Faboulous Friday

 Mommy wants to read this book, she flipped through it when she was at the veterinarians office

 We love the herbs that grow in our yard, especially when Mommy is nice and plants catnip or catmint. I Yin, enjoy hanging out in the swing with Mom reading books.

Chimera enjoys the sun puddles in Youngest Boy's bed. She looks fabulous on a gray background doesn't she?

Yin, reporting for ATCAD

How we did this

We were asked how we created this picture.

Suzanne Dunaway has left a new comment on your post "Mandog and Gander Monday":

How does your mama get such nice photo edges and special effects? What system app does she use? 

We used a program called Coral Paint Shop Pro X, it's an old program and we are not sure you can still get it. It actually came with a scanner we had years and years ago. The scanner bit the dust but Mommy kept the program around.

This picture was sort of blurry to begin with Mommy selected halftone for the picture. and then she picked a frame for it, from the frames the program has available it's very easy. The "frame" created the photo edges. We wish we were more knowledgeable about it, Mostly what we do is open a picture choose a special effect if we don't like it we undo it and choose another one until we find one we like and then sometimes we pick a frame out for it the same way.

For the scrapbook pages we make we use Serif CraftArtist 2, we aren't sure you can still get it either. Mommy got it for a bargain when Daisy Trails was shutting down. You may be able to find it on Amazon as they did have it there for awhile.  And lots of people make kits and provide them for use for free, teach you how to make your own kit or still sale them on Etsy.com . If you are able to get Serif CraftArtist 2 let us know and we will provide you with the info for our Flickr group and Facebook group.

If you can only get one of the programs we would recommend Serif CraftArtist 2 as it has a Photolab that will let you do the same stuff and more as the Coral Paint Shop Pro X. Mommy just uses the Paint Shop as she is more familiar with it.

 The coloring pages are done on Mommy's phone, it is an Android App called Recolor

Miss Suzanne, thanks for reading our blog and we hope we were able to answer your question.  ~ATCAD

PeeS: Do you have questions for us??? Just ask and we may create a post out of your question. 

Meow & Bark Like a Pirate Day

We apologize to our old friends for the rerun and we hope our new friends enjoy it...

Captain Tuiren with her First Mate Chimera are off to find buried treasure. Chimera is carefully studying the map for clues. While the faithful Polly squawks directions in Captain Tui's ear, and Ollie the Octopus lays in wait to capture ships that stray into his territory.
Yang has joined their crew along with his sidekicks Petey the One Eyed Cat and Nolly. Nolly's knowledge of Pirate Maps will prove invaluable in their race to find the treasure before other pirates can.

Captain Scylla has her crew lined up. First Mate Fenris will keep an eye out from the crows nest for approaching storms and pirate ships.  And the Fearless Yin will keep her sword handy in case they need it. Molly is determined to beat her twin to the pirate treasure and is giving advice, but we doubt Captain Scylla will listen to her.

Who do you think will get to the treasure first Captain Tuiren or Captain Scylla?

Personally we think Artemisia the Pirate Queen is going to beat them both.We sure do wish she would stop sailing the high seas and come home. Mommy says that would be the best treasure ever.

Tails on Tuesday

 We thought you might like to see more pictures of the geese family.

 They mainly stay down at the pond.

 They get in the water whenever they feel threatened.

 We are amazed that the goslings can swim and walk as soon as they are born.

 We like it when they stick their head in the water and you can see just see their behind.

 One day we hope Mommy will get a picture of that.


RIP Dear Friends

 Our Dear Friend Madi from Down Home in North Carolina went to the Rainbow Bridge September 13, 2018. Her family is also having to cope with Hurricane Florence so we are sure they could use lots and lots of positive vibes.

Sister Precious from Brian's Home left for the Bridge September 11th. We are losing way to many of our blogging friends.

Mandog and Gander Monday

 We did this with halftone and then added a frame. We think the geese family looks rather nice.

 The Geese had goslings back in April they brought them up to the house for me and Mommy to admire them. Actually one day they actually got in the backyard with me and Tuiren. There was a coyote around and they wanted me to play bodyguard along with the fence.

 Usually geese are more than capable of  taking care of themselves they scare the cats.

 And I am really glad me and the gander are friends.

 He is very protective of his family.

 Goslings grow up fast.

 They are all gone now. They will come back next Spring.

Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Mommy said you missed me last Sunday, here is a nice pencil sketch of me

And here is my selfie.

This one didn't turn out so good, I think I moved when the camera was taking the picture. I like to get up high and watch the kittens play, but Yang has been getting my spot on the Entertainment Center and for some reason Mommy doesn't like us up here. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Mommy made this page for a History Challenge.

And this was for big cats. She used one of the pages we colored for it.

This was to make something out of stuff Mommy had made herself.

This one was to use the kit Citrus Fresh by Rosie's Designs, it's a beautiful kit.

And now some pages we colored.