Mancat Monday

 I really needs to pay more attention to Mommy's appointment book. That way I would know when to pull my disappearing act and I wouldn't get hauled off to the vet. Looks like I am safe today, she doesn't have any appointments written down for today. I got a good report, I just has some tarter on my teeth. The vet visit was OK, except for listening to Scylla scream. It sounded like they were killing her. Mommy says Scylla is very vocal.

You wanna go hang out at the Hummingbird Cottage with me?



  1. Well we're glad the visit to the vet was as OK a a visit to the vet can be!
    The HBC is looking very beautiful today.

  2. Awww lovely Socks!! Yay for being very brave and keeping sweet Scylla company at the vets!!!

    Of course me and Charlie would love to hang around with you in the Hummingbird Cottage!!! It's a very pretty place to be in! Yay!! Take care

  3. Vet visits...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. we're glad yours was OK>

  4. MOL... Scylla is absolutely Girl : )
    All good from VET !! Let's celebrate !!!
    Happy Hooray Monday

  5. We're glad you had a good v-e-t report!

    Yes, we'd love to hang out in the hummingbird cottage with you, it's such a wonderful spot!

  6. Always nice to get a good vet report, Socks. Good for you!! And thanks for the trip to the cottage - the roses are so prety.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Thanks for coming by to see us, and leaving kind words for Jack at The Cat Jam. We love your beautiful garden.

  8. I'm happy you were okay Socks, and at least this vet trip is over!!! Tell Mom I just updated my blog.

  9. You have gotten very smart about that appointment book!

  10. we are glad your appt went well- and as always, love the flower photos!!!!

  11. Oh Socks, we are so glad you got a good vet report. That is always a good thing. We love the pictures of the pretty flowers and the hummingbird cottage. That is so neat. Thanks for the good thoughts about Sapphire.

  12. We're glad the V-E-T visit wasn't too bad (except for the screaming!)

    Your Hummingbird Cottage is looking lovely.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie


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