Tsarina Tuesday

I likes to hang out at the Hummingbird Cottage. This gorgeous butterfly came to visit me there.

The Coral Honeysuckle.

The Passion Vine

I Loves to lay under the Bougainvillea, it is very hard to see me there and I am in the shade.

These silly zinnias decided to grow in Daddy's dirt pile.

I loves to roll around on the stone floor. It feels so good. Silly Mommy doesn't understand the attraction.

Do you see the bird. I can spy on him from the Hummingbird Cottage. Our pond is very dry. It has almost dried completely up.

Me and mommy saw this growing in the woods and went to take it's picture. We aren't sure what it is.

It is growing by the Canna Lillies.

I went around front with Mommy to see what else is blooming. The Johnny Jump Ups are blooming again.

We really likes how the red zinnias look with the blue morning glory vine. They are all ready for the 4th of July.

Our mint is blooming first time ever.

Now this is funny, poor Scylla gets blamed for everything even stuff that I do. Scyllie woke Mommy up this morning and Mommy put her out in the garage for being annoying well somebody was scratching at the door. Mommy blamed it on Scylla but it could have bee ME. One of the boy beans got up and let us back in the house and I jumped up in bed with Mommy and started kneading just like Scyllie does and Mommy said "Scylla stop that I wants to sleep" and she opened one bleary eye and realized that it wasn't Scyllie it was ME! I curled up right next to Mommy and Socks was curled up right next to me and we all went back to sleep. But Mommy says it is simply amazing how a feather weight can feel so heavy first thing in the morning and how a mini mini meow meow can make so much noise when she is trying to SLEEP. ~Artemisia


  1. Smart girl, Artemisia, getting your snuggles in with the Mom. Beautiful garden tour today - all the flowers are just so pretty. But that hanging basket of purple flowers is just gorgeous and it is even more so with that pretty butterfly.

    Have a good day and we hope you get some rain.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Miss Artemisia, Don't you wanna try a taste of butterfly ?
    Taste Nice and No bone : )

  3. Silly Mr. Puddy you don't eat butterflies you admire them.

    Good to see you Phantom, Thunder and Ciara.

    Mommy has a busy day so we will come by to visit when we can. ~Arty Mouse

  4. Beautiful Artemisia!!! That is one BIG and very pretty butterfly!! Absolutely lovely!!

    Awww me and Charlie are so impressed by all your beautiful blooms including all the wild ones that are growing!! Yay!!!

    We hope you have lots of time rolling around on the cool rocks!

    We hope you get rain soon too!! Awwww hugs to gorgeous Scylla and Socks too! take care

  5. We loved your garden tour, Artemisia, everything is so lovely!

    Your mom will just have to learn not to blame Scylla for everything. LOL.

    We didn't snuggle with the mom last night, but we did have a wrasslin' match on the bed at 2AM. That was fun!

  6. Your flowers are so lovely and regardless of how soft we mew...in the middle of the night, mom says we sound like Jack Hammers~!!!

  7. Everything sure looks terrific little one! Poor Scylla, got blamed again!!!

  8. It is true. The Woman yells at Ichiro because he is noisy too! And he is a BIG cat when he is bouncing around!

  9. hee hee! We think your Mom should really try rolling on the stones. We bet she only THINKS she wouldn't like it!
    Arty, our Mommy says YOUR Mom hasn't been squished until she's been trampled by a hungry twenty-pound Tabby; you guessed it, TJ!

  10. Hee-hee. Mom thinks you are right about little kittehz feeling heavy first thing in the morning. Purrs.

  11. Such lovely pictures! Is that unknown white flowering shrub possibly a "Hawthorne Bloom"? We have a wild plant here we thought was that, but now think it is a wild rose, but it sure looks familiar ta the pictures we saw.

  12. Well we wishes the mystery shrub was Hawthorne Bloom but we are very afraid it is poisoned sumac.


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