Sunday Ussie with Mom (Scylla Sunday)


It's been forever since I did a Scylla Sunday post so I thought I would do an ussie with Mom.

This is what our Blueberry Bush looked like on March 11th, Unfortunately after that we had a freeze so while we did get some blueberries we didn't have the usual bumper crop we normally have.

Mom captured a bird. We are very proud of her even if she did have to use a camera. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Yang


A mini kit Challenge, Yang lent a paw. 

Yang also lent a paw with the Progressive Scrap.

This was Day 1, Mom isn't really happy with this scrap. She would have made different choices if she had known what the embellishments were beforehand and if she could have played with them. Progressive Scraps are really hard for her as she fiddles with the page until she likes it when she is left to her own devices and there is NO fiddling in Progressive Scraps. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Boudoir Photos with Chimera


We won these pawesome books in a contest back in March. You can read Mom's review for Chihuahua Conspiracy here and The Cat Caper here. We loved them both.

Now for some boudoir photographs of ME!

Do you think some handsome mancat will come sweep me off my feet?

Mom says I am silly.

And that I look like a vampire.

I think I will just take a nap.

After all that is what everyone else is doing. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


 We want to remember 5 of our angels: Princess, Whiskers, Socks, Squall-n-Baby and Charybdis.  

We don't have any digital pictures of Princes, but she looked a lot like Yin except skinnier.  But like Yin she was a gorgeous black panther. Princes was adopted from a pet rescue in Ocean Springs, that was driven out of it's location when the casinos came and property taxes went up. She had spent her entire six months of life (her Mom gave birth to her and her litter mates at the rescue) in a cage, when youngest boy choose her to come live with us. When youngest boy and Mom went to the shelter to pick out a cat Yin was the only cat left there.  She didn't know how to jump or play when she came home with him. Luckily Whiskers was a kind and friendly cat and made friends with her right away and taught her to be a cat. Sadly she started having seizures and died shortly after coming to live with us.

Most of you probably remember Charybdis, she was Scylla's litter mate. Mom really missed Whiskers after he died from kidney failure and she was trying to find a black tuxedo kitten that looked like him. Scylla & Charybdis were with a foster that was overwhelmed and needed help bottle feeding them (she had several nursing Mom's, PG cats and kittens in her care) none of the nursing Mom's would accept the kittens so they needed humans to bottle feed the 4 orphaned kittens. (their Mom was a feral cat (or likely a cat that was lost during Katerina) that they were trying to catch, she gave birth before they could catch her so they were waiting till they could find the kittens. Unfortunately someone poisoned her and they found her dead where they feed her. So they looked really really hard for the kittens. When they found the 6 kittens two of them had already died. The remaining 4 were split up and Mom took Scylla & Charybdis. Socks accepted them right away but wasn't interested in taking care of them, he left that to Mom. And Dad said if he could name them Mom could keep them so that is how Scylla & Charybdis came to be part of our family. 

This is the last picture Mom took of Charybdis she was almost two when she died.

Chimera reminds us of her a little bit.

Daddy found Squall-n-Baby in the parking lot after Cubscouts let out he was covered in poop and had awful diarrhea which is why we think he was abandoned, that and he meowed constantly. We think he was probably taken away from his Mom too young. Luckily Whiskers helped Mom take care of him (For a mancat Whiskers made a really good Momma cat). 

And now Whiskers the Wonder Cat, he lived with our family for approximately 13 years before he died of kidney failure due to the pet food recall of 2007. Whiskers always welcomed new additions to the family and even brought a few home. He once came home with a dog that the boys named Jello, we helped take care of the dog until his young owners and their Mother could come get the dog after the wicked Step-Mother abandoned the dog when they moved. Mom was very touched that Jello's young owners told their Mother that instead of buying Christmas presents for them she could save her money to rent a house/apartment that allowed pets so Jello could come live with them at their Mom's home. And the oldest one even got a job so he could help pay for Jello's food. Another of our neighbors took care of Jello when he was home and knew the boys which is how we found out his story. Jello just came to visit us when the neighbor that took him in was at work.

Whiskers was a very loving cat and followed Mom and the boys everywhere, and he and Socks were very close. Socks was very lonely when Whiskers died until Scylla & Charybdis came to live with him.

Whiskers was always in the middle of whatever we were doing. 

And our darling Socks, that most of you remember. 

Socks was a very good big brother to all of us. He taught Fenris to respect the paw and he welcomed Tuiren into our family. When Tuiren first came around and Mom started feeding her, she hesitated to rescue her because she was afraid as a beagle (hunting dog) she wouldn't get along with cats. But one day when Mom was petting Tuiren before she left Socks came and sat down by them and showed Mom that Tuiren was wonderful with cats. Tuiren has her home with us thanks to Socks and Scylla, Yin, Yang and Chimera all learned to be cats from Socks as they were all orphaned at very young ages. And while Socks had no interest in helping groom them he was more then willing to teach them to play and behave like cats. 


Welcome Fall


Mom changed the House up a bit for Fall. This dragon came out of hibernation to take up residence on the bookshelf, but then he went right back to sleep. He is a rather boring dragon, we were hoping he would breath fire or something.

Close up of the inside pumpkins taken from the hall.

And this picture was taken from the hall too.

This stays out all year, but it's purrty no mater the season.

Mom needs to adjust the shelf but it's now ready for Fall.

The little Native American Girl came out for a visit along with some pumpkins and squash.

More pumpkins.

We love the shelf Daddy made us, isn't he talented?  Mom took this picture from the Dining Room.

And we even have some pumpkins for outside. When the boys were little we used to get real pumpkins and carve them but they didn't do well if we had a HOT October. ~ATCAD

Mommy Got a Horse


Mom misses her horses, so when Grandpa started looking for a place down here every time they found something with land and a barn Mom got excited and told him he could get her a horse to ride. MOL & BOL he managed to get her a horse, but she can't ride it, but then he doesn't have to take care of it either. G and O have a lot of fun riding it when they come visit.

Mom thinks the horse is adorable even if she can't ride it and Grandpa did get her a pool so she is happy. We on the other hand think she neglects us to much and is turning into a fish or a mermaid. ~ATCAD

Mademoiselle Monday with Chimera

 I like playing with the bubbles from Mom's bath but I much prefer it after the water goes away. Do you know Mom willingly submerges herself in water everyday! There is something wrong with her, don't you think? ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD