Caturday Art

 A nice pencil sketch of Miss Yin to get our Caturday Art started.

 This is a scrapbook page Mommy created for a Transformation Challenge.

 This is another challenge page. Mommy had to make all the embellishments she used.

 This was the first picture Mommy made for the Castle and Dragons challenge but she discarded it in favor of the second page she created.

 Another challenge you had to use light green and the word Friends on a page.

 And this challenge was to celebrate Girl Power and Pop Art.

And last Mommy colored a page for you.


Flowers on Friday

 The Mother of Millions, it's easy to see how it got it's name it reseeds itself without any trouble. I like it when it blooms.

 These flowers are purrty too.  The peach colored one is an Abutilon. I can't remember what the red one is right now.

 When the weather isn't nice I like to sit in the window and watch outside.

 I do not like to go out when the ground is wet.

 I do NOT like my paws to get wet.

Mommy thought I would look nice as a pencil sketch sitting in the window. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday

 We are thankful that youngest boy still lives at home. He opens doors for us, and feeds us and lets us sleep in his room. He is a very good HUMAN BROTHER.

He just needs a bigger bed. ~Chimera & Yang reporting for ATCAD

Remembering Our Friend

Our hearts are heavy for our friends at Brian's Home they have lost their Sweet Sister Gracie.

Tuiren Tuesday Mom & Me

 Mommy got these neat Socks that remind her of Mr. Who.

Mommy hates selfies, but I talked her into taking an usie of me and her. I had to submit to having my nails trimmed to do it, but I got the usie. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mandog Monday with Fenris

 After Mommy took us to get the dreadful baths where she put lots of stinky stuff on us she gave me and Tuiren treats.

 My sister has NO MANNERS, she gobbles her food.

 She also guards her food.

 and she will even try to STEAL MY FOOD.

 Even though she doesn't have the best manners I still love her and I am happy she feels safe enough with me to lay so close. This wasn't always the case.

 But with lots of love and patience she has blossomed.

 Sometimes it takes awhile for a doggie's true personality to shine through, other dogs like ME have such huge personalities people are drawn to us, but we all deserve a chance at a loving family.

 As you have probably guessed especially those of you who have followed our kitchen remodel these are OLD photographs. I am pleased to report that while Mommy is still months behind sorting the photographs, she is at least now in the correct year.

OK Tuiren, it is time for us to go outside. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Silly Sunday

 The girlcats insisted we need a selfie for today's post so I volunteered to take one.  Not to shabby if you ask me just call me Bond, James Bond.

 I think I would make a great 007. Mommy is very rude she says the only "real" 007 is Sean Connery the others including me are just pale imitations.

 Oh well it is time to play and when it comes to hiding I think Yin has us all beat, do you see her. Look for her eye.

 Pouncing is Chimera's gig.

 She is a very pouncy girlcat.

What bath time already. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: We won the Hide and Sneak Unique Cat Toy Tunnel - The Original and we LOVED IT! It's from DeziRoo and they have lots of wonderful CAT TOYS. Did it hold up, well we deaded it but the 4 of us are very rough on toys. Mommy said it lasted a lot longer than she thought it would, almost a month. Would she buy us one? Well her cheapness hardly ever buys us toys but... she said it is reasonably priced and that since it lasted almost a month she would consider it a wise investment since we all loved it.