Sunday Selfie and Odds and Ends

 We decorated for St. Paddy's day, Mom says sometimes small changes (she added some purple to the pot of green shamrocks) can make a big difference. The addition of the purple made it look better with the shelf we think, plus it gave the shamrocks more fullness. The pot they sold in the store was sort of skimpy on shamrocks.

We also decorated for Easter. We actually got another bunny we will show you later. Due to Covid-19 we got him long after Easter was over.

 Now Chimera is going to do a selfie.

 She is busy watching birds so she isn't being very cooperative today.

 I on the other hand am going to make sure you get to see what a contented mancat I am.

Oh you wanna see my eyes, well OK here goes. ~Yang, reporting and doing selfies for ATCAD

PeeS: The answer to what didn't belong in the picture was answered correctly by Millie and Walter. It was the fancy dining room table and chairs. Mom has a really hard time doing this challenge as she likes things to look like they belong (and it's sort of her super power to make things look as if they do) so....

Caturday Art

 This was a Scraplift Challenge.

 This was a Zoo Challenge, the guy that host the challenge picks an animal and provides you with some pictures and you have to make a page.

 Another Zoo Challenge

 This Challenge was to create a page and place something on it that didn't belong. Do you see what doesn't belong? Apparently it's sort of hard cause the lady hosting the challenge had to ask Mom. Mom thinks it sticks out like a sore thumb, but apparently not.

 This was a Mini Kit Challenge.

 Word Art Challenge.

 This Challenge was to create word art using the picture.

And this challenge was to create a page thanking an essential worker during the COVID-19 crisis. We picked Veterinarians as we are really glad they stayed open and kept caring for us during these scary times. ~ATCAD

PEES: Happy 4th of July

Flowers on Friday (From February)



Irish Bells

These are some of the earliest bloomers at our house and we love seeing them because they mean Spring. ~ATCAD

Heartbreaking News Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody is Gone

We are so very sorry to hear about Cody from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody. We think of Cody often he was a sweet gentleman cat that asked Artemisia on a date. He hung out with Socks at the Tabby Cat Club and was a good friend to all of us here. We can't believe he is gone. For those of you who know his Mom she has something up on Facebook and will do a tribute post on the blog when her heart doesn't hurt so much. ~ATCAD

This and That Thankful Thursday with Chimera

 Mom is thankful for the cat socks she got for Christmas, not only are they cute but Mom says they are nice and warm too.

 Yang isn't the only one that likes Youngest Boy's chair.

 I like it very much myself.

 I am glad the remodeling is done for awhile. Mom even has the Family Room put back together.

 Mom moved the dog beds back to the Family Room as it was very crowded with them in the Study. Unfortunately Mom is hardly ever in here these days as she prefers the couch in the study for reading if she isn't outside in the porch swing.

Yang (on cedar chest), Yin (in bed) & Chimera (in window)
 I like the light green (Emerald Ice) color she painted the bedroom. Mom still plans to make some changes but due to COVID-19 hasn't had a chance to shop for a new bedspread. She did get some blinds for her anniversary but they haven't arrived yet. The email said July 30th. This is one of our (the cats) favorite hangouts.

 This picture turned out very nice of me don't you think? Except Mom chopped off my tail.

 In the rest I have my eyes closed.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


 A lot of you probably don't realize me and Scylla are pals, Daddy didn't until recently he always thought she was afraid of me. Scylla was my first furry friend here. When Mom first brought me home I slept in a pet carrier I was lonely so I whined a little bit and Scylla stuck her paw through the door and touched me. She slept next to my carrier all night touching me. Now she just walks all over me when she wants on the couch. Daddy figured out she isn't the least bit scared of me. She just likes playing chase.

 Yin is the cat I spend the most time with as she hangs out on the back porch.

 Tuiren likes the house more since we remodeled. And she loves her dog bed.

 My bed needs to be a little bigger.

 Scylla and Yin spend a lot of time together and with Mom.

 Chimera and Yang like to explore. No, Chi I don't know where Yang is.

 Chimera decided she might have more room if she slept with Tuiren.

 Tui wasn't to happy about the arrangement.

But it's Chimera so what can you do, that cat doesn't listen to anyone and does exactly as she pleases. ~Fenris reporting for ATCAD with Scylla, Yin, Tuiren and Chimera

Fashion Design with Yang

 I like Mom's shelf because you can change it up. It is also useful as you can hang car keys and umbrellas on it. And the tile squares have lavender and butterflies on them. G Man picked out the flower for his Grandma, I think he did an excellent job.

 And Youngest Boy did a great job with his room. He got himself a new desk and matching chair. The chair just happens to match me too.

 And we just love the color Mom picked for the walls, It's another one of Valspar's Color of the Year 2020 It's called Grey Brooke.
 Grey Brook – This pale blue welcomes you into a space like a cozy warm blanket.
Design tip: This charming bluish gray works in perfect harmony with classic wood tones, creating a timeless space.
Sometimes it even looks a tad bit purple. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Fenris Barks Out

 What do you do when your sister steals your bed and you want to lay down in it. Share it with her of course. I don't know why everyone was so surprised. I know I don't usually let anyone sleep near me but... I really wanted to sleep in my bed.

 There was plenty of room. So I just got in the bed with her.

 I was very careful not to squash her.

 No Chimera, I am not getting up it's my bed. You are welcome to share if you like.

 I am going to sleep now.

 Tuiren's bed is the same size as mine and she takes up as much room as I do. BOL for a medium size dog Tui takes up a lot of room.

Sweet dreams everyone. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD