Urgent Need for Help

Our friend Asta sent us over to Ike's life. According to Ike

my cousin dog Lola severed her achilles tendon and had surgery to fix it and the surgery failed and now she needs another surgery for two thousand dollars (the first surgery was a grand) and my uncle needs your help to finance it. If he can't come up with enough, they will have to amputate otherwise she will be dragging a useless leg. And the worst thing is she's only 5 months old. My uncle rescued Lola from abusive and neglectful neighbors who were starving her.

If you would like to use the graphic please feel free to do so. ~AFSS


  1. Oh my stars! That's terrible! Thanks fur passin the word around. Big purrs fur that baby woofie. xoxo

  2. Oh no! We will purr as hard as we can.


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