Fenris Friday

I likes to go for walks with Mommy. Sometimes we just walk on the back side or our property.

Our watermelons are ready to eat now. Mommy let me have some. I likes the juice.

These are some of the wildflowers Daddy planted. They are very pretty. Mommy says they are happy looking flowers.

Daddy put a lot of wildflower seeds out, but very few came up. Probably because of the drought.

Here is another one that came up from the seeds he planted. I hope you enjoyed walking with me. Help yourselves to some watermelon. ~Fenris


  1. The watermelon looks very tasty. I wonder if #1 would get some for me to try...


  2. Thank you for the watermelon lovely Fenris! Me and Charlie are so enraptured by how gorgeous you are that any walk with you is just perfect! Yay!! Let's hope the seeds germinate as and when the rains arrive! Yay! take care

  3. We saw on the news last night how bad the drought is, especially in the South. We are always amazed at how beautiful your Mom still manages to keep the gardens. We have been missing our walks with Mom because of how warm it is here. Even late at night it is too hot to go for much more than a quick potty trip in the yard.

    We, Ciara and Thunder, have recently decided that we really love wallymelon too. We are going to go see if the Momster has any in the fridge.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Sweet Fenris we are glad you enjoyed some good ole homegrown watermelon. Chancy loves watermelon too. Your flowers are very pretty. We don't have any at all this year because of heat and drought. Thank you for sharing your pretty flowers with us. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. You look like you sure enjoyed that juice handsome Fenris!

  6. We had fun on our walk, Fenris. We have never had watermelon so we'd love to try it. A few of us like cantalope so much we eat it!

  7. Hi Fenris! I just LOVE watermelon!!! Your flowers are very pretty, but I am sorry you are having a drought.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Watermelon is nommy to beans jus not to us kittehs. Yer flowers are bootiful, we bets dey smell pawsome!!

    Fanks fer comin to my purrthday party!!


  9. Fenris you look so handsome! Your Mommy and Daddy grow watermelons??? That is soooooooo cool!! And DELICIOUS!

  10. Looks like a good day, Fenris. A walk, a treat, and beyootiful scenery. Have a purrfect weekend!

  11. Thanks for commenting on my Musings blog! I missed the Sears/Kenmore washer fiasco. LOL. Probably funny in retrospect--those things usually are! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

    -Mom Kim from Fuzzy Tales

  12. I'll pawmit the others to have the watermelons -

    I'm not too plus'ed by it -

    Thanks fur sharing your walk with us!



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