Mancat Monday

Hello everyone, I am so glad you could come by.

I took a selfie. Mommy loves the unique markings around my eyes.

I likes to hang out down here with the Hummingbirds. It's a nice place to read and meditate.

Unless a pesky sister that wants to pounce on you comes down here too.

I also feels it necessary to explain that Mommy will not allow Tuiren to share her food and poor Fenris gets locked in the Utility Room to eat in solitary confinement because he is such a wimp he let us have his food, much to the Mom's disgust.  I can only eat the y/d food because of my Thyroid and Scylla is only suppose to eat her small portions of the Metabolic food in order for her to lose weight and be healthy. She is going to go get weighed this week so paws crossed she has lost some more weight. Mommy guards Tuiren's food like a hawk (if she didn't me and Scylla would both get into it as Tui is really very sweet and would let us have it) and once she stops eating Mommy picks up the bowl and locks it away in a top secret vault, with Fenris' left over food. I has been searching for it.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Good looking Selfie !
    I will keep my paws crossed that Scylla have lost some moore weight !

    HAppy Monday :)


  2. Wow, your eating situation is even more complicated than it used to be here when Sparkle was still alive! She had to be fed separately from Binga and Boodie because she only ate a little at a time and my human didn't want the others stealing her food! We all eat our food quickly now (I have a very healthy appetite), so my human does not have to hover so much.

  3. Usually sharing is caring. But if your special foods are for healthiness, your mom knows best.... Darn it....

    Love and licks,

  4. Yes, Mommy says we drive her nuts at feeding time. Like Sparkle I am a nibbler and like to only eat a little food at a time so Mommy used to leave my foods out all day so I could graze. Now she has to pick it up so Scylla doesn't get in to it.

    Scylla gets the puzzle feeder to eat her Metabolic food so it slows down her eating enough that the rest of us have a chance to get started on our meals and at least partly finish before she does. She has gotten really FAST at getting the puzzle feeder open though and gobbling the foods up.

    Tuiren will only eats if Mommy is nearby and neither her nor Fenris finish all their meal as a rule so Mommy has to hide their leftovers.

    Mommy offers me foods several times a day. ~Socks

  5. Nice selfie, you are a pretty kitty.

  6. DOOD !! waddya meen ya like ta chillax round de BURD cottage...iz ya loozin it buddy !!! ???

  7. We love your selfie Socks! We are cheering you on dear Scylla!

  8. It looks like feeding time is a daily challenge by you ! Nice selfie ! Purrs

  9. awwww...Socks, dude..what a deprived life you lead buddy...come on over here...I have lots of food and treats I don't ever touch! bwaahahahaha

  10. We remember the days of having four cats on three different diets. It keeps the humans busy trying to keep it all straight, and we cats never understood the necessity.

  11. Socks, Mommy envies your superior eyeliner skillz!

    We are amazed at your complicated feeding routine.

  12. Sox you are looking like the King of your domain! Love the selfie! Glad your Mom takes such good care of you all, hope Scylla has lost some weight on her diet! Happy Mancat Monday!

  13. We admire yer eye markings. TBT got fascinated with tear-stripes ever since he realized that all cats have them (even all-one-color-fur cats).

    I eat separately too, cuz I like to keep some fer "later", and Marley and Iza will just eat up evrything they can get at. ~ AYLA

  14. Nice selfie, Socks! Our mom and dad had to hide Angel Graphite's food when he was alive, so that Angel Sammy didn't gobble it all up.

    Purrs and prayers for Scylla!

  15. Our dog-guy vacuums his noms so there is none left fur anyone to sneak...and besides he wouldn't share it anyways, MOL!

    Hope that the scales says good things are happening.

    Pipo could stand to shed a few too, and maybe give them to Minko, MOL!

  16. Great selfie! Too bad you can't eat all of the noms… we understand though. We get different foods in our house too, so we all have to be fed in separate places.


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