Scylla Sunday

I is hiding from those pesky mockingbirds. They are very rude squawking and dive bombing you just cause you wants to stroll around your yard. I don't think they can find me here. Mommy has been trimming the rosebushes, those things have gone wild and already reached the roof of the Hummingbird Cottage. Mommy has to be careful they don't poke her eyes out. Roses are vicious flowers, rather like cactus.

The hanging baskets Grandpa made for us broke. The wood split where you hangs them up. Mommy got some new baskets at Lowe's and we has some new flowers in them. Maybe I can show them to you Thursday, if our lazy photographer has taken a picture of them by then. Lowe's was having a clearance sell on their flowers. We haven't been getting much work out of her as she has been either gallivanting or working in the yard. When she was weeding the flowerbeds she saw a Hummingbird Clearwing. We had to look it up for her cause the silly woman didn't know what it was. It looked like a Hummingbird she said, but it isn't. Well what is it we asked? I don't know she said. So we got on line and went hunting till we found it. That is it she said, so now we knows it is a moth. She is going to try to get a picture of it.

Well for the longest time we didn't get any rain. Now we are getting torrential downpours in the afternoon and when it isn't raining it is steamy out. Hardly fit weather to go out in, even Arty has been staying in. But the grass and weeds are growing like crazy so Mommy is trying to keep up with it. We will visit when we can and in the meantime we are thinking of everyone and purring for those who need them.



  1. We don't have mockingbirds around here...or at least we've never seen any. They sound like mean birdies!

    And our mom had to do the same thing when she saw one of those hummingbird moths. She thought it was a baby hummingbird or something at first!

  2. how dare they try and bomb you just fur strolling your own yard.. naughty birdies!


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