Angel Socks

My full name is Prince Sockie-Pooh but everyone calls me Socks for short. My nickname is Kitty. My Cat Mother was named Miss Kitty and lived with Grandma & Grandpa. I am Youngest Boy Bean's Cat. My brother Whiskers (who went to the bridge March 2007) was Eldest Boy Bean's Cat.

My birthday is August 19, 2000 and my Gotcha Day was September 2000
I am a Tabby Classic - Domestic Shorthair


My girlfriend was MoMo, I will always love her, but after she went to the bridge I got to know Samantha better.

We fell in love and I asked her to marry me on a romantic Paris get away. And while we were engaged we never managed to tie the knot.

I am a member of the Tabby Cat Club.

And I am a Cat Scout

March 11, 2017 I died from cancer in my lower jaw. ~Socks