Sunday Selfie Geese (May)

Well we asked the Geese to take a Selfie, we are afraid they aren't very good at it. But we hope you like the pictures anyway. Some of them are arty, this one was a pencil sketch.

As you can see the gosling grow really fast.








Caturday Art ~ Transtion


One of Mom's favorite Challenge at the Studio is the Zoo Challenge, this month's animal was the Zebra.

This was a Word Art Challenge.

This was a Template Challenge.

Mask Challenge this time the hostess included some swirls and Word Art in the kit she provided.

Color Challenge.

Scrap Lift Challenge. 

And another of Mom's favorites the Bricolage Challenge.

We want to thank everyone who was concerned for us during Hurricane Sally, we were very luck and the hurricane turned and hit Alabama instead of us. We only got a little rain and wind and no damage at our house.

We are very busy trying to help Grandma and Grandpa find a home near us. They spent the last week with us and to everyone's surprise Yin decided to let them both pet her. In fact she insisted on it.The vet and vet techs will never believe how friendly our Miss Yin is at home. She is not the least friendly at the vet's office.


Caturday Art

 This one was made for a Recipe Exchange at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

 The rest are Ginger Scraps Challenges, this is a mask challenge

 This is a color challenge.

And our final piece of art is a Recipe Challenge. ~ATCAD

Wednesday Wildlife Ducks

These are better pictures of the wild ducks that visit our pond. Mom thinks they must have had a nest near by since they didn't fly away.

 Mom has never got this close to them before and she was really happy to see them close up.

 We don't know if they had ducklings. Mom says they are so shy and so good at hiding that even if they hatched some ducklings we were unlikely to see them.

We hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we did. ~ATCAD
PEES: For those of you asking what brand the ducks are, our friends at Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs helped us out with the id.
 Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Great 'shots' of those ducks!

Looked them up, I think those are Black Bellied Whistling ducks. (Long neck, bills, and the white patch on the sides.)

Sunday Selfies ~The Calico Edition

When Covid-19 caused Daddy's business trip to be cut short he left his suitcase out for a long time and I decided to co-opt it.

 Mommy said it was very rude as I got fur all over his clothes. Mommy was playing with the photograph again, she was attempting to make this look like an old timey photograph.

 Ah well time for my selfie.

 I hope you enjoyed your visit.

 Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll return to my nap. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

I just wanted to say hi to all our friends. I liked to sit on this shelf under the table in the family room. Most of the time no one knows I am there. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art ~ Thinking of Arty Mouse

 This week I have been working on Challenges from Gingerscraps. This was the Brush Challenge (the lovely mums in the background are the brush).

 This is Connie Prince's Challenge she provides you with a kit to scrap.

 This is a Template Challenge.

 This Challenge was to use the Daily Download kit from August.

 This is another Mini Kit Challenge. Arty Mouse has been on our minds a lot lately, we sure do miss her. So Arty hopped into this challenge to pay us a visit. Mom actually got recognition for this page. Which Mom has never been recognized at Gingerscraps before, so she was rather pleased about it.

 Signature Challenge, the prompt was nature.

 Use it All Challenge, you are provided with a Mini Kit and you have to use all the papers and embellishments, sometimes this is very challenging.

And this was a Word Art Challenging. ~ATCAD

Flowers on Friday

The Coral Bean.

Some native grass that flowers.


The Vitex got off to a good start, it never does very good. We are very disappointed in it.

Swamp Iris.

Fetter Bush. ~ATCAD