bain pour deux Mlle Yin et M. Yang

 We enjoy bathing each other.

 It's nice to have someone help you reach those hard to reach places.

 We do NOT enjoy having Mommy bath us.

 She does not use her tongue like a good Cat Mom she uses...WATER!!!

She tries to drown us in the bath tub, and do you know that she actually willingly sits in a tub full of water every morning. Not us!!! We recently got a bath because matte paint creates DUST. Who knew, certainly not the Mom. Before Mom could clean it up Chimera and Yin played a rousing game of chase in the garage ending in Miss Yin rolling Miss Chimera around in the dust. For a few minutes Chimera was a teal cat from the top of her head to the tip of her tail, she looked very stunning as a teal cat too bad Mom didn't get any pictures. Off to the bath Chimera went, CK you would be proud she drew blood, Chimera is a real wildcat when she wants to be and a little wiggle worm so Mommy pronounced her the hardest to bath. Yin too put up a valiant fight and drew some blood, she is the second hardest to bath partly because of her sheer weight. Yin weighs the most of all of us. What was I doing during all of this, well I plopped myself down in the middle of the dust so I also got a bath, but Mom says I am pretty easy to bath. I scream like someone is killing me (well she was) But I am pretty still and I don't try to kill Mom, so she says I am a good boy. Scylla was lucky she escaped with just having her paws wiped off as she just walked through it.

Mlle Yin et M. Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Here are this weeks questions, answers in red by Yang
1. I eat on Memorial Day.
2. I try to avoid baths.
3. If I had a catchphrase, it would be be a lover not a fighter.
4. Nothing motivates me to work hard.

Mewsings with Yin

 I am a Daddy's girl. We have long conversations, and he calls me his Yinny girl, here we are enjoying some time together.

 Mom messed this picture up so we turned it into a pencil sketch.

And while I am looking away from the camera in this picture you can at least enjoy the different shadings of my fur. ~Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Crockett and Caturday Art

We turned our blog ORANGE for our pal Crockett from Lone Star Cats and Finley and Brinley's Short Tails. Today would have been his 5th Gotcha Day. We are sending purrs of comfort and paws of sympathy to his family for their loss of such a wonderful boy.

 Mommy made this for the Famous Building Challenge and she got 2nd place. This building is in Mom's hometown, in case you want to know more about it -  The Threefoot Building (sometimes referred to as simply "The Threefoot") is a historic office building located in downtown Meridian, Mississippi named after the Threefoot family who owned an operated a business in downtown Meridian during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Designed by Claude H. Lindsley and completed in 1929 in the Art Deco style, the 16-story building is still the tallest in the city. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 18, 1979, under the Meridian Multiple Property Submission of buildings contributing to the historic nature of the city's downtown. In 2008 the Threefoot was recognized by the state as a Mississippi Landmark.

 This was for the Scavenger Hunt and Mom had a lot of fun making it.

 Mom got 2nd place in the Famous Icons Challenge the subject for the month was Marilyn Monroe.

 Mom got 3rd Place in the Mood Board Challenge the subject was Muse and Mom used a picture of the Greek Goddess.

 The Challenge was to create a pub sign. Mom decided she would like to dine at the Dancing Cats Inn.

 We also colored some pages for you.

 Mom says these spooky creatures remind her of the children of the forest, from A Game of Thrones. ~ATCAD

Fur on Friday

 I love Mommy's pink housecoat. Mommy snuggled me in it when I was a wee baby. And since all the other cats love it too it smells of my family.

 I still fit in the sleeve.

 When I was a wee baby I fit in the side pocket.

 Mommy says I look like a model in this picture.

I hope you will forgive me but I am getting sleepy now, thank you for stopping by. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday

 We are thankful for our purrty plants.

 While we don't like the rain we have been getting they seem to be enjoying it.

Hopefully it will stop raining soon so we can enjoy their blooms. ~ATCAD

Wow Wednesday

 These lights are magical at night. Grandpa got them for Mommy for Christmas.  Mommy stuck them in our winter planters. These plants stay green all year long. They are Rosemary and Confederate jasmine. The Rosemary blooms a lot but the jasmine hardly ever blooms, but boy does it GROW. 


Tuiren Tuesday

Well finally I am on Tuiren Tuesday like I am supposed to be, and Mommy even has me on the right blog, she totally goofed yesterday.

 This would have been a good picture but she cut my legs off. She says it is my fault as I was walking toward her. What did she expect me to do sit still??? I have been getting in trouble I keep getting out. I ran past Daddy the other day when he opened the gate, for some reason that annoyed everyone, even Fenris who barked at me to come back. And of course, I totally ignored everyone even Mommy I was following A SMELL.

 Fenris was a GOOD DOG he stayed in the backyard.

I am glad Chi isn't a conehead anymore she looks like a space alien to me with that thing on her head. If you make the picture bigger you can see her boo-boo, we think Yang was playing too rough with her. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD on Tuesday