Tuiren Tuesday

Does this picture look weird to you? it was taken in the fog. Fog is like walking in a cloud, it does interesting things with your ability to see, smell and hear.  Mommy doesn't usually come out in the fog but after days and days of storms Mommy said a foggy day was an improvement and out she and the kittens came. I made sure no rabbits attacked them.

Once the fog burnt off (what a funny expression as fog doesn't burn) you could see the Geese down at the pond really well. I enjoy watching them.

~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We get fog here too sometimes, and it swirls and makes driving awkward.
    Nice to have an interesting nature preserve in your own backyard!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen fog. My human says it's cool and mysterious.

  3. KITTENS??? What kittens? New family members?

    1. Yin, Yang and Chimera are known as "The Kittens" collectively. 2015 is known as the Year of the Kittens as that is when they all came to live with us.

  4. I bet I'd like to watch those geese too!

  5. What a pretty picture of you in the fog Tuiren. Your family is so lucky to have you around to keep an eye out for unwanted visitors in your back yard.

  6. I LOVE that fog photo!!!! You also have a beautiful yard!

  7. Yep, those rabbits can attack at a moment's notice, so good thing you were on guard, Tuiren!

  8. You look very pretty in the fog, T. Great mood shot. Good work keeping the bunnies at bay....

    Love and licks,


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