Happy New Year's Eve

Hard to imagine another year has gone by. Arty Mouse is still missing, we all miss her a great deal. Two young kittens have been added to our clowder (Yin and Yang) and we are all a year older. Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: (sigh) a 9 or 10 day old calico kitten arrived the 26th to be nursed. Chimera is doing well but some of us are rather grumpy about it -Yin, Yang, Scylla ...........

Yin and Yang's First Christmas Tree

Mommy wasn't sure about getting a Tree this year as we are such naughty good kittens. I must have messed up the tree skirt a zillion and one times.

She put me in her bedroom for a time out but the minute she let me out.

I was back to chasing Yin around the Christmas Tree.

They got a real one this year, and I likes to eat it. The needles are very yummy to my tummy.

I thinks the angel on top looks like Mommy.

We really liked it when Daddy put the lights on the tree.

Yin tried to help but Daddy talked very loudly at her.

I decided to just sit and watch.

Mommy as you can see was busy taking pictures.

I got tired and curled up in Tuiren's bed to take a nap.

Socks, was so happy we had a real tree. He had missed it a lot.

Mommy moved our water bowel to get it out of the way while we decorated the tree.

I supervised everything.

Yin decided to drink out of the water the tree was standing in.

We thinks the people should keep trees in the house all year. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD

Remembering Christmases Past

 I missed having a tree last year. The people didn't realize how much until they saw me with the tree this year.

 I especially like having a real one, like we did when me and Whiskers were kittens. I told Yin all about him and our Christmases together.

 It's nice to remember him. His Gotcha Day was December 19th. So Christmas was a special time for him.

 The Yoga Kittens have messed up the tree skirt. Mommy will have to fix it.

 We were late getting our tree up, so we are late posting about it. Hope you don't mind.

 The Tree skirt makes a great napping spot.

 I likes to dream of the days when I was younger and me, Whiskers and Squall-n-Baby were all together.

 Yin looks a bit like Squalling-n-Baby. Thankfully she doesn't squall though. She hardly makes a sound here, just a few chirps and purrs here and there.

 At the veterinarian it  is a different story. Mommy reported she hissed and growled just like Scylla. She even took a swipe at them when they took the cone off.

They will never believe what a gentle soul she is at home. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday ~Socks & Yang with a guest appearance by sister Yin

Yin makes a good snuggle buddy and she is good at hiding like ME. I am teaching her my skills of invisibility.

She is a fast learner. Mommy and Daddy are always losing her. (Not really she is right under their nose, they are blind as bats.)

Yang is a good mancat in training. I am teaching him to wrestle. He is fast and slippery. Just like a kitten should be. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Sunday Selfie Yang

Me and Fenris take the best selfies in the family because we are the cutest members of our pack.


We are not shy wallflowers like some pack members.

We makes love to the camera.

We flirts with the ladies.

And we has purrfected the stare. ~Yang, sharing modeling tips for ATCAD

Litterbox Woes

 There is something in our litterbox that doesn't belong.

 How are we suppose to go potty with THAT in there.

 Where did it come from? How did it get here?

Humans are very strange. ~Yin & Yang

We wish you a Meowy Chrismouse and a Howling New Year

We wish all our friends a very Happy Holiday and we hope that the New Year treats them good. We are crossing our paws that 2016 will bring health and happiness to all of you.  If you haven't already got our card please feel free to take it if you would like.

We created a movie out of all the email cards we got. We got tons of snail mail cards to and we want to thank all our friends for them. Unfortunately the Mom didn't have time to scan them in so they could be included in the movie. We will make a collage with them,  and share it at a later date. We hopes you understand.

We hopes you enjoyed our movie. ~ATCAD

Prince Socks Enjoys Christmas Eve

We have had nice balmy weather here. It is very nice for sitting outside in the sunshines.

And it's very peaceful in the Hummingbird Cottage without Yin and Yang.  ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Kitchen Fun with Yin and Yang

It's fun to play in the kitchen. I has one of Scylla's candies in here.

They smell so good.

Yin, took it away from me. But that's OK, I found another one.

These are the best candies ever.

Mommy says they makes us act crazy.

The only problem is.

After acting crazy we gets sleepy. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD