Thursday in the Garden with Chimera

These are the Asters if you dead head them in the Spring they will bloom again in the Fall.

Tick Seed

The Bottle Bush

Vinca, it's about the only thing looking good in this hot weather.

Pomegranate, it actually has fruit on it this year.


I am helping Mommy weed.

I look adorable so she takes plenty of breaks to play with me and doesn't get too hot.

A close up of the Pomegranate, Mommy wanted to show us where the Fruit will be.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. You are good ta remembering dead-heading. We don't do that often as we should.

  2. Lovely garden as usual. Love the flowers.

  3. Beautiful garden, Chimera. I'm glad your mom took time to play with you!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Asters. I didn't know what they looked like and a friend named their dog after them:) (Their dogs are Ivy and Aster!)

    1. What pretty names. There are different varieties of asters. We used to have some small ones that were really pretty but they didn't do good here, we thinks they grow better further North. The Stokes Aster is native to our area. We even have some growing wild on the back side of the pond.

  5. You are a great tour guide, Chimera! You have a beautiful garden.

  6. We love seeing your garden. Mom Paula has a brown thumb!

  7. Thanks for showing us around your garden. You are so cute creeping through the flowers.


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