Sapphire's wish

You were loved Sapphire, even though we never had the chance to meet you and in the end you didn't even have a home. Our hearts bleed when we read how that uncaring witch abandoned you and your sister because she wanted to make some "lifestyle" changes. We purred that you and Lil Em would find a loving home together.

Our hearts broke when we stopped by Brian's blog and read that you were going to the Rainbow Bridge today. We will do our best to make your wish for Lil Em to find a loving home come true.

If you have a home for Lil Em, please contact Brian. You can read his post Please Help Lil Em and Sapphire Avoid a Cat' astrophe to learn more about Lil Em. She is temporarily staying with Marge of Marge's Pets.


  1. Us too. It was so very sad.

  2. This is totally heawtbweaking
    I hate selfish hoomans and the pain they cause my innocent fuwwbwoovews and sissie.
    I pway that Sapphiwe's wish fow Lil Em comes twoo..
    cwossed paws and love and smoochie kisses

  3. We cannot comprehend what a lifestyle change would mean. We do not understand cruelty of this kind. Mom could never ever part fro any of us and it makes us so sad about Sapphire and Lil Em. Now Sapphire had to leave Lil Em and that just really hurts our hearts. We pray that a forever home is found soon for Lil Em.

    Abby purrs

  4. Our hearts are just broken. We just can't say more right now. Thank you.

  5. On behalf of many of us who are tweeting and Facebook-ing about this THANK YOU. We are upset and sad but not giving up on Lil Em.

    Your graphic is a beautiful and fitting send of for one sadly misused cat. I am not getting mad, I am getting even - helping to spread the word and finding Lil Em a home.

  6. If anyone would like to use the graphic please feel free to do so.

  7. We are so sad about Sapphire...we are purring and purring that her sister finds her furever home.

  8. We are purraying for Lil Em now. We are very sad about Sweet Sapphire, but glad she was with people who cared for her when she went to the Bridge. We hope Lil Em finds a furever home soon.

  9. Purrs so hard for Lil and feel so sad about Sapphire
    Hugs to all


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