Fenris Friday (and Scylla)


Hi, would you like to join me on a walk?

I love walking with Mom, we sure do wish the ground would dry up a little bit though. Mom actually sinks down in the ground it's so muddy.

But there are lots of things to see.

Come on, don't be afraid of a little mud.

The Confederate Rose is blooming.

Sorry Fenris, I would rather snuggle in the sunbeam on the couch today.

Maybe I will go outside later. ~Fenris & Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Happy Dr Seuss Day Everyone!!!

yes, I will eat Green Eggs and Ham.
But I will not eat spam
or wear a hat
what do you think about that.

Do you hear a who?
well what do you do?
bark a lot, do you.
do you?
Do you hear a who?
I do!

I am the only one who can be me
and you are the only one who can be you
we are unique you see
and that is truer than true.

One Fish Two Fish
Red Fish Blue Fish
Why would I want to eat Fish
When I could have Green Eggs and Ham if I wish

Thing One and Two
that's what they call us.
One likes to dust
Two must
he simply must
create a fuss
~Yin and Yang

PeeS: we hope you enjoyed our bad poetry in celebration of Dr Seuss Day. we are going to celebrate by reading Lots and Lots of Books. ~ATCAD

Sunday Selfie Guest

 We thought we would share the picture Mom got of this neat bird. Sorry Mom doesn't know it's name. She said while he was very friendly and posed for the photo he wasn't very chatty. Mom thinks it was a young bird learning to fly, she found him laying on the ground and put him in the tree for safety and photo op and kept watch for awhile. He eventually got the knack of flying. ~ATCAD

Caturday Art with Fenris

Template Challenge

Another Template Challenge.

This is called the Use It All Challenge you are given a kit and you have to use everything in it.

This is another Use It All Challenge, Mom loved the word art that came with it.

This was a Word Art Challenge.

This was another Word Art Challenge.

 And you guessed it another Word Art Challenge starring me. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

We are joining the blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty.

Fruity Friday

Last summer the apples did extremely well.

So did the pear.

And the fig seems to be thrilled with it's new location.

The blueberries are the rockstars of our garden.

The squash did well, the raised beds with Dad's irrigation system work well.

The Muscadines did well, it's a pity no one likes them and that the Dad doesn't have the time to turn them into wine. Oh well the birds enjoy them.

The new strawberry variety is not doing well at all.The strawberries themselves taste better they are larger and sweeter, but the plants don't thrive the way the ones we used to have (before the bad grass got in them) did.

 Dad tried growing the tomatoes and peppers in buckets last year. We actually still have some alive in the green house. Mom wishes he would plant them in the ground they need way to much water to be stuck in a bucket. She says they are the most labor intensive plant we have. ~ATCAD

Thankful Thursday


We are thankful for Flowers ~ATCAD

Woeful Wednesday


This was back in June, Mom found a butterfly out by the garbage can, we don't know what happened to it but since it was in the road think it may have gotten hit by a car.

We are very sads for it. We love butterflies. ~ATCAD