Yin & Yang

 I am a lady cat. I am shy and don't like strangers. I am not afraid of the dogs but I am cautious around them. I prefer inside to outside. And I am very grumpy if you wake me up.

I am a boy cat. I am also know as Mr. Purrsonality as I have never meet a stranger. I love everyone and everything. I love to hang out, outside with the dogs. We are best buddies, especially me and Fenris. Us guys have to stick together.

We come from the same litter and were born sometime in August 2015. We came to live with Mommy & Daddy September 5th 2015, so that is the day we will celebrate. You can read how we came to be members of ATCAD here.

We also declare that 2015 will be hereafter known as The Year of the Kittens

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