Mancat Monday Memories with Angel Socks

This was one of my favorite sleeping spots in winter. In the summer she has the comforter stuck under here and there is no room.

I liked having my siblings near me. I liked it even better when Mommy was in the bed with us.

Yinny is especially close with her brother Yang. She often gives him a bath.

She is a very gentle bath giver, she sometimes gave me a bath and occasionally she baths Scylla and Chimera.

Sometimes Yin and Yang start wrestling so it's best to keep your distance from the two of them when they are together. Scylla tolerates the youngsters antics pretty well.

They were always considerate enough not to disturb me.

Yin is very good about posing for pictures when Mom ask her too.

As you can see the rest of us aren't that cooperative with the picture taking deal.

And apparently I failed to teach Yang not to fall out of beds. He is a silly boy, but we all love him anyway. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I bet they all still miss you lots.

  2. I love your photos...sending you (((hugs))) xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. Angel Socks, you can teach 'em all you want, but they have to do it for themselves in the end!

  4. Your header is just so summery! I love it. I wish you had gotten a pic of Yin & Yang from the top view, looking down. Their names are so perfect

  5. Socks you were definitely loved by all your siblings. We're sure they miss you.

  6. You had a furry fine furmily, surrounding you with love and companionship.


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