Flowers on Friday

Our Crepe Myrtle has looked really nice this year. We loves the vibrant pink color of it's blooms.

Fuifui from Forever Foster needs some healing purrs. He brought up some blood stained liquid which the Vet, thinks came from his lungs. He will be undergoing a lot of testing to find out what is wrong.  Feel free to use the graphic for Fuifui if you would like to. ~AFSS


  1. We love the Crepe Myrtle too ~ beautiful!

    Love Alfie (by text from Bora Bora) xx

  2. What vivid blooms!! Me and Charlie love the name too - Crepe Myrtle!! Very nice!! Yay! take care

  3. That is so pretty. We just love that color. Our Mumsy wishes she had one of those here, she used to at the old house. We say...time to plant one!

  4. Yes, your crepe myrtle is a beautiful color. We have more of a magenta color and the heat sort of stunted its beauty this year. We LOVE yours.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. The Crepe Mrytle is gorgeous, just stunning.

    We're purring for Fui, have added Ann's graphic to our Purrs Page.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful! We're all purring for Fuifui here too.

  7. We love Crepe Myrtle but do not have them here--that is lovely.

  8. Crepe Myrtle is very popular in the South. We has a white one too but Mommy didn't realize what it was when it was given to her and planted it in a bad place. The person that gave it to us told her it was something else. We would like to have more.

  9. We love your flower posts - so cheerful. Thank you for your concern for our many need purrs these days!

  10. Beyootiful pictures. Efurrything around here is dead from high temps and drought. Purrs.

  11. The crepe myrtles are one tree that grow really well for my pawrents. They have over a dozen in the yard. Yours is so pretty.
    We will be purring for Fui.

  12. Thank you fow those lovely flowews
    I'm sending healing smoochies to that sweet little Fui
    smoochie kisses

  13. Such a gorgeous Crepe Myrtle flowers.

    Cassy from Guitar Playing Tips

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