The egg Daddy got Mommy when he was in San Diego sits in a WOODEN stand. The WOODEN stand is sitting on a WOODEN bookshelf. The bookshelf came from a local store where they makes the furniture themselves. They makes lots of stuff out of woods. They are called Dedeaux Furniture Factory.

The egg came from a place called Designs in Shell.


  1. That sure is a cool egg
    Benny & Lily

  2. Those are very pretty! Hey Scylla, WOODEN you like to come over and snuggle?

  3. What a wonderful display stand and egg! Lovely! Take care

  4. That is a very cool object d'art!

  5. Good take on wooden! We can't have things like that at our house...some kitty likes to gravity test things!

    pee ess: How's Arty?

  6. Those are good examples of wooden. I love the egg.


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