Thursday in the Garden

 Can you see the delicate blooms on the thyme?

 Our Confederate Rose is blooming. It doesn't usually bloom this early in the year.

 The Coral Honeysuckle. Make the picture big, Mommy captured a surprise for you. Sorry it is out of focus. Maybe she will have better luck next time.

 The Chinese Hibiscus, we has it in white and pink.

 We has more white this year, usually we has more pink.

 An intriguing looking weed.

 Mexican Petunias. They are very happy with all the rain we got, they don't mind wet feet.

 The Honeysuckle and out of focus Hummer.

OK, now come with us to Jonesie's for our Society of Feline Gardeners meeting, hurry we don't wants to be late. 3 paw taps...................................... we wants to tell everyone all about the Hummingbirds that visit our flowers.



  1. Lovely pics today ~ we love to see the humming birds! The Confederate Rose is really beautiful! Smoochies. xx

  2. Oh wow!! Hummingbird!! How lovely!! That's brilliant to see - and yes me and Charlie can definitely see the birdie! How lovely!! Yay!!

    Your garden is just beautiful - your weeds or wild flowers!!! are so lovely too!! Yay! Take care

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  4. We thought that was a hummer in the first pic of the honeysuckle. We saw hummers on three different blogs yesterday and now this one. The Chinese hibiscus are so pretty.

    Happy Thursday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Your garden is so lovely!

    I'm going to be changing the super secret password for the Society of Feline Gardeners since the password got leaked to that awful JRT woofie.

    Don't worry, Grete is monitoring visitors and furriends and she'll let you in until I reset the password.

  6. We especially love your confederate rose, gorgeous!

    The hibiscus here are in bloom now too, so pretty!

  7. The garden is looking wonderful! And we think it is so cool that you get hummingbirds there - it must be so much fun for you to watch them!!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful garden!!!

  9. Our Mumsy enjoys your garden pictures very much. Gorgeous flowers! Hugs and nose kisses

  10. It must all smell delicious too!

  11. We luf Thursday in the Garden! Thanks fur sharing this with us! xoxo


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