Wildlife & Wildflowers

 The Candlebush attracts lots of wildlife.

 There are a lot of wildflowers growing in our pond.

 Daddy left this mound of dirt when he built the Hummingbird Cottage, he was going to move it but before he could these purrty wildflowers started growing on it.

 Mommy says this is a morning glory.

 The butterflies are still loving our Zinnias.

 At first we didn't know what this Butterfly was doing, but then Mommy remember what Ayla, Iza & Marley's Big Thing said about Butterflies needing minerals. The floor of the Hummingbird Cottage  has some clay rocks in it. After it rains the Butterflies like to visit. Mommy says they must be looking for minerals they need.  The rocks also have holes in them where the water collects. We aren't sure if you can see that in the picture.


  1. Yep, wet clay is medicine ta butterflys...

  2. So purrty to have all those flowers and wildlife in your yard.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Wow ! I didn't know that ! because I just luv to play catching with da butterfly..tee..heh

  4. Butterflies are so clever and so beautiful! Yay!

    Glad your dad left that mound -the wildflowers are stunning!

    Take care

  5. Your gardens are still wonderful, so green and glorious. Such a difference from where we live!

  6. You have the most delightful garden and I love to see your pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Hey those butterflies are really wonderful! I think some of them must be endangered since I see so few compared to years ago. And what a wonderful property you have!!!!!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog archives for some informative posts and archived stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona


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