The Dog Days of Summer with a Sunday Ussie

 Fenris said it was way too cold to get out of bed this morning, so he decided to teleport us back to June when the Grandkids were visiting. G is a very good playmate, he and Fenny spent hours playing chase and tug of war with Fenris' stick.

 O just watched them, she doesn't like walking in grass barefoot.

 Fenris said if it was alright he would do an Ussie with his pal G. This one turned out fairly well.

 This one lacks something.

 ... And in this one Fenny is looking the wrong way.

 And BOL Fenny lost the stick.

 OK he has it back now, we didn't know G could take the stick away from him.

~Tuiren (I did the writing), Fen & G, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Our thanks to catladymac for explaining the Mutt (Grandpa's dog) and Jeff (Grandma) comic to us. Mom's Mom is really short and Grandpa calls her Jeff. Now we get it.

This is a picture of Mom's Grandparents. Grandpa Cloey was in World War I. Mom made this for the Remembrance Challenge.

Mom finally won a Take Your Pick Challenge, her picks were House, Train and Clouds.

 The Magic Carpet took them to Asia this time.  Mom didn't place for Asia, but we still like the page she did. We sort of think it looks like a stamp.~ATCAD

Feline Flower Friday with Chimera

 Hello everyone, we are having an ARCTIC BLAST which makes it colder than usual, I do NOT like this. So I am teleporting back to JUNE.

 We had cheerful flowers blooming, the bad Arctic Blast got most of them.

 Luckily Mom slaved away and moved the potted plants into the Greenhouse before the Arctic Blast got here. Youngest Boy helped a little.

 I think I hear someone coming.

Oh, it's Mom with the camera. I am so out of here.

I am going to go curl up on my couch next to the CAT PILLOW until winter is over. Mom blogged about the study today on HER Blog, you can read about it here.  ~Chimera

Caturday Art

 This challenge was to put words in a block, which is harder than it sounds. I managed to get third place and learn to do something new, so I consider it a huge win. It was a lot of fun playing with the different fonts I have.

 Dracula's Bride no placement for this one.

 This was for a dog breed beginning with the letter G. It's my Dad's dog Mutt. The name is from the Mutt and Jeff comic which was before my time so I don't get the reference.

This challenge was to create a page for a Halloween song.

Mood Board challenge the colors were orange and lilac. Chimera snuck her way in.

My Year of the Roster got a Special Mention. ~ATCAD

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for flowers. ~ATCAD


All of us can do a small part to help our climate, we plant trees and flowers and we try not to use pesticides. The humans try to grow some of their own food, Daddy is really good at growing BLUEBERRIES everything else not so much. Visit the official site of Blog4Peace to see more Peace Globes.
~Chimera, representing ATCAD for Blog4Peace

Caturday Art

 We trust everyone had a Happy Halloween and got lots of treats.

 This was the final piece of the Prompt a Day Challenge each day you played you got a puzzle piece, when assembled you had a ... BARN.

Mom got second place in the quote challenge.

This was another LAD page you had to have a bazillion flowers on the page.

Mom got a Special Mention for her Halloween Invitation.

Mom got first place in the Movie Challenge.

Another LAD, you had to turn green leaves a different color,

In this LAD you had to put a LOT of animals on the page. Chimera even wandered onto the page.

LAD about yourself.

This LAD you had to use the photo frame provided.

This LAD was to put a light in the lantern.

LAD to create a page in memory of a loved one.

LAD for a full page photograph.

Mom's Rouge page got chosen to be featured.

Mom got first place for her comic page.

Mom's Wood Sprite got 3rd place. ~ATCAD