Wordless Wednesday with Chimera

Bird Photoes and Q and A on Tuisday

 More pictures of the blue heron before it flew away.

We haven't got a clue what Mommy was trying to take a picture of here.

We thought we would answer some questions we have been asked here. Mommy apologizes for not going to your blog to answer them there but she hasn't been feeling well. And while she wrote the questions down, she failed to write down who asked them.

How do we upload photos to our blog?
We use blogger, they make it really simple you just click on the little picture icon and upload your pictures. We don't know how to do it on Word Press.

If you don't have a Word Press blog how do you comment on Word Press blogs? We have a word press account that we use to comment on Word Press blogs

Who is the alpha cat? Yin

Why do you just feed dry cat food? Because Chimera will NOT eat anything else. She really won't not even bacon, cheese or chicken and certainly not canned cat food.

Why do the cats get fed separately. Scylla and Yin are on a special metabolic diet to help them maintain their girlish figures. Of all the cats Yin weighs the most, she weighs 17lbs. Yang is second, but he isn't overweight, then Scylla and Chimera weighs the least at 7lbs. Arty Mouse was even smaller she only weighed 5lbs when she disappeared.

Why don't Fenris and Tuiren get to sleep in the bed with the Mom & Dad? At 75lbs Fenris would be way to heavy to cuddle with not to mention US CATS would be very displeased. And Tuiren STINKS, sorry but beagles have this really strong odor, she also prefers sleeping outside in her dog house. She has two pillow type dog beds in there and some old flannel sheets to burrow down in, so she is very cozy. When it is really cold she sleeps in the utility room with Fenris. And the Mom got them their very own Nap Comfy Couch pet beds built by FurHaven. We can't say enough good things about them Fenris actually SLEEPS IN HIS. We also don't think Fen would want to sleep with Mom and Dad, he loves to sit in Mommy's lap when she sits on the floor so he can, BUT whenever he starts to go to sleep he gets up and moves away from her. And he doesn't want to cuddle with Tuiren either. He doesn't like being touched when he is asleep. He is a very light sleeper and wakes up ready to protect his FLOCK and we think this is why he doesn't like to cuddle when he sleeps.


Meowing on Monday with Scylla

 Well I had a blast hunting lizards.

 They are very tricky to catch, they like to get up in Mommy's vines where you can't get to them.

 They change colors too and blend in with their surroundings.

 But all in all it's good exercise and lots of fun.

I am just happy to be out in the sunshines and while I was busy hunting lizards Mommy was hunting birds.

 (sigh) I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. Mommy took it with her PHONE at MAXIM zoom and it was barely in range even then. I told her to bring her CAMERA but she didn't listen to me.

 It's a blue heron.

 ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday & St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. We hope you like our Collage of Selfies. Although Tuiren didn't really get with the program and take a selfie (sigh) we hope you don't mind we just found a nice picture of her and used it. That BEAGLE has a mind of her own.

 Well for that matter so do I. I love to sun bath and didn't have time for a selfie.

 I mean when you are busy soaking up the rays and enjoying life who wants to open their eyes and snap a picture.

 Although I wasn't totally lazy.

 With my keen sense of hearing and smell I ...

 paid attention to the sounds and smells around me.

 So while it looked as if I was totally relaxed and not paying the slightest bit of attention I was actually...


I caught it too and I think a GREEN LIZARD makes a purrfect St. Paddy's day meal, don't you? ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 Mommy did this for a challenge where you had to use a certain kit. If you made a page you got more of the kit. Chimera volunteered to help Mom out with the page.

 This was a paper to pages challenges. You took papers and made embellishments from them.

 This Challenge was Rainbow Colors Mommy got third place with it. Don't you just love the hair, Mommy wishes her hair was long enough to do that.

 We colored some pages.

 Mommy did this for a challenge where you scraped your favorite city. Mommy loves San Diego.

This was a transformation challenge. BOL Mommy changed it from an upscale apartment to a Cozy Cottage with pets.

And of course being Irish cats and dogs. Tuiren even has a name from Irish Mythology we did a page for St Patrick's Day.

 The St Paddy's Day Challenge hasn't closed yet so we don't know how Mom did.


Fun Friday with Scylla

 This 12 year old can still act like a kitten when the mood strikes.

 I was moving so fast Mom didn't get a good picture so she turned it into a pencil sketch.

 Daddy's shoes make a great toy.

 Did you see that???

 Now I'll just pose with my catch.

Hi Yin, Do you want to play with me?

Scylla, playing for ATCAD

Scylla's Thankful Purrday

 The calendar for March 2018 and

the calendar for March 2019 I am thankful Mom had these pawesome pictures of ME to share with my friends today.

I have so many things to be thankful for in my life. For those of you who have just meet me you might not be aware that my CAT Mom was living in a feral cat colony although the people that rescued me don't think she was feral. They think she was one of the many cats that were left homeless after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately due to lack of fosters they couldn't take her in before she gave birth after she gave birth they couldn't find the kitties so they were waiting until she brought us to eat. Then one awful day they found her dead at the food station, someone has poisoned her. They redoubled their efforts to find the kittens but it took them days to find us, two of my siblings died before they found us but Charybdis and I were rescued. Mommy had went to look at some kittens the lady that rescued me had as she, Daddy, Socks and the boys missed Whiskers very much (he died due to the Petfood Recall of 2007 of kidney failure) and Mom had mentioned maybe becoming a foster. The lady was desperate to find someone to bottle feed me and my surviving siblings as she didn't have time. She already had a zillion Momma Cats and Kittens to take care of. Mommy agreed to take two kittens (don't worry another lady took the other two surviving kittens) and the minute my Daddy saw us he said Mommy could KEEP US if he could name us and that is how I came to be Scylla and my sister came to be Charybdis.

 This is the April 2019 calendar page although I think I should have gotten the hummingbird as I am the one that actually caught one. Don't worry I picked it up off the ground gently and took it to Daddy without hurting it and after he and Mommy admired it it flew away.

  And this is the 2018 Calendar page for April we especially love the little kitten picture. I miss my sister but I am thankful for the siblings I have now especially Chimera (who is Charybdis come back to me, but don't tell I am not sure the folks know that).

Please help yourself to a slice of cake, the bottom layer is salmon and the top layer is catnip, both layers have a cream cheese frosting that is delicious. I got to lick the bowl since the icing was for my purrday cake.

 We has some tuna steaks topped with caviar for your enjoyment.

 As well as some cheese and crackers.

I thinks these little mice are cute, I can't resist eating them.

Please help yourself to some catmint tea, we has real cream to go in it as well as nip leaves (the nip leaves are in the sugar bowl).

And be sure to pick up a party favor before you go. ~Scylla, who is having a very happy 12th purrday thanks to all her friends stopping by.

And an extra special thank you to Pipo, Dalton & Benji and their Petcretary Ingrid for the lovely card they sent me.