Wordless Wednesday


Talking on Tuesday


This stray cat showed up at Grandma & Grandpa's. It looks a bit like Socks. 

It was very friendly, we don't know if it lives nearby and it was just visiting or if it got dumped.

Arty picture done in pencil.

Mom took the cat's picture in hopes that she could find it's family. We shared it on Social Media, but no one claimed it.

Since Grandpa got sick we hardly ever see the M cats, while they get feed every day, that seldom get feed at the same time or by the same person. Sometimes Mom hears them in the barn where she feeds them and occasionally her and youngest boy catch a glimpse of them. We hope they are OK. ~ATCAD

Caturday Art & Dining with Sandra

 For my birthday I was lucky enough to dine at Trilby's 

The atmosphere is very elegant and the staff is very professional and friendly. If you are visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast I highly recommend dining at Trilby's in Ocean Springs. I enjoyed the Tasso Stuffed Fried Shrimp for an appetizer ( Tasso is a type of Cajun Ham) the Trout Trilby with Apple Braised Brussel Sprouts for the entree and  finished up with the Brule Peach Cobbler and an Espresso Martini for Desert. 

The evening was spent at the Ocean Springs Night Parade for Mardi Gra, where lots of beads and other goodies were caught. It was a very enjoyable day full of magical memories.

~Sandra, reporting for ATCAD

Happy Gotcha Day Fenris!!! Caturday Art


This was the Word Art Challenge.

This was the Use It All Challenge. This photo seemed made for it and Yin was sweet enough to help Mom with it.

Template Challenge.

Mixed Media Challenge.

Mini Kit Challenge. Yesterday was Mom's birthday and my Gotcha Day. Mom ran off to a Mardi Gra Parade so we are having to celebrate my Gotcha Day late. I did get a nice walk yesterday before Mom left for the parade and some good foods so I am happy enough waiting to celebrate with Mom today.

Jumpstart Challenge. Mom says the hearts at the bottom remind her of Sweet Tarts.

Brush Challenge.

Fenris & Mom, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art ~The Fenris Edition

#2024 Connie Prince Challenge at Ginger Scraps.

Mom did this with the Daily Download at GS, she isn't completely happy with it.

This was an LAD prompt you were supposed to create a layout with White Space and use the colors white and gold.

The prompt for this one was BLUE, with my blue eyes it was a no brainier for me to help with the page.

 Mom was toying with creating a logo she is pretty fond of this one. What do you think? 

Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Fenris Friday


I love going for walks with Mom even if it's just around our property.

Spring is my favorite time of the year.

I like the blooming flowers, these are Swamp Iris. 

I enjoy the Canadian Geese too.

I am happy they are back.

Mom artified this picture.

But this one is our favorite, of the geese.

But the Water Lily is probably the most stunning of the photographs from this batch. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thankful Thursday with Fenris & Chimera (April of 2023)


I don't like to be held. I do like to perch on your shoulders. Youngest boy is sweet and obliges me.

Mom will not let me do this to her. I don't know why. It's very aggravating especially as she wants to hold me. I am thankful that youngest boy will let me use him as a perch. ~Chimera, Signing off.

Hi guys, after Dad (who here after will be referred to as The Loser) left us, Mom got the outside doors painted this dark blue. It's called Indigo Cloth.

And she had a dog door put in the Laundry Room Door.  We are very thankful for this especially with Mom having to take Grandpa over to Mobile to see his Doctors and for treatments. 

The color looks good with the light blue outside and the teal inside. 

Before you have to leave I thought I would share a picture of our Corel Bean blooming. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD