Fenris Friday (Mouse & Me)

 Artemisia loves me and I loves here. We are Best Friends Forever. I don't care that she is a cat and I am a dog.

 She listens to my secrets,

 and I listen to her secrets.

 She gives me baths.

 And she gives me love bumps.

Sometimes she rubs all over me. We also plays games together. She is a very good cat, a terrific friend and a wonderful sister. ~Fenris


  1. Beautiful Fenris and adorable Artemisia! Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Me and Charlie are so happy to see you two being the bestest friends ever!! Yay!! You are both gorgeous too!! Take care

  2. She's lukhky to have woo Handsome Fenris!

    I think I would be a furry difFURent kind of SIBEling ;-)


  3. Fenris, that is just so sweet. So nice to see you and Artemisia being such good friends. You and Tommy with his Chan kitties have a lot in common.

    Happy Friday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Thanks for visiting everyone. Please forgive us if we don't get to visit today. Mouse escaped around midnight and the Mommy had to wake up and go roaming the property to find her. So she is sleepy and grumpy and isn't being very cooperative about blogging for us. ~AFSS

  5. That makes me purr Fenris...and Grete is wagging her tail knowingly because Grete and I have a special bond too...and Grete also adores Jonesie.

    You are a very special woofie Fenris!

  6. You two are special pals fur sure!!!

  7. It is good to have a best friend.

  8. OH NO... I hope Mouse is back safe and sound.

    Fenris you and Artemisia are bestest furends fur sure. That is what it is supposed to be.. Everybuddy gettin along together.

    AND you two REALLY know how to do it RIGHT.

  9. Fenris, it just doesn't matter does it? Love is Love. You and Miss Mouse are quite the pair...Johnny is glad she's in such good paws when he's at home.

  10. Oh yes, Mouse is safe and sound. In fact she spent the morning in Mommy's lap. She was hiding under the shop last night cause Eldest Boy Bean scared her when he drove up so Mommy & Youngest just had to get eaten alive by mosquitoes while they tried to coax her out. She eventually came to Mommy and everybody came back and crawled in bed. Mouse even snuggled with the Mom. ~Fenris

  11. Fenris you are just so sweet! It is so nice to have best friends and it does not matter if they are different. That makes it much more special. These pictures of you and your best friend are just adorable. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. These are beautiful pictures! I am very close with Sweet Pea and my kitty sister, Rosie, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Hello Fenris! your so beautiful! I really like your photos! ^_^

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