Wemembering Wednesday with Angel Socks

Toward the end I spent a lot of time sleeping but I liked being near my family so I would move around to be near them. Mommy's chair was a favorite spot as I could keep an eye on her in the kitchen and she sometimes came sat in the chair with me. She often turned the heating pad on for me and left it in the bottom of the chair for me. She was using it for her shoulder when she took this picture.

I was always spry enough to get into mischief. Yep Mommy caught me breaking the "DON'T GET ON THE KITCHEN COUNTERS" rule. Does your humans have that rule?

You have to admit she made it really easy to break that rule.

We won this cat bed in a contest long ago and it has always been my favorite cat bed. It was the purrfect size for me and complemented my coloring to purrfection.

I so wish I could have stayed with my family longer.

This was my nest in the garage that big blue thing wasn't usually on the floor though. Scylla knocked it off the shelf when she was stomping around above me, that girl is the clumsiest cat I have ever meet. My nest consisted of the navy blanket and the pillow placed next to the heater Daddy got us cats and the freezer. I stayed nice and warm there. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. How nice seeing you again, Socks.

  2. NIce to have a color-coordinated bedroom....so chic!

  3. socks......dood !!!!! eye hada bedz in de garage two ....
    kewl huh....hay, letz all meet up at peetz perch N pub for lunch
    .... what cha think !! boomer ~~~~~~ ♥♥

  4. Angel Socks, it certainly appears that your family loved you to pieces...and you know that they still do!

  5. I luv breakin da counter rule too.

  6. What are these so-called "rules" that you speak of, S?

    Love and licks,

  7. Since we are doggies there is definitely a "no paws on the counter" rule in the kitchen. We know it's a little tougher to keep you kitties from venturing up there. We bet your mom enjoyed her snuggle time with you on her chair.

  8. Oh Socks! It's nice to see you again.

  9. We are so happy you're visiting today, Socks! There was a no kitties on the counter rule at our house, but it only lasted about a day before the human gave up on enforcing it. Purrs!


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