Thursday in the Garden

Mommy bought this at the Grocery Store, they advertised it as an ice orchid cause you put 3 cubes of ice in the pot once a week to water it. So far it is doing well.

The newest addition to our yard is the Porterweed and Persian Shield.

The Porterweed has delicate purple flowers.

Our Trumpet Vine. We have seen seed pods on it. We are so glad it finally bloomed.

Cape Honeysuckle.


Yellowbells, it has a lot of seed pods on it too.

Crepe Myrtle.
Ornamental Peppers, the red peppers show up better than the purple ones.

The Butterfly Plant, we just love it.

More Cape Honeysuckle.

More Trumpet Vine, the Hummingbirds just love it.

We have no clue what this is? It's pretty though.

Coreopsis, or Tickseed, thanks to all our friends for meowing or barking it at us until Mommy FINALLY remembered it's name.


Ginger Lilies

The Pomegranate, we has our paws crossed we will have some fruit to eat.



  1. We think the flowers unknown look like cosmos?

    You have such a lovely garden.

    Our honeysuckle vine will not bloom, but maybe way late just before frost it tries a few, it did that last summer...our clematis are now an ugly brown mess...sigh...the honeysuckle is wound up in the clematis, so we cannot trim either one. What black fingers and no thumbs fur gardening has our mom...

    1. MOL & BOL our clematis is behind so much other stuffs we can't see it. What kind of honesuckle do you have? we have Coral Honeysuckle, Gold-flame Honeysuckle and the Cape Honeysuckle they all seem to bloom at different times.

    2. Not sure what variety, it has pale creamy colored blossoms, it grows on fences a lot around here, a lot better than mine, Oh dear...Perhaps it gets a bit too much shade for its liking, and in the later summer the sun is warmer and more of it shines where it is planted.
      We also have lots of volunteer wild honeysuckle bushes/shrubs, the birds sure like those!
      We are in zone 5b here, so nothing can grow that can't withstand very cold temps for long.

  2. Beautiful flowers, I luffs the colours, that orange is sooo vibrant!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Everything is so beautiful and colorful. Mom is fascinated by the ice orchid. She might be able to keep that thing alive!

    Love and licks,

  4. Those are some beautiful flowers.

  5. All your flowers are beautiful. Your hummingbirds must be real happy with all your flowers that they can drink from...not just the trumpet vine.

  6. That ice orchid is beautiful, I like how easy it is too care for. I never have bought one because I thought they were difficult to grow.

  7. You can water "ice orchids"...just don't over water. Those pink flowers look like they could be one of the pink coreopsis.

    Your yard must be a haven for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and any other little creature who can get in there :)

  8. way awesum toor again guys.....& may bee purr haps de fluffee stuff iz fern ? we like de purple pepper plant...say that fast three timez !! ♥♥♥

  9. You have such beautiful flowers! I love those orchids. They are just gorgeous. You must have a green thumb. I'm so jealous! I'm not sure I could keep dandelions alive if that was what I was trying to do. MOL

  10. Pretty posies!
    I hope you'll drop by to link up.

  11. We love to see your flowers ! You have so many different gorgeous flowers ! Purrs


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