Caturday Art

 This challenge was to create a page for Alfred Hitchcock. Mom enjoyed the children's show Alfred Hitchcock presents when she was a child as well as the books (a collection of ghost stories) he had so that is what inspired her page. She has only seen a few of his movies Rear Window and The Birds, Mom said now may be a good time to look up the rest and watch them. Mom won the challenge.

 Anita's April Doodle Kit Challenge

 Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge

 Karen's Template Challenge

 This was for a LAD Challenge (Layout a Day) each day you create a page using the prompts provided and you get part of a kit (the one for April is Kite Flying) the prompt for this one was using a Gradient for your text. Mom can't do it in Craft Artist but her foggy brain remembered that back in the day before she had Craft Artist she could do in in Paint so she visited Paint and relearned how to do it.

 The prompt for this LAD was something new and happy you discovered.

 Paper Doll Challenge it's just what it sounds like you dress a doll Mom made Aster's dress.

And this Challenge was called Picture Perfect you took a picture which you had to show on your page and you had to alter the picture in some way Mom turned it black and white and also do a cut out. Hope you enjoy this weeks collection of Art. ~ATCAD

Friday Flowers

Flowers from November. Mom doesn't remember the name of this flower. It was one of the vines Mom wanted for the Hummingbird Cottage, some nice person who we can't remember sent us the seeds but it was the wrong time of year to plant them so Mommy put them in her old desk for safe keeping until it was time to plant them. Well she forgot about them (it was back when her PMR was untreated and she forgot about a lot of things) anyway when they did the remodel of the study she found them and planted them and they came up. Oh Mom remembered their name Hyacinth bean

Cardinal Vine and Goldenrod, they are volunteers.


Telling Tuesday

 Back in October Mom went on a tour they had at the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge. 

For the first time ever Mom saw the MS Sandhill Cranes. These guys were hanging out behind the Visitor's Center. This is probably the closest Mom got to them.

 By the way it was raining, while the cranes don't mind rain, they don't get out when it's windy.

 Mom says this is a diorama it was inside the Visitor's Center, there was also audio so you could hear how they sound.

 And this is what a chick would look like. See how the nest is mounded up so it's higher than the surrounding ground, this is because there is usually water around it. Their habitats consist of Wet Pine Savannas, Cypress Strand, and Gulf Coast Prairie.

 Wet pine savannas are open, nearly treeless, fire-dependent plant communities dominated by well-developed ground cover and some low shrubs. Wet pine savannas are found on poorly drained hydric soils with long periods of soil saturation.
 Cypress strands are forested wetlands that occupy low-gradient drains through the savannas. Soils are full of organic matter and stream flow is diffuse.Shallow cypress ponds are important nesting sites for Misssissippi sandhill cranes.
The Gulf Coast Prairie is made up of predominantly wire and switch grasses, The prairie habitat is a vital one for numerous species of birds that require the tall grasses to feed and nest. It is also a favored feeding ground for the Mississippi sandhill crane.

 They drove around in areas around the refuge, some of the birds were in peoples yards.

 The people are nice and don't mind the birds or the people stopping in their driveway to look at them.

 Mom also saw a deer on the way back to the refuge.

 It was raining pretty hard by then so it was hard to get a good picture.


Musings on Monday with Chimera

 While the humans were cranky about the remodeling I loved having everything piled in the Family Room. I could find the best nest to burrow in.

 OK, I wasn't a fan of the workmen in our house but I did approve of the wonderful job they did and I really like our new flooring. It looks and feels like real wood for those of you wondering. The Cat Walk (that's the name of the color) is a nice shading of gray and greige. For those of you not up on your colors Greige is simply beige + gray. And it looks awesome with the tile which is mostly greige. The LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is Provenza's Uptown Chic series.

 Mattresses should always be oriented sideways, that way there is only room for ME.

Don't you think it makes a purrfect cat bed? ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Strange Kitty Selfie

 When Mom was looking for ideas for the M. Bath eons ago she came across this and thought it was cute, although Mom thinks it needs a gold piece connecting the two mirrors so it would look like the cat had on glasses cause as eyes the mirrors are just creepy.

Now for some blast from the past pictures. And we mean way back...

 Yin is a big fan of bird TV.

 While the cats don't bother the tree once it's in the house when it's in the garage they have a ball with it.

 Now you get to say aww...

 This is the first time Yang met Chimera. Mom kept a really close eye on them because Yang didn't seem to realize she was a kitten.


Caturday Art

 These are called Artist Trading Cards, Mom designed them for a Challenge on Just Art.

 This was a Mystery Door Challenge.

 And Another Mystery Door Challenge.

 This was just Mom fooling around with Paint Shop and a picture of Fenris. We do think he shows up well in the picture.
 You had to put a box together and decorate it for this challenge, then fill it up with stuff to make someones day. It was chosen to be the Forum Front Page Image for March 25th. Mom was very pleased as she had a really hard time putting the box together.

 Mom got third place for the Spring Flowers Challenge.

This was a progressive challenge. Mom learns a lot from them. In this one she finally got the hang of making clusters. ~ATCAD

Flowers on Friday

 There are lots of wildflowers growing on the backside of our pond.

 These are our Fall (October) wildflowers sorry Mom is so behind on the pictures.

 Mom also plants native flowers in her flower beds, although most of these were volunteers.

 Mom got artsy with some of the photographs. When the computer died she lost Paint Shop :>( so for her birthday she got the newest version of Paint Shop and has had lots of fun playing with it.

 Mom went to all the trouble of planting cat mint for us.

 And us ungrateful cats killed it.

 Mom also planted fennel for the butterflies, it is doing excellent.

Hope you enjoyed our flowers. ~ATCAD