Thursday in the Garden with Butterflies

The Bee Bed

Sniffie's Rose

 We has discovered that if Mommy keeps deadheading the Veronica it will keep blooming.

Blue Daze
 Blue is our favorite color but it is very rare to find really blue flowers. Blue Daze is really blue.


 The Butterflies just love our Zinnias.

 The Pineapple Sage in the Butterfly Garden is doing fantastic. The Pineapple Sage in the Bee Bed had to be cut down as it was dying. It is coming back though and maybe will get big enough to bloom before it gets too cold.

 The yellow Butterflies like the Pineapple Sage, some mornings when Mommy goes out there it is just covered in yellow Butterflies.

Mexican Petunias
We are most embarrassed Mommy left off the link to Jonesie's. She has lots of stuff to show you, so please come with us to see what the other Feline Gardeners have been up too.


  1. I like the hanging basket one, look like can be some toy as well..tee..heh

  2. Look at your beautiful garden and wonderful butterflies!! Yay!

    Yes, deadheading spent blooms is highly recommended!! Take care

  3. We live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thanks for visiting everyone, we are having some work done on our septic system so may not get to visit much today. ~AFSS

  4. Love, love, love those butterflies!

  5. Wow, those blue flowers are pawesome! Love the butterflies too.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Jenna and Sissy10/13/2011 10:28 AM

    From our mommy: "Black and Blue Sage (Salvia guaranitica) is a gorgeous blue sage. Some say it is invasive, but I didn't have that experience."

  7. we love strolling around your garden
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those zinnias are beautiful So lovely!

  9. Wow, just look at all the beautiful flowers and butterflies! Thank you for showing us around!

  10. Butterflies are so pretty. :)

  11. Outstanding garden pictures! Our garden dint look very good this week...


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