Tsarina Tuesday

 I likes to play in the woods. The stream is a good place to find interesting bugs to play with. And sometimes you can catch a fish.

 Hi Mom, I didn't know you were here.

 I will pose for one picture.

Now that Mommy is here to weed, I will help her decide what to do first. The Candlebush is getting ready to bloom. It always makes us smile when we sees it blooming.

 The Mexican Petunias loved all the rain we got and started blooming up a storm.


Mommy says this is my glamor shot. I thought I always looked glamorous. ~Artemisia

PS: We just found out that our friend Beau (his Mommy Cathy died recently) needs a home. If you can give him one please contact ML.


  1. The first thing that struck us reading this post wasn't the gorgeous nature around you, but your lovely face! The black streak that runs down one side is so unique! Mind you, the garden was pretty stunning as well, especially the lantana (our favourite flower). :)

  2. Beautiful Artemisia! You are truly a most gorgeous kitty!! Me and Charlie are swooning at your adorable pics!! Yay for helping mum do the weeding!! Take care

  3. Arty, you are doin great werk inna garden!

  4. That is a beautiful pic of you! You are a lucky kitteh to go to the woods and play. Beautiful garden shots. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  5. That candle thingy won't singe your furs when it blooms will it?

  6. Beautiful! You have the nicest garden to go outside in and enjoy the great outdoors.

  7. FISH!?! You can catch real live fishies???
    That's the last straw...Can your Mom fit in 13 more Cats cuz we are on our way over! We promise to be your humble and obedient serfs, Miss Mouse.

  8. Artemisia
    There is not one thing about you that isn't beautiful. We think you are a great inspiration to your garden which is gorgeous too. We will purr for Beau, he has been through so much we hope...we pray...that a good forever and ever home comes his way.

  9. You sure look cute in the woods. :)

    So sorry to hear about your friends mom. That is SO sad.

  10. you sure have somecool placesto explore
    Benny & Lily

  11. Mom thinks you are the very cutest!

  12. We LOVE the pics in the woods. And we purr and pray that sweet little Beau finds a new loving home.

  13. Oooo, I love your markings!

  14. We think you're very beautiful. Do you like to play in the water or just hunt for bugs? We like to do both.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties


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