Tsarina Tuesday

 I spent the morning in the Hummingbird Cottage enjoying the blooms. This is the Gold Flame Honeysuckle. Isn't it magnificent.

 Sniffie's rose is the only one that is blooming at this time. It is so pretty, Mommy wishes the other roses would keep on blooming like it does. They are a different variety, so we thinks they are only going to bloom in the spring.

 Around 10AM here it gets really hot, so that is when you go inside and enjoy the air condition. I am so glad beans invented cool air.

Thanks for coming to visit with me. I is going to take a nap now. ~Artemisia


  1. We REALLY love that honeysicle!

  2. Thank you for showing us these gorgeous blooms, lovely Artemisia! Enjoy you nap in the cool air! Take care

  3. That honeysuckle is so pretty, Artemisia, and so perfectly named.

    The heat here is horrible, thank dogness and catness for a/c.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I LOVE the fragrance of Honeysuckle. I am sure the hummers love the FLAVOR.

  5. We think Sniffie must be happy to see her roses blooming. :-)

    We're glad you have a/c -- stay cool!

  6. Your flowers are so pretty...but you are too!

  7. We love your beautiful garden! Maybe some day we will have one!

  8. Arty, your honeysuckle is beautiful! Daddy cut ours WAY back so it's not blooming yet. Maybe in the fall.
    Say, is there room enough for a 20 pound Tabby in that bed?
    Yr Suitor, TJ

  9. I loves to cuddle so I am sure there is room for you TJ. Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Arty Mouse

  10. Awtemisia
    Thank you fow once again shawing youw chawming and bootiful gawden
    Those flowews awe soooo pwetty
    I'm glad you'we nice and cool..it is a gweat invention isn't it? hehe
    I think angel sniffie is maybe making suwe that wose is extwa special lovely
    smoochie kisses


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