Wicked & Wild Wednesday by Chimera

Mommy and Daddy call me wicked and wild. I may be smaller than my siblings but I have a wicked bite.

And a wild streak.

Nothing keeps me down not even Yang.

I am going to go hide now. I am sure no one will find me now. YOU don't see me do you.

MOL Yang can't find me and he is looking in all the wrong places.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

 Good morning, I have been enjoying sleeping outside in my doghouse as the weather has warmed up.

 Mommy says I looked a tad fat back in June and she figured out one of my secrets. See Fenris is a weird dog, he doesn't eat much, he actually leaves food in his bowl sometimes and when he sleeps inside and I sleep outside I can get up in the middle of the night and go eat it. If he is outside I don't go near his bowl.

 But Mommy thwarted me, she started taking Fenris' food bowl inside with him.

 He is also weird about bathing. He baths as much as a cat does. Mommy says that may be one of the reasons he doesn't smell like a dog. Mommy and Daddy think I stink. BTW do you like the page curl in this photograph. Mommy was photo-bombing Fenny with her foot.

 They love me anyway. Fenris says I should bath more like he does, he does his own nails too. He bites them off. I just wait for Mom to clip mine.

 Honestly that boy primps more than any girl I know. Even the cats don't primp as much as him.

~Tuiren, barking for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

Well of course I am going OVER THE FENCE, Mommy is down at the Hummingbird Cottage and Chimera is running loose. (sigh) I have to go down to the gate to get out as unlike Chimera I can't climb the fence post. I walk up the board bracing the gate to get to the top and then jump off, so while I can get out, I can't get back in.

It's rather annoying as Chimera can get in and out.

Chimera came to see what me and Mommy were doing. Mommy took a break from weeding to pet me.

Since Chimera was here I decided to go play with her.

Chimera is easily startled and easily distracted.

Mommy says she is a wild thing.

On the other hand she thinks I am putty in her hands. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Suitcases are good for sleeping in, but when they are out it generally means one of your people is running off, so it's not a good thing.

 Beds are the best for sleeping in, I hope this selfie is acceptable. I didn't feel like waking up to take one, so I dreamed about taking a selfie.

Silly Mommy thinks I am going to fall off the bed. She is mumbling about it and disturbing my slumber.

 She mumbled so loud she woke my Mini Me (aka Chimera) up.

 So Chimera went out to play.

Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 This page was created with a kit called a LITTLE BIT SKETCHY. Mommy loved it, especially the cat in the kit.

 She got to thinking though that she would like to play up Fenris fur. So she changed the color from the original reddish color to the brown that matched Fenris fur. This is her first change we will call it A.

 She thought maybe she had to much brown so she did this next, we will call it B. So which do you like best the original, A or B?

 Next we colored some pages for you.


Fenris Friday

I really don't know what the Mom has against MUD.

But apparently I can't go in the house until my paws are clean.

Guess I better get busy cleaning them. I seem to have gotten them pretty muddy. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday with Chimera

Many of you wonder why I go OVER THE FENCE when I have such a lovely yard to play in. And technically even when I go over the fence I am still in our yard. I am just not inside the fence. Daddy's shop, the Hummingbird Cottage, The Butterfly Garden and The Pond are all outside the Fence.

Only The Porch, The Jungle Gym and the Greenhouse are inside the Fence.

And while the Jungle Gym is fun to play on.

And is a great crows nest for spying things.

Outside the fence has...RABBITS!!!!!! I am thankful for rabbits and other wildlife that live in our yard. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday

I can almost reach it. I just need to stretch a little more. Ignore Chimera in the background, she isn't going to be of any help.

There, I got it. Feather Dusters can be very hard to handle.

Although since this doesn't have a single solitary FEATHER on it, I am not sure why they call it a Feather Duster.

I am using this as a prop in my Photo Shoot. I am posing as a glamorous housewife. Those ladies that did house work in pearls and high heels don't have anything on ME, after all I do housework in fur.

And I never have a hair out of place.

Mommy should really take lessons from me, sometimes she is very disheveled. ~Yin, doing housework for ATCAD