Caturday Art

Mom got a Special Mention for her rendition of Aladdin's Cave.

 This is for the LAD Challenge you get a kit if you complete a layout every day and you have to follow the prompts. The prompt for this one was to have a one word title (Mom choose Healthy) and then a picture and list to go with it..

 Today's LAD was STRIPES. Do you think Mom got enough stripes on her page?

 This was for another group and it was a template challenge.

 Mom WON the poem challenge.

 The Ice Maiden got 3rd place.

 In this challenge you get a free mini kit and you use it to make a page.

 And this was a Pick Your Palette Challenge. You pick out a photograph and then you build your palette around it. ~ATCAD

Mancat Monday

 Well in my opinion 2020 is NOT getting off to a good start. New Year's Eve I got a booboo. Due to the vet closing early my trip to the vet was postponed till Thursday (Mom and the vet consulted and decided it could wait, and Mom would put antibiotic ointment on it till Thursday) Thursday I was shoved in not ONE but TWO PTUs I escaped from the first one and dragged to the vet where they shaved my furs and gave me a shot. Mom washes the booboo everyday until I go back the 16th for a wellness check.

It's not slowing me down any. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD on Mancat Monday

Scylla & Yin Sunday

 We are showing you stuffs a bit backwards as you have already seen us playing or using most of the stuffs but here is the package when it first arrived.

 Mom had this misguided notion that she was going to do a nice well organized photo shoot, but we smelled nip and arrived in mass to mess up her plans. MOL that cat's paw drives Mom nuts. Chimera claimed it as hers and drags it around. Anyway Mom always has a brief moment when she thinks it's suppose to be attached to a live cat and freaks out. (sigh) and we don't even have any ginger tabbies.

 Mom loves this little key chain.

 Yin and I liked the balls with the feathers attached. They are super fun to play with especially together you can bat them back and forth to each other.

 Not yet Yin, I am not in position.

 Yang hogged the nip mouse.

Mom loves this it's a collapsible water dish Mom says it is especially nice as it has a way to attach it to your belt loop or backpack. It has really come in handy when she takes Fenris and Tuiren walking. ~Scylla and Yin reporting for ATCAD

Scylla volunteered to do today's selfie. She is hoping Brian likes it.

Caturday Art

 Mom got 2nd place in the Altered Art Challenge. Mom saw this cute dress tree at a store her and Miss Tammy went to and she couldn't resist turning it into a person

 Well we all know how ChiChi feels about the big guy hogging her Gotcha Day, but Mom got 3rd place in the Father Christmas challenge.

Mom didn't place in the White Christmas challenge, but it turned out to be a pretty page.

 Mom got a Special Mention in the Christmas Flora Challenge.

 Another challenge Mom didn't place in. It was a window challenge, but we like the fact she squeezed a cat and a dog into the page.

 We are pleased to announce Mom WON the Garfield Challenge!!!

 Mom got 3rd place in the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. We do wonder what she got him.

Mom didn't place with this card, but we like it and we hope all our friends are having a Happy New Year. ~ATCAD

Friends and Faimly Friday with Miss Yin & Miss Scylla

Miss Yin came to see what I was up to.

She likes nip toys as much as I do.

Nip glorious nip!!!

Mom loves the socks and T-shirt, and us cats love everything else. Big thank you to The Cat on My Head for this GREAT prize.

For some reason the humans got a laugh out of this plastic top that keeps your food fresh. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD with Miss Yin

Thankful Thursday with Scylla

 Way back in JULY we got a prize package from Summer.

 It had lots of neat toys in it. I could barely wait for Mom to take the tags off I wanted to play with them so badly.

 Yin wanted to play with them too.

 But I got first Go at the toys.

And Mom got a tea set that went purrfectly with the things Daddy brought back from Japan.

Thank you so much Summer.

Happy New Year!!!