Thursday in the Garden


The Pokeweed. We had mentioned something about eating it and someone mentioned they thought it was toxic. So we sort of thought we should explain. It's only safe to eat at certain times (early Spring) and you have to wash it like a bazillion times. Mom said she would only eat it if her friend was the one that harvested it and prepared it. He is older than her and has been eating it for years so she knows he knows what he is doing. But during the Depression lots of people in the South ate it to survive and from what Mom understands that is about the only reason you would eat it. 

Violets this picture turned out pretty good. Now if only Mom can remember how she did it.

Confederate Jasmine we wish we had more of it. It doesn't get cold enough here for the Asian Jasmine to bloom.

All these pictures are from April. Mm planted a few new pots, they are really big and luscious now.

Angel Wing Begonia. 


Wordless Wednesday (Yang & Scylla Sleeping)


Talking Tuesday


Grandpa bought Mommy this wind-chime, he got one with a Rooster on it for himself. Mom's also lights up. Mom took some pictures of it at night that we will share now.

This is probably the best one of what it actually looks like at night.

Mom added way to much light to this one but it looks kinda neat. ~ATCAD

Meowy Monday with Chimera & Fenris

Fenris!!! Do you want to play with me?

 I really don't think sleeping is a very good game Fen, can we play something else? Maybe pounce the tail? Your tail is so fun to play with. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD with Fenris

Sunday Selfie with Chimera


First I thought I would show you some of our flowers. I think they took very nice portraits. 

And finally what you have all been waiting for a selfie of ME! I am busy helping Dad so I hope it's OK I took a working selfie. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art


This was a Progressive Scrap. Mom is really pleased with how nice it turned out.

Signature Challenge

Journal Challenge ~ATCAD

Feline Friday with Yang & Chimera


I hear someone coming.

It was Chimera she wants to know what me and the Dad have been doing.

She is very inquisitive.

But she always shows up after the work is done.

I sort of wonder if she plans it that way.

Well apparently she is off to go pounce on mice now.

Dad certainly can't depend on her for help.

I am the only one that will stick around to guard the mulch.

It's a very important job.

I think there may be an intruder under the tire. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD with help from Chimera.