Sibling Love Yin and Yang

 We love to cuddle with each other and have ever since we were born.

Yin and Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday with Chimera

 I am thankful for sunshine. I love to sit in the sunlight.

 I like windowsills too, but Mom keeps putting her weights on mine.

 They make OK pillows.

 But I wish they didn't take up so much room.

 I am thankful for the ottoman. It is comfy to lay on.

 And I am thankful for all my friends.

~Chimera, reporting on Thankful Thursday for ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday with Chimera & the Handsome Fenris

 I am NOT paying attention to her.

 Nope totally ignoring her.

 See if I care if she gives me the back of disrespect.

 Your furs look fine to me little one.

 I agree the new floor does look like rock, according the the Mom The Tile is Tesoro Rox Series Color Dust

The Rox collection is the newest generation of digital ink jet technology tile.  The soft yet dramatic graphics give this series an authentic earthy look.
The Dust color is interesting as it is a mix of neutrals and seems to change color depending on the light.
This porcelain tile has similar characteristics found in a slab of honed granite. Large chunks of blue grey and pearly white are scattered throughout filled in with smaller swirls of speckled tan and cream. 
My theory is Mom likes being outside so much she is trying to make inside look like outside.

 And no I don't suppose the Mom is going outside anytime soon. When it's not raining and muddy it's cold. Mom doesn't do cold.

 I don't suppose I could play with the mouse?

I take it that's a hard NO! ~ Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

 Hello everyone, I was a bad dog.

 Well it wasn't entirely MY Fault. Daddy didn't latch the gate properly and Yang leaned on it and it opened and...well I got out. Daddy was so busy pressure washing the garage he didn't even notice me strolling past and Mom had just got out of the shower when some nice neighbors called and said they had me.  Mom got the leash and rushed over to get me. See my collar has my name and phone # on it.

Apparently Chimera isn't the only escape artist in the family, she is just the most brazen about it. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

ManCat & ManDog Monday

 Well I was trying to SLEEP.

 But some little minx seems to have other ideas.

 Do you think she will go away if I ignore her?

 I know she is sort of cute.

 But she isn't my Mouse. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD on ManDog Monday

Well I think my sisters are right, Katie doesn't seem to even know I exist. But the sophisticated and charming Summer said I was adorable, so I must be doing something right. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD on ManCat Monday

Sunday Selfie with Yang

 Just look at all the swag Katie sent ME!!!

 I just know she has a crush on me. I mean what girlcat wouldn't.

 I am handsome and debonair like James Bond.

 and I have a playful side.

 At times I can be modest.

 My sisters think I am goofy but what do sisters know. Is it OK if I take a selfie with a Cat Bell?

 I would break Katie out of jail if she needed me to.

And I have much better table manners than Waffles. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 Every year Mommy makes a calendar. Not sure why she hasn't shared the calendar pages with you before. This is the page for January. Every month we will show you the page for that month. Although Mom says this may be the last year she does it, she almost lost her mind this year. Well it's not our fault Mommy decided that everybody had to have their own unique calendar. And it's not our fault that Grandpa's calendar was MISSING 3 MONTHS. We want to give Zazzle Kudos, when Mom called and told them what had happened, they immediately printed up a corrected calendar with all 12 MONTHS and mailed it express so it got here in time for Christmas. Mommy says you learn a lot about a company when something goes wrong. We learned Zazzle was a company we could depend on to make things right.
 Well now that you got to see all of us you can look at some pages we colored if you want.

 Mommy says it's a pity she couldn't color these two to look like Yin and Yang as they sleep like this sometimes.

 Cats seem to be today's theme.

 OK now we have some scrapbook pages Mom made for a challenge This was to create a page that went with this poem.

 And this page was about shoes. Mom wound up not using this page, as the Challenge was for a single shoe.

And this was a word art challenge. The word was Devotion, Mom thought her parents made a good example.