Wayback Wednesday

We thought we would tell you about putting up the tree. We got a new "artificial" tree for Christmas. We named him Snowy. We all had to come investigate. Yang and Yin were more interested in the nip toys. Chimera jumped right up to check Snowy out and Scylla cautiously approached.

Yinny decided to lend Chimera a paw in her investigations.

The box was Chimera and Yin tested and approved.

Socks came to lend his wisdom to the proceedings.

The nip toys provided something of a distraction at first.

But when Daddy came to put Snowy together we all got down to the business of making sure this was done properly.

Yin meowed instructions on which piece should be put up first.

Daddy went looked for written instructions, but as usual Yinny was right. ~ATCAD


  1. oh how great that your christmouse tree got a name too... our christmouse tree is "the ugly jim"... for a reason hehehehe

  2. My human never names her Christmas trees - she has had two or three artificial ones. Maybe it's just as well, as the latest one is going to the trash this weekend. It's old. We'll get a new one next year

  3. Proper supervision by cats is a vital part of putting up anything as important as a Christmas tree!

    The Chans

  4. Great "helping!" Why am I NOT surprised that Yin and Chimera were all over it?

  5. It is very important to help and follow directions

  6. Did you explore the tree after it was up too? We bet you all would have a fun time climbing all through its limbs.

  7. Did you all get to play in the big box when it was emptied?

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. It's great to have such good help. Hard to find nowadays...

  9. We always have to help in that chore too...
    and this year Minko truly put his stamp of approval an our new tree...more like his chew of approval...he chewed right through the cord that lights up the tree...um...not now any more and now we will need to get another tree...at least it was a small tree, unplugged during the crime...and not an expensive one...but shucks anyways...one season for a tree?? And it was so pretty too...


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