Caturday Art


This was a Word Art Challenge.

Template Challenge O & G are big Star Wars fans. May the 4th be with you.

Created with Rewards Challenge. Mom earned the Spring Beauty kit.

Mini Kit Challenge

Last week we promised to show you the finished version of our Progressive Scrap. Here it is. There were a lot of free reign days which Mom was thankful for.

The surprise challenge was to scrap something from nature. Mom decided to let the raccoons that came to visit help with the page. Mom said these funny looking cats were pretty well behaved and while Mom may have been gaga over them and rushed out to take their picture Fenris barked at them and us cats ran in the house and hid from them. We much prefer it when they stay in the back where they belong and don't come up to the house. Mom thinks these were a bunch of kids exploring and playing.

And this was a Use It All Challenge. Mom said this mini kit just begged for her to show off Daddy's strawberries. Our strawberry bed seems to be doing well and Dad was able to pick enough for Mom to make Strawberry shortcake. She found a good recipe for Cream Cheese Biscuits to compliment the strawberries. ~ATCAD


 For those of you who follow us by email, we are very sorry but Google (BAD GOOGLE) is taking FeedBurner away, we do not know how to continue this service without it and they do not offer us any alternative platforms. Thank you for understanding that we have no control over this and we are very sorry you will no longer get emails from us with our latest blog post. ~ATCAD

PeeS: Mom is trying Mailchimp so you may still be able to get emails from us. (Sigh) if Mom did everything correctly.

Caturday Art


Mom is currently working on a Progressive scrap. This is the last page she did for it. Today she will receive more embellishments and instructions so next week we will show you the finished page, so far we like the direction this is going in. 

This was a mask challenge at Just Art. 

Life Chronicled Challenge hosted by Connie Prince

Jumpstart you Layouts.

Brush Challenge Mom is very pleased with the detail and depth she was able to create with the brush.

This was a Color Challenge.

And this was the Bricolage Challenge. They are always interesting. The Grandparents are supposed to come down today. The house they bought has been painted and they should be able to move in soon. Mom can't wait for them to see it. Anyway we may not have a chance to visit with our friends, but we sure do appreciate you stopping by and Mom is so grateful for your kind words regarding her artwork. 

Thanks for being our friends and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's reading this. ~ATCAD

Wordy Wednesday With Fenris & Family


Mom I would like to go for a walk please.

Scylla is sleeping soundly and doesn't care to go with us.

Tuiren and her flying ears are snoozing the day away.

Chimera is only dozing maybe she will wake up and come too.

And Yinny bug is all ready to go. Hurry up and put your shoes on Mom. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

I am so glad you could join us on our walk.

The azaleas are blooming.

Pineapple Sage

Mexican Tarragon.

Mom says I need to learn to pose for pictures. 

I have a hard time staying focused.

 I mean there are so many interesting SMELLS. Oh bother I was supposed to be looking at the camera. Oh well maybe next time. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Meowing Monday with Scylla

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by.

Would you like to go for a stroll with me?

Good, lets go look at the flowers.

Pineapple Sage, the leaves taste like pineapples if you eat them. The Hummers like the flowers.

It is just beginning to come up now, these pictures were taken in the fall.

Mom found these wonderful pots at Fraisers' Nursery (she got 2) and planted Confederate Jessamine and lavender in them.

 Mom thinks this wildflower is a type of grass. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Sunday Selfie


(Chimera) Just call me Sleeping Beauty take the picture and go away.

Far away, I am sleeping...

Well as you heard Chimera wasn't interested in doing a selfie. While Chi never gets in kitty piles she does sometimes sleep near the other cats as long as they aren't TOUCHING her. Although you very seldom find her sleeping out in the open. She prefers to hide away when she sleeps. She has a nest in youngest boys closet.

Fenris didn't want to wake up to take a selfie either so, no selfies this week. ~Tuiren (the only one awake) reporting for ATCAD