Scylla Sunday

Contrary to what my sibling say I do work hard in the garden, they just takes all the credit. I is admiring the butterfly on the lantana.

I have been telling the Spirea it needs to grow bigger.

I likes the white verbena, I told it thank you for coming back up.

And I visits Charybdis and tells her how much I miss her.

We planted these white zinnias special for her.

I never knew Whiskers, but Mommy talks to him when she weeds his bed. She still misses him a lot.

After working in the garden I needs a nap.

OK, Mommy I am ready to get back to work. You needs to pull me down to the Butterfly Garden.



  1. WOW! Yoo have yoor own pull-a-long gardening trolly! Pawesome. We know yoo werk all hard 'cos yoor garden always looks so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Scylla!! You are the most helpful kitty!! Yay for snoopervising mum in her beautiful garden!

    Charybis' and Whiskers' beds are lovely!

    Take care

  3. Every time we see that lantana, we love it even more, the blend of colors is so pretty. Our spirea hasn't blossomed yet, but ours are the same color.

    We know how much you love and miss Charybdis. She was such a sweet kitty.

    Have a fun ride in that workwagon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. We think that giving you a ride is the least she can do!

    The Chans

  5. Hello my sweet Scylla, I think I need to come take a ride in the wagon with you!

  6. Jonesie is a bit jealous of your yellow ride!

    Mom adores lantana but it only grows here as an annual. Mom remembers having bushes of it in her yard in California where she grew up.

  7. Hi Sweet Kitty! Long time, no see :-) I love your cart! Hope all is well, friends.

  8. I love the bed especialy for Charybis and mum teared up to know that your mum talks to her when weeding it. Thats what mum would do. Beautiful.. HUgs GJ xx

  9. All those plants appreciate the encouragement! We are jealous of your wagon...we'll be over for a ride soon. We hope your Mom has her puller muscles ready!

  10. Cool you have a ride to your favorite gardens!

  11. Your work as a "flower-whisperer" is VERY important, Scylla! And it shows in the lovely flowers.


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