Wednesday Wildlife & Flowers


 Pineapple Sage

 A Mourning Dove, this pair likes to hang out around our birdfeeder.

 They usually eat the seeds off the ground. The smaller messier birds seem to knock plenty out of the feeder.

 Gardenia, they smell heavenly.

 Our herb Garden.........................

 Doesn't the raindrops look pretty on the Fennel.

 Zinnias in the Charybdis Bed are blooming nicely.

 Butterfly Bush

 Stokes Aster


 Convolvulus (Blue Enchantment) we are enchanted.


  1. Beautiful flowers!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. The doves are lovely!!! Awwww!! And your garden blooms are beautiful as always - such vivid colours too - esp the Blue Enchantment - what a heavenly name!! Take care

  3. OMD I (Frankie Furter) am totally enchanted by that beautiful BLUE Blossom too!!!

    I am soooooo glad that you are gonna host the Flower Show fur the picnic. Do you want to put in all of the flower pics yourself.. or do you want peeps and pups to email flower pics to you??? It will be LOVELY either way!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting everyone. We would love to seem some of our friends flowers at the Flower Show, we will do a post later today asking for submissions and directing our friends to your blog so they can learn more about Charlie and how to help him.

  5. Everything sure looks pretty! Of course the doves are pretty too! We've got doves here, and they wait every night for my Dad to put fresh water in the bird bath!!!

  6. Oh we love that Blue Enchantment!

  7. Just out of curiosity (OK, TBT says he is jealous, so we should ask), how do you attach stones to wood framed beds like that?

  8. Well Daddy is actually the better one to answer that question, but Mommy will give it a try. You get a zillion bags of mortar and you mix a little bit up at a time in a wheel barrow (not to much cause it dries quickly, which TBT probably already knows) and oh we forgot you needs to have the rocks arranged the way you are want them, Daddy says it is a puzzle cause you needs to have rocks that kinda fit together. But you put some mortar on the ground and then you sticks a rock in the mortar and puts in the next rock and mortar between the two. Sometimes you has to use other rocks or bricks to hold them in place and then you lets that row dry (at least a day) before you do the next row.


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