Caturday Art

This was a Scraplift Challenge the original page had a Halloween Theme so I tried to scrap it with the same dark undertones the original page had, while giving it a more Thanksgiving look.

This was the Daily Download Challenge

This was a mini kit Challenge

This was for the LAD Challenge and the prompt was shadows. Which is really hard to do on a dark background.

Another LAD with the prompt Halloween.

This was a Progressive Challenge that was a bit different than usual. First we made a template (my first time doing that) then we scraped our Template. The first time we weren't allowed to change our placement, but we were allowed to do an alternate with changes.

This is my second take on it.

 The was a more traditional Progressive Scrap at Digital Scrapbooking Studio. They even give you the pieces to use. ~ATCAD

Friday in the Garden with Scylla & Fenris

Back in May our Gardenias were blooming, they sure do smell good.

The Fennel Mom planted seemed to be doing good when she first planted it, it even bloomed but now it is dead. Mom had one fennel plant that lived for years, so we don't know why this one didn't. 

Fenris supervises Mom while she weeds the side yard. He has a good view from his yard.

Us cats are in charge of the front yard, but we also keep an eye on the side yard.

This picture turned out sort of interesting. Mom didn't even mess with it. It looks like a double exposure.

I think someone is going to pounce on me.

And I think they will regret it. Hey I may be an old lady cat, but I still like to play. ~Scylla & Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Weird Wednesday

When mom was weeding around the azaleas she came across these weird things.

She told us she thought they were walking sticks, but we are sure she is WRONG, they don't look anything like the walking sticks our Grandparents carry. ~ATCAD


Miss Yin


I like to hang out in the jungle gym, but sometimes Daddy puts strange objects on it. My jungle gym is NOT a clothes line Daddy. 

Mom totally messed up this picture so we made it arty. ~Miss Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Meows on Monday

When it's cold out we likes to stay inside on the warm blankets or laying in sun puddles.

We are really pleased that Mom got a couch when she redid the study, it's a comfy hangout for all of us. I know you think Chimera isn't with us, but you are wrong. She likes to hang out on the ledge behind the couch when Mom has the back up like this.

 This couch is very versatile as you can put the back up or down or somewhere in between and the bottom comes up to make a full size bed. ~The Cats reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Fenris

This is the Bricolage Challenge. Mom had a really hard time coming up with something for it the pieces given were so random, at least to her. Other people came up with some really awesome pages. One lady turned the red and gold thingy that Mom turned into a flower into a surfboard.

Mask Challenge

Mood Board staring Fenris. Mom says his reddish brown coat is purrfect for Fall.

Color Challenge

Brush Challenge. Mom even put the brush on the frame.

Back it up with Diane, you back up your photographs and use one or more in a page.

Created with Rewards you have to use the kit you won from the previous month.

 And this is the Mystery Challenge, this month is was Word Art and Fenris is again modeling for us. ~ATCAD

Caturday Art

This was a Color Challenge.

A Mini Kit Challenge by Connie Prince.

Recipe Challenge, Mom says these are perfect for Thanksgiving.They are always a big hit in our family.

This was for the LAD, even with Hurricane Zeta Mom was able to complete it and earn the Haunted Mansion Kit, mainly because she was able to do some pages with her phone. There is no way she could have done this with her phone though the challenge was to have 4 photographs and one of them had to be blended.

Another LAD the prompt was Halloween.

LAD the prompt was trick. Sadly this is now what the island looks like.

LAD the Prompt was to have the photo stretch across the entire page. 

 And this was a mask challenge at Just Art. ~ATCAD