Femme & Fenris Friday ~ My Pillowcases

 I (Fenris) won one of the prizes in  the Ozark Mountain Cats MO Cats Contest. Boy was I relived to learn that Mo Cat Day meant Missouri Cats and not more cats.  Anyways I entered their contest and won these designer flannel pillow cases that Scylla is admiring.
 They are very soft and Mommy thinks they look good with her bedding. U mm Mommy they are my pillowcases, what do you mean you are going to put them on  your bed.
 Does that mean I gets to sleep with you?
(Scylla: Not a chance buster the bed is MINE)
 Scylla seems to approve of the pillowcases.
She says they are pawsome even if they do have dogs on them. ~Fenris

PS: Remember tomorrow is LIVESTRONG Day, please join us in wearing yellow.


  1. Wow, am I ever confused. Fenris, where are you? Why is the kitteh with your pillowcases?


  2. Can U believe it I am not allowed in the bedroom. ~Fenris

  3. Awwww beautiful Fenris!! You are a lovely doggie for letting sweet Scylla use your fantastic pillow cases as blankies! :-) Me and Charlie think that they are totally pawsome too!! Take care

  4. Ohhh those pillowcases are soooo LOVELY! They are so sunshiny and cheerful!! CONCATULATIONS on winning them!!

    You will have some incredibly sweet dreams now!

  5. They have got to be purrfect if they are Scylla approved!

  6. Oh so cute! We think that it seems a little unfair that Fenris won the pillow cases and can't use them - heck, he should have at least gotten a picture with them in the post!

    (Wow, we are standing up for a doggie over a kitty - who'd have guessed that!)

  7. Concats on winning those great pillowcases. No wonder you don't want to give them up to your mom. :-)

  8. I'm with The RH one -


    I think the photographer should have bent the rules fur this special prize!

    PeeEssWoo: They do look good!

  9. Congratulations, Fenris! Those are some super duper pillow cases and gosh, do they ever look SOFT! And gosh, are you ever a good brudder to share them with the kittehs!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Those are great pillowcases!! Congrats on winning them!

  11. We won some pillowcases too and we warned Jan she can not complain about us getting fur all over them.

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