Thursday in the Garden (March) & Black Cat Appreciation Day

Apparently after awhile lounger cushions have to be replaced. So Mom asked for new cushions for Christmas.

She didn't  put the new cushions on until March the slacker, we wish she had done it sooner as Socks enjoyed sleeping on the old cushions in the garage.

We approve of the pattern she choose, tropical flowers and birds fit in purrfectly at the Hummingbird Cottage.

Our Carolina Jasmine

Trumpet Vine

And our all time favorite Wisteria.

Mommy needed to weed the Quince but it had a nice bloom.

This is one of our native plants but we can't remember it's name right now. We wish we had more of it.

It is an evergreen and has small pink flowers in the Spring.

And honestly we don't know why Mommy took a picture of the Vitex unless she wanted to impress you with the fact that she actually weeded around it. Alas we have gotten so much rain the Mommy was unable to keep up with the weeding and the flowerbeds look like jungles. We don't mind but apparently the people do.

 And in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day we are showcasing our lovely Yin.

 Princess Yin is a big help to Mom outdoors and spends most of her day on the back porch or the jungle gym. She makes sure that varmints stay out of the greenhouse and keeps an eye on all of Mommy's plants.

Winsome Wednesday

I love to sit in the window at night there is a gecko that I try to get. Really windows should be liquid like Stargates so I could reach through it and grab the gecko. It's no fair that he is right there but I still can't touch him.

I also like to sit on the back of Mommy's chair I give her shoulder massages and baths. She needs lots of baths. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tattletale Tuesday with Yinny

For the most part my canine siblings are very well behaved. You just have to remember that Fenris wants to be as close to Mommy as he can get so you don't want to get in between them. He also likes IN, so you had best move out of the doorway so he can run IN, before you saunter OUT.

My feline siblings on the other paw are not well behaved. Yang and Chimera are constantly going over the fence where they do not belong.

At least Chimera is smart enough to get back over the fence where she does belong if she gets scared. While Yang can get OUT the doofus can't get back IN. Mommy has to open the gate to let him IN.

The greenhouse is a good place to play in the Winter time if the windows are open. Now it is way to HOT to get in there.

The plants are all living outside now too.

I am also the best model of all the cats. That probably surprises you with me being a black cat and all, but I sit still and follow Mommy's instructions. The other cats do not cooperate Yang and Chimera zoom around to much and Scylla closes her eyes.

Here I am doing my sultry look for the Mom. ~Yin, gossiping for ATCAD with a modeling session thrown in.

Mancat Monday with Angel Socks

I have always enjoyed playing and I played up until the very end. Chimera was hiding in the box, we had a nice game of hide and seek going on and I even tried out the scratching lounger.

I taught Chimera the fun of playing in a paper bag, you have to listen carefully so you know where the kitty on the other side of the bag is.

~Socks, remembering for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

I wanted to have a great tock shot for Tocktober. Which photo do you thing is best action tocks?

Or sitting Tocks? We will use it in the header, for Tocktober probably.  And since humans take selfies of all sorts of weird body parts to share I guess this can be my selfie. It is really hard to take a selfie of your back. ~Scylla, asking questions for ATCAD

PeeS: Since Caturday Art got canceled I am going to share another selfie of Socks that we posted Saturday. And everybody lets give Athena and her Mom some comforting purrs I suspect they could use them.

Caturday Art Featuring Socks

Socks was purrfectly suited to a Bohemian Life. Socks was blessed to have two extraordinary ladycats in his life. The owl reminds us of MoMo who lived in Australia and took Socks on many wonderful adventures. When she left for the Rainbow Bridge way too soon the lovely Samantha who had recently lost her boyfriend Beau sent him a sweet email and a friendship between the two blossomed.

We like to think that Socks is hanging out in an enchanted garden with lots of feline friends to keep him company while he waits on us to arrive.

You have seen this one before, when we celebrated Hug Your Cat Day.

Mom took this picture with her phone during Mardi Gra we added some picture frames to go with the bling Facebook put on the picture.


Fenris Friday

Hi, thanks for coming to see me.

Would you like to play with some sticks.

We have a large assortment in the yard, if you throw them I will fetch them. Or we can play tug the stick, that is a fun game too. And chase is my very favorite game of all.

And when we get tired of playing we can have some homemade banana ice cream. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD