Sunday (un)Selfie

 Mom told us it was Sunday and she told us we needed to do a selfie. Did any of us care? So we hope you will forgive us for telling Mom that we were sleeping and she could snap the picture. At least you got three of us, instead of just one. Hard to believe that last night Yang was person non grata. Mom guesses he wanted to play but he whopped Scylla in front of Fenris. She hissed and ran and Fenris stood up and barked in Yang's face so Yang went out in the garage and sulked in solitude. And Dad even told Fenris that Yang deserved the telling off! Dad never ever takes the Fenris' side so this was a major event.  ~Scylla, Yin & Yang

Caturday Art with Chimera, Scylla & Yang

This was the Journal Challenge you had to use the word Daydreaming on your page.

Avatar Challenge and the theme was apples, Mom was able to sneak a butterfly in there albeit one made out of leaves. In case you are wondering the middle circle is Mom's avatar.

Bricolage Challenge. 

Color Challenge. Scylla and Yang helped with this one.

Zoo challenge for some reason Benthai picked Cows, really you would have thought he might pick house cats or dogs. Mom is actually pretty fond of cattle but she prefers steers and bulls. Apparently Momma cows get ticked off when you try to pet their calves. Although I am not sure why Mom wanted to pet a calf any way.

And here I am. I am helping out with the mask challenge.

Progressive Challenge. Mom said this was the hardest one she has done in awhile.

 And the Scraplift Challenge ~Thanks for coming by to visit us, Chimera reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Chimera


Word Art Challenge

Use It All Challenge

Signature Challenge

This was the Created with Rewards Challenge, Mom turned this one in.

Mom did this one following the template.

Bricolage Challenge.

Mask Challenge, I  (Chimera) helped Mom with this one.

 Treasured Memories Challenge.

Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Nature Friday


Do you see what we see?

This bad boy was teasing us cats. Mom saw him through the window when she was cleaning up the kitchen and she couldn't believe her eyes. Mr Squirrel is bigger than Chimera, he was almost as big as Yang. He was just a talking to us too. Mom is pretty sure he was using swear words but she doesn't speak squirrel, he didn't like Mom coming out to take his picture. ~The Cats of ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday


What do you mean I don't belong on the table??? Your shirt and book bag don't belong on the table either. And FYI I am not on the table I am on your shirt and book bag. ~Chimera

I am the office cat. It is my job to see that ATCAD is published. Mom says I am a decent office manager, except when I dangle over the keyboard and swat her as she types. 

Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Talking on Tuesday



We are STARVING!!! ~Chimera & Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday


Mom will never find me here.

The laundry basket is a great hiding spot. It's very comfy.

It like a big cloth basket.

Do you think Mom found me? She has been standing in the same spot for a long time with her phone pointed this way.

Maybe I should make myself smaller.

I am sure she doesn't see me now.

Yang, reporting for ATCAD