Remodeling Update by Chimera

 I likes the bathtub. I can walk all around it when Mommy is in the bath and annoy her.

 I am not sure why the people don't use their tongues to bath, it seems very inefficient to use water for baths. I do try to keep them clean, but they don't seem to appreciate my efforts.

 During the remodeling Mommy had to use the chair to keep the towels as the vanity hadn't arrived yet.

 She was just happy to have a tub in the bathroom again.

 The vanity is very nice. It came in two sections, and was custom made. Mommy had one part set back to allow her to open the draws all the way without running into the commode, once it is put back.  She got a stylish toilet paper holder to go in here. I think it will make a pawesome toy, once Mommy puts the rolls of paper on it.

She also loves the drawer on the bottom of the section where the sink goes, she said it was very clever to put the drawer under the cabinet so you could actually use it. Most old style vanities have a fake drawer on the top according to her.  And I has to stay I like the tile, it is very comfy to my paws. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Mommy said to tell you they are actually further along then these pictures show. The only thing they need now is a bathroom mirror.


  1. I bet the new bathroom is awesome!

    1. It will be once they finish up. And there isn't much left to do so Mommy is happy.

  2. I'm sure your mommy will be glad when its finished!!

  3. We're sure your Mommy is looking forward to the new bathroom being finished.

  4. We think your tail is nearly as big as you in the bathtub pictures! Your mommy will be glad to have the construction finished so she can try out the bathtub :)

  5. Hey, you can bathe your mama IN the new bathtub. Just remind her NOT to put in water.

  6. I bet your Mom appreciates you overseeing the project for her :)

  7. chimera...ewe knead sum fish in that tub !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  8. We bet it looks great...and you're glad it's just about done.

  9. Very nice, I like the ceramic tile.

  10. New house stuff is allus good. We have a new baftub too.

    It is our 10th Blogiversary today. We have been looking forward to that fer a while and hope you will come and visit!


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