Fenris Friday

 Mommy is too busy weeding to play ball with ME!

 At least she took me for a walk so I could look at the flowers up close. This is our Clematis. It is a hot pink when it first opens then fades to a lighter pink.

 The Gold Flame Honeysuckle, they smells good.

 The Coral Honeysuckle, it is native to Mississippi, but we don't have any growing wild here. Very strange the imported honeysuckles grow wild and the native honeysuckle is in a flowerbed.

 The rose that smells divine is blooming it starts out a rose color and then gets darker almost a maroon color.

 It has tons of blooms on it.
Another shot of the coral honeysuckle. OK, it's time for supper so I'll catch you later. ~Fenris


  1. Beautiful Fenris!! You are so handsome!! Me and Charlie would love to play ball with you! Yay!!

    The rose is stunning! Take care

  2. I sure hope you get some ball playing time handsome Fenris!

  3. if she is gardening outside, you would think she could multi-task a little and throw the ball at the same time. :) lovely flowers.....

  4. Lovely flowers and what fragrance!

    Hey, we think a tennis ball machine is in order for handsome Fenris! Of course, it isn't as much fun as when the humans throw the ball...

  5. I don't know HOW your mom could resist your Woe Face. Keep working it. I bet she'll give in soon.

    Those sure are pretty flowers. We don't have any flowers here yet.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Here in Sweden we are still waiting for the garden to wake up !
    Wish you a HAPPY EASTER :)

  7. Ooh... your honeysuckle looks very beautiful. And do you know what blooming honeysuckle means? Hummingbirds! Yoo-hoo! You're gonna have so much fun watching the hummers. Dogs like watching hummers, too... don't they?

  8. I have not seen pink and white striped clamatis here. We mostly have deep blue and sometimes white.

    Our Wild honeysuckle blooms yellow and it smells so good. There is a lot of it near my hill.

    Sorry your mom didn't have time to play with you. She should focus on the IMPAWTANT stuffs, don't you think?

  9. Oh, we love your new background. The flowers are lovely.

    Come on over. Sam would love a friend to play ball with.

  10. That makes me sad to see you so sad. I hope she finds time this weekend to play ball with you. :)

  11. Moms REALLY need to learn priorities!



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