Caturday Art ~ The Graduation Edition

This was the Brush Challenge at Ginger Scraps. The Balloon and Sky were the brush Mom had to work with.

Mini Kit Challenge

Daily Download Challenge

 Color Challenge at Just Art.

Caturday Art

 Mini Kit Challenge at Just Art

Sunday Selfies with Miss Yin & Miss Chimera


Mom took some more bad pictures back in December,  so she played around in paint and tried to fix them. Some of them turned out OK. 

Mom may not be able to take pictures but I think I managed to capture a decent selfie. 

Chimera's pictures look more like paintings. We don't know how Mom did that.

Chimera & Yin reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art the Yang Edition

Mom did these in Corel Paint Shop just for fun.

They are all basically the same pose, but weren't very good pictures. 

 Because Mom is a horrible photographer. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Flower's on Friday

 God's beauty is all around us.

Caturday Art ~The Mother's Day Edition

Mask Challenge. This is a picture of Alasandra's Mother with the Grandkids. They refer to her as Gigi.

Mini Kit Challenge

Created with Rewards Challenge.

Template Challenge. For those of you who don't know Lady O is Gigi and Grandpa's dog.

Use It All Challenge. And that's Alasandra out on the Paddle Board.

 Word Art Challenge, Scylla was checking out the bloom.

Wishing all the Mom's a very happy Mother's Day! ~ATCAD

Sunday Selfie with Yang & Scylla & Caturday Art The Bad Mom Goofed Off Edition

First up we have a Brush Challenge showcasing what Mom did last weekend.

Mini Kit Challenge.

Daily Download Challenge, more of Mom goofing off. 

This was a fun challenge you used a Quick Page and made it your own.

And last but not least Jumpstart Your Layout Mini Kit with Scylla & Yang. We thought this made a pretty awesome selfie ussie. ~Scylla & Yang, reporting for ATCAD