Tsarina Tuesday

 I take my job as Scylla;s personal trainer very seriously. I am trying to get her to come down and play with me but she is being stubborn and insisting on sitting on the desk. I am sure I don't know why she doesn't want to come down and play. I am having a marvelous time playing.

 Fenris is always willing to play with me and he assures me he would play with Scylla too if she would cooperate. She alas is very uncooperative.  I guesses we are making progress on her getting along with Fenris though she isn't growling or hissing. Socks is in here too, he is up on the file cabinet so Mommy has all four of us in the same room. She just can't get a picture of all of us cause we are so spread out. I thinks Mommy's shoes would make a great toy, but both Mommy and Fenris insist I has to leave them alone.

I am trying to find another toy to play with. Maybe if I can find one Scylla likes she will come down and play with me and Fenris. ~Arty Mouse


  1. I just know Scylla been spoiled by you : )
    Good Luck Sweetie

  2. Beautiful Artemisia and adorable Fenris!! Yay for trying to get sweet Scylla to play with you!! Me and Charlie think shoes are a great toy to start with! LOL!!! Yay!! Hello to Socks! Take care

  3. I think you two are doing a great job. Some cats are just not group players.

  4. You keep at it, Artemeisia. You know how long it took Ciara to get Phantom to come around. We are so happy that you are able to play with Fenris - he is such a good boy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. She might be too tired from the Bora Bora trip!!!

  6. Miss Mouse, you mustn't worry about Scylla's lazyness! Go chase Fenris and have fun. Johnny is napping right now but he said he'll be by later for guard duty.
    Mommy says that your Mom should take a few shots and knit them together to get you all into one photo. It's only sort of cheating, that way!

  7. We know Scylla wants to play!

  8. Aww, we thinks as cute as you are, Scylla should come down and play wif you! Purrs.

  9. Scylla doesn't know how much fun she is missing out on!!

  10. Erm ... Alfie played wiv mom shoes, bunny kicked the leather, and acksidentally ruined them!

    Milo xx


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