Quick Post about Two Cats that Need Help

Youngest found this stray at work. The cat is pretty friendly and likes to be petted but panics if you try to pick it up. It's very thin, youngest says you can see it's ribs.  Youngest has been taking dry food to feed the cat, but it was down in the 30's here last night so we are purring really hard that someone took the cat in and that the cat is safe now. Youngest went back yesterday to try to catch the kitty, but it never showed up. We were hoping that it was microchipped. Definitely used to be someones house cat. Youngest thinks the cat may be declawed, and doesn't know it's sex. We will refer to this kitty as Marty as it is in St. Martin.

This is Ossie and this is her story
Ossie the kitten has made it through the amputation surgery very well. I’m told she is under 3 pounds and very feisty.
She will stay at the vets until tomorrow afternoon.
Thank you ALL ! For all who donated and shared!
Together we made a difference !!!
❤️ 🍀 🍭
Hi! I’m OSsie, a feral kitten found in Ocean Springs. I have to have one of my back legs amputated today and still need more donations. Even $5 helps. Can you help me please? I have a wonderful foster to help me recover afterwards. Call vet at 228-865-0575. PayPal justcausepits@gmail.com.

Mom still isn't feeling well and Daddy was home sick yesterday and Mom says she has lots to do so our posting will be hit or miss for awhile. We miss all our friends and will post and visit when we can. Please purr and send POTP to Marty and Ossie, thank you. ~ATCAD

Sarah Andrews (old SoLT, a.k.a. Roby Sweet) – The Cuddlywumpus Cat Chronicles – Rest In Peace Our Friend

This is going to be a short post, the Mom isn't feeling well again. We only knew Sarah through her blog The Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles written and maintained by Miss Cuddlywumps (we have to admit we imagined Miss Cuddlywumps looking an awfully lot like Chimera). Her post brought us much enjoyment and we loved learning about real cats Paisley and Webster, our hearts go out to them on the lost of their old SoLT. 

We never took part in the Pet Photo Fails as Mom tends to turn our Photo Fails into artwork. Mom's motto is out of focus kitty no problem apply foil, now you have an alien kitty from outer space. But in Sarah and Miss Cuddlywumps' memory we are posting a photo fail of epic proportions. 

Mom was trying to take a picture of Fenris. It looks more like she was trying to take a picture of an old shoe. At least the old shoe managed to stay in the center of the picture and isn't cut off. Fen on the other hand. We don't even think applying foil could save this picture. But then again we will see what Mom comes up with at some future date.

But for now we are saying a tearful good bye to a Cat Lady extraordinaire. You will be missed. ~ATCAD

Caturday Art

Yin is going to host today's Caturday Art. We apologize for being missing all week. First Grandma babysit the grandkids, us cats were in hiding the dogs were pretty happy though they seem to like the little ones, especially Tuiren. Then Mommy got sick she didn't even get out of bed Wednesday. We have to admit us cats were pretty thrilled with the situation as it was raining and it was nice to sleep on Mommy all day. The dogs not so much as they didn't even see Mommy. She is better now, she even went to the store yesterday and got us some foods. Anyway this page was for a challenge to create a page about a shoe. Mommy discarded it as there were two shoes in the picture. But she kept it to share as we thought Yin looked pretty cute with Mommy's shoes. And we liked the pun.

 This page was for a history challenge you had to create a page for something that happened in 1927. The page won third place Mommy was very pleased as there were lots of awesome entries.

 A page with the letter A.

 Mommy loved making this page and was pleased to have gotten 2nd place. There were lots of wonderful entries.

 Mommy made this page just for fun.

 Mommy created this for a challenge with a photograph she took some years back.

 Mommy won this challenge which was to create a page with a song that began with F.

 Female singers from the 60s.

And this challenge was about hair. Did you know Denim Hair is a thing? People are weird. We will try to get back on track with posting. But we may be hit & miss until after the holidays. We hope you will continue to visit when we do post. We miss all of you and we are trying to visit when we can.

Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 This scrap book page was to create a page with an Asian theme.

 This was for the Saturday Night at the Movies Challenge. "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"

 This was to create a page with the Henry Moore quote

 And this was to create a page with a bottle and to fill the bottle with anything you liked. Mommy used the Summer Cottage Bundle she won in the recipe challenge to create it.

 This challenge was to follow a layout .

 Song with the letter H.

 Mommy had a good time at the Fair with the Grandkids. We are glad she felt like going.

And this is the page Mommy created for the Recipe Challenge. This is the Challenge she won at Scrappy Sisters and got the Summer Cottage Bundle for a prize. ~ATCAD

Thankful Thursday with Youngest Boy

 We are thankful our apple tree had apples.

And we are thankful that youngest boy bean helped us take care of it. ~ATCAD

Happy Halloween

Zoo Boo

Well we don't have a proper post. First Mommy ran off to Zoo Boo last night and didn't post. And did you know she sat right next to Yin's BIG SISTER. Her name is Maya and she is a black jaguar. Maybe Yin can pretend to be Maya next year for Halloween. We think they look alike except Maya is way bigger than Yin. Mommy says she is about the same size as Fenris.

Anyway Mom got home late and didn't put together a post for us.
 We wanted to show you our succulents.

 And our grass that blooms.

And the page we colored but all Mommy cares about is the silly Zoo (she saw a tiger there too, but he was sad his mate had died) and the Grandkids spending the night. ~ATCAD