A Tail of Woe

Many of you asked what happened to my tail, so I thoughts I would tell you my tale of woe. Tuesday evening I was sitting on the chaise lounge by Mommy when all of a sudden I got in POUNCE mode, Mommy thought I had seen a lizard or something I leaped from the chaise over the rosebush  (as you can see it is very large) and I didn't exactly clear it. I let out a meOW, so Mommy got up and rushed around to see what the matter was. I was towering over a young stray black cat that looks like a very small Whiskers to Mommy.

Based on the way the wound looked, it was a laceration, and what Mommy witnessed we thinks the vicious rosebush got me.

Of course being a typical cat I arranged to get hurt AFTER THE VET'S OFFICE WAS CLOSED FOR THE DAY. I also didn't act like I was in any pain. I was having fun playing outside and didn't want to come in. And I was very content following Mommy around helping her water plants. The only reason Mommy knew I was hurt was my tail was dripping blood. Mommy looked at it best she could, determined it wasn't life threatening and choose to wait until I could go to my regular vet, she thought I would be less scared and she trust our vet a great deal and we think she is really good. Mommy called first thing Wednesday and managed to get an appointment for me first thing.

It was a very nasty wound my nerves and blood vessels were exposed but thankfully they were still intact. That is a MIRACLE that we are very thankful for. The vet had to shave my entire tail, and she sewed me back up. I have lots and lots of stitches some you can't see. But the good news is if everything goes well I will get to keep my tail. I has to take an antibiotic and  pain medication (that also helps with the swelling) and Mommy has to make sure that I don't get an infection and that my tail looks OK (one of the reasons for shaving the entire thing) but if all goes well I will go back 10 days from Wednesday and get my stitches out.

In the meantime I have to wear a HISS HISS Cone, that gets in MY WAY, but it keeps me from messing with my tail. ~Scylla telling tales for ATCAD

PS: The stray cat ran off when Mommy came around the rosebush and we haven't seen it since. 


  1. Poor Scylla! That is such an awful thing to have happen. Those rosebushes can be vicious indeed. We're glad to hear your ail is mending and will likely stay with you.

    By the way, only the first of your three photos is showing up for us.

    Healing Purrs,
    The Chans

  2. OMC Meez so sowwy 'bout yous accident. Meez be purrayin' fuw yous.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  3. Yikes! That was a terrible tail tale of woe!

    Continued purrs for your healing!

  4. Thanks for the purrs everyone. We will see if we can figure out why the photos aren't showing up for you The Chans. ~Scylla

  5. My poor sweet girl, don't stop to smell the roses anymore.

  6. OMD were you trying to be like that
    guy in the comics and movies...

    Hope your Tail of Woe is getting better.

  7. We can't see the last two pictures either.

    We can't believe that rose bush bit your tail like that. We will have to be careful around our roses too.

  8. Good job going after that cat! You should practice your high jumping. That way you'll clear those vishus rosebushes!

  9. What a nasty accident. Glad your tail is better now.

  10. That sounds horrendous Scylla and we will purr for your tail to start to heal up straight away.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Scylla that was a very rude rosebush, but well done for getting a hurty when the vets are closed. This always cheers the humans!

    Happy, purry healing to you
    Mungo xx

  12. Just so you know, living without a tail is do-able butt yours is so beautiful, we recommend keeping it!!

    -tailless Bart, Ruby and Otto

  13. Bad stray kitty, and bad rosebush, Scylla. We are so happy that you are OK, and with the good care you will get from your Mom, we know your tail will heal well and be back to its beautiful fluffiness soon. Take care.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Poor thing, I hope she feels better very soon. <3

  15. Scylla, we are glad it wasn't anything worse for you & that you get well soon. Rachel says she feels your pain w/being stitched up!


  16. OH dear Scylla. We are so glad everything is going to work out OK> We are also unable to see the last 2 photos.

  17. Ouch! We're purring you'll be healed up in no time!

  18. What a scary story! Yikes! I'm happy you seem to be doing fine. I hope you are back to normal, cone-free, and chasing lizards real soon.

    Love and licks,

  19. Who knew a rose bush could be so dangerous!? I'm sending more purrs to help you heal, Scylla.

    I can't see the last two photos either - they go to a Facebook error page.

  20. Bad stray cat, and bad rose bush ! We cannot see the last pictures, but you describe it very well. We're glad you didn't get anything worse ! Purrs

  21. MOUSES! A rose bush did THAT to your tail?

    We have some rose bushes... Hmmm.... They had better not be of the vicious variety, if you know what I mean.

    Sendin' EXTRA-STRENGTH healin' purrs to you as I type. PURRS


  22. Ooh, that is a terrible tail of woe, for sure, Scylla. We're purring real hard for you to heal quickly!

  23. oh no you poor thing! Hoping you are ok!!!! xoxo


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