Fenris Friday

 I have been enjoying my beach walks but Mommy still hasn't gotten a decent picture of me. She even brought her real camera last weekend but all she did with it was take a picture of some kayaks.  To be fair I was sitting in her lap at the time. We was taking a break under the pavilion at Fort Maurepas.

Do you wants to go look at some flowers with me now?

 Mommy got mesmerized by the Gaura and just took pictures of it. It is very delicate looking. One of its nicknames is Whirling Butterflies.


  1. Hey Fenris! What a beautiful garden your mummy has! Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!

  2. Fenris, you look great in this picture, walking on the beach must be wonderful

    Thank you for your kind words and love for Whicky. We miss our Bro' very much

    Gerry & Oliver

  3. Gerry & Oliver, we were so very sorry to hear that Whicky went to the Rainbow Bridge. We hopes time will heal the sorrow you feel.

    Islay it is great to see you.

  4. Sorry sweet Fenris that you didn't get your picture taken at the beach but we bet sitting in your mommy's lap was much more fun.

    Mumsy thought the Whirling Butterflies were most interesting and pretty. She has never seen or heard of them before. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Hi Fenris! We hope you get to go to the beach again very soon...Happy weekend to you all!

  6. Fenris, you are so silly - that is a great pic of you - look at your dreamy eyes. Have a great weekend and we hope you get to the beach.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. We love you, Fenris...you are totally pawsome!!!!!!!!!

  8. Awww Fenris! Me and Charlie are mesmerised by your stunning eyes!! Yay for walks on the beach!

    The Gaura has such a pretty nickname!

    Take care

  9. Howdy handsome Fenris, I hope you get lots more beach walks fur sure!

  10. These handsome shots will hold me...fur now!



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