities.

 We got treats to, we had never tried this flavor. They are delicious we have already wiped out one bag.

 Our mice.

 Now I will pose for my glamor shot.

 OK, back to playing.



  1. 1. Those are the CUTEST BOWLS!

    2. We love the new toys!

  2. Beautiful Artemisia!! What a fantastic package of lovely goodies!! Yay!!!

    Me and Charlie love your glamour shots so much!! Take care

  3. Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Arty

  4. Yeah, makes it move Mom!

  5. Such a bunch of goodies fur sure and those mice sure look like wiggle butt fun!

  6. Awww Artemisia you look soooo Pretty ^..^ ,,,
    we thinkz your new bowlz are furry pretty ^..^
    and we are sure you are going to have lotz of fun ripping da meezerz heads off ^..^
    Alwayz so much fun getting packagez in da mail ^..^
    Purrz & Kissez ~

  7. His-n-Her bowls? CUTE!

    Miss Mouse, our Mommy is woefully inadequate as well, she only plays with us for ONE lousy hour a day, and brushes and feeds us. It's not enough. You need to issue an edict for more Kitty Time!

  8. Those are very nice bowls and toys that you got for winning the contest.

  9. Excellent gifts and just LOOK at that great box it all came in! Lucky girl. Beyootiful glamour shot. Purrs.


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