Tsarina Tuesday

 I am enjoying being outside again. This fall weather is wonderful.

 OK, I posed long enough Mommy, I wants to explore now.

 Wanna you mean I has to pose for one more picture.

 OK, Hurry up! Modeling is hard work and I wants to play.

Here I am posing in the Charybdis Bed. Mommy cut the Zinnia's down. You should see the Pineapple Sage now it has tons of red blooms on it (Mommy got a picture so you will see it soon) and a really pretty green Hummingbird was visiting it. Mommy was too slow to get a picture of it though. Mommy said I could go play now so I'll catch you later. ~Arty Mouse


  1. You're looking lovely as ever, Miss Mouse!

    The Chans

  2. Beautiful Artemisia!! It's so lovely to see you out and about looking gorgeous!! Yay!! Take care

  3. Hey, pretty girl - looking especially lovely this morning. We are enjoying the cooler fall temps a lot too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. We're glad you're able to get out and play again! Enjoy your wonderful gardens and the lovely weather. :-)

  5. Oh tha pawparazzi gets so nutty always interrupting our quiet time and adventures. It sure looks purrty out there
    Benny & Lily

  6. You look gorgeous in your yard. I am glad that you have such a beautiful place to show of your beauty!

  7. I am glad you let mum take those because they are lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Artemisia
    What a beautiful setting for you to be visiting and of course nothing is more beautiful than the sights of you!

  9. Awtie
    It looks like a pawfect fall day fow explowing
    Thank you fow pausing long enuff fow us to see youw bootimouseness
    smoochie kisses

  10. You are looking lovely this fall day! Enjoy! xoxo

  11. It looks like you had a beautiful day to explore and to have those lovely pictures taken. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. You are a great model, Artemisia, even if you don't like to do it much.

  13. You make Mom go all squeally!

  14. Thank you for posing fer pictures Artemisia! You look lovely in your garden.

  15. That sure was nice of you to pose for your mom. Hope you had a great time exploring. :)


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