Mademoiselle Monday

Well Miss Yin is hogging the desk for her bath.

MOL I decided to have some fun with her picture while she wasn't paying attention. I think the arty changes I made are quiet pleasing.

Back to boring reality. And Yin is still bathing.

Chimera, what are you doing?

Nothing Yin, I was just thinking I could join you on the desk.

No!!! (Ha I may not be able to get on the desk with Yin, but I can turn her white MOL)

Yin is very rude about sharing sometimes.

Why just today Scylla was enjoying some Mom time on Mom's desk while we visited blogs and Yin jumped up on the desk and pushed Scylla off. Very rude Yinny!!! ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD with Yin

Sunday Selfies

 Today is Sunday so I guess I need to take a selfie. I don't like this one so I'll try again.

 There I do believed I nailed it. MOL I rather like Daddy's desk standing on it's side. The humans remodeled the Home Office (Study) in April. We all really love it now and it has become a favorite hangout. ~Yin, Reporting for ATCAD

Honestly did anyone ask me if I wanted to do a selfie??? Well I do, Chimera why are you photo-bombing me??? ~Yang, taking a selfie for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Mom got a special mention for her Art Dolls. And she even snuck a cat into the picture.

Mom won the Pop up challenge, you had to create a page using the words Beside the Seaside, Mom's trip to Cozumel inspired this. She didn't get to visit the Butterfly Sanctuary but she really would have liked too.

Mom got third place for the Mood Board Challenge.

Another page that didn't place but Mom had fun learning about all the dogs that start with the letter E. She thinks this dog looks a little bit like Fenris.

On the other hand Mom got First place for her letter N page. N is for nutmeg. You have to think of a word that start with the letter N then scrap it.

Mom's naughty sea nymph didn't place. The naughty girl is suppose to be Scylla in Greek Mythology.

Mom's Year of the Goat got third place. That is one of Grandpa's goats in the picture.

This was a list challenge and Mom finds them very challenging. You are provided with a list of things to use on the page and the # you can use Mom didn't place but she is getting better at them. ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday

 Well the big news for this week is I got a Bath Tuesday at LaundroMutt. I tried my best to drag Mom away from the place but a nice lady that worked there helped the Mom drag me in. At least they give you treats after they let your Mom torture you.

 These pictures were taken in April. Mom cleaned the swing and picnic table.

 And she even thought it would be nice to have a rug in front of the swing.

 I thought different.

And as you can see my wishes prevailed. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Coatis & An Iguana Sunday Selfie in Cozumel Mexico

 Mom had to look up what the Coatis were called she had never seen them before.

 Mr. Iguana agreed to pose for a selfie.

Mom snapped these pictures when she was in Cozumel.

Caturday Art

Mom didn't place in this challenge, but we have to say the world she created of adventure and travel is very appealing. Mom went on a tiny adventure that you can read about here.

Another challenge Mom didn't place in, It was for the movie Rocket Man. Mom had trouble coming up with an idea.

This was for a silhouette challenge, this was new for Mom, the winners pages were really awesome. While Mom didn't place she learned a lot and got a lot of inspiration. ~ATCAD

Thank you

Thank you for the Gotcha Day wishes. ~Yin & Yang