Winsome Wednesday with Miss Yin

Way back in August the Mom was rocking Amethyst Hair, now it's Light Charcoal which we like better.

On the other hand I think I rock the purple look purrfectly. ~Miss Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Two on Tuesday not Tui sorry Walter

 Boycats sure do sleep a lot, or all boys as lazy as my brother?

 Funny thing though if Mommy rattles food he'll jump up like a shot and go running to the food.

Yang's kinda dumb that way, when Mom rattles food during the day the rest of us run hide, cause it means Mommy wants to stick you in a PTU and take you to the vet. Poor Yang, never seems to remember that. ~Miss Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Mademoiselle Monday

 Hi, Me and Mommy are reading Undercurrents by Nora Roberts. I like it a lot I wish Mommy would hurry up and come back so we can finish it.

This picture was out of focus, Mom blamed it on ME moving. So we made it arty. This is the foil effect.. MOL I look like one of the scary creatures from Mom's fantasy books. Anyway I gotta run, thanks for coming by to visit me. ~Miss Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Sunday Selfie

Bet you are surprised to see me, I think it's my first time to do a selfie. Hope it's OK Mommy's big toes are trying to photobomb me. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

This was for a mood board challenge you had to use the word Noel, berries and the color RED. No placement but Mom had a lot of fun doing this.

 This was for the LAD deal the prompt was journaling.

 This was for a mask challenge. Mom made the mask orange.

 Another LAD challenge the prompt was to use a triadic color scheme.

 This LAD prompt was to use only ONE color.

 This prompt was to use 6 or more journal cards in a layout.

 Yesterday's LAD prompt was to create depth.

 This was a template challenge.

And this LAD was fun you had to combine two pictures. Mom combined a sunrise in Ocean Springs with a photo someone took of her and Daddy in San Diego. ~ATCAD

Caturday Art

Mom got a Special Mention for her rendition of Aladdin's Cave.

 This is for the LAD Challenge you get a kit if you complete a layout every day and you have to follow the prompts. The prompt for this one was to have a one word title (Mom choose Healthy) and then a picture and list to go with it..

 Today's LAD was STRIPES. Do you think Mom got enough stripes on her page?

 This was for another group and it was a template challenge.

 Mom WON the poem challenge.

 The Ice Maiden got 3rd place.

 In this challenge you get a free mini kit and you use it to make a page.

 And this was a Pick Your Palette Challenge. You pick out a photograph and then you build your palette around it. ~ATCAD

Mancat Monday

 Well in my opinion 2020 is NOT getting off to a good start. New Year's Eve I got a booboo. Due to the vet closing early my trip to the vet was postponed till Thursday (Mom and the vet consulted and decided it could wait, and Mom would put antibiotic ointment on it till Thursday) Thursday I was shoved in not ONE but TWO PTUs I escaped from the first one and dragged to the vet where they shaved my furs and gave me a shot. Mom washes the booboo everyday until I go back the 16th for a wellness check.

It's not slowing me down any. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD on Mancat Monday