Fenris & Femme Friday

I am going to share my day with Scylla, but I gets to go first. 

Silly Mommy thinks I should get in the pool.

She put my ball in the pool in an attempt to trick me into it.

Mommy moved the pool a little, I likes the way the dirt sniffs where the pool used to sit.

I am going to help Mommy in the garden today. This is a Chinese Hibiscus.

A Texas Star Hibisicus.

Mommy is weeding today. I helped pull the Garden Wagon down to the Butterfly Garden.

The Whiskers' Bed.

Mommy got this for Daddy for their anniversary.

Another Chinese Hibiscus

The Wisteria is still blooming.

I had a good time helping in the garden and I hope you enjoyed looking at the plants with me. ~Fenris
Mommy brought some new books home from the library. I am CHECKING them out.

Daddy asked me to hold up the wall for him, so that is what I am doing today.

It is a rather boring job.

Brian, would you like to come help me hold up the wall?


PS: Mrs Ann made a purrty new header for Charybdis, you can check it out here.  Mommy is still working on the background color but we thinks the header is so purrty we wanted to go ahead and show it to you.


  1. You were so kind helping mum in the garden which is one I would love to have a similar design of myeslf one day.

  2. We are betting that water might feel good, but you can never risk that the human might be trying to give you a bath.

  3. Mom once had a pool for Phantom and Dakota. They didn't like it at all other than to use it for a big drinking bowl. The hibiscus are all so beautiful.

    Scylla, have you been taking lessons from us sibes for wall supporting - it is a very hard job. We hope Brian comes to help you out.

    Woos ~ The OP Pack

  4. Fenris and Scylla you are both being very helpful today. What would your mum and dad do without you?

  5. I think you should take a dip Fenris!!!

  6. Awwww beautiful Fenris! You are much too clever for your mum! Awww but you are such a sweet helper helping her in her lovely garden with her beautiful hibiscus!

    And sweet Scylla - me and Charlie are in AWE that you are able to hold the wall up! Wow!! :-)

    Have a great Friday all at AFSS!

    Take care

  7. Nice job of helping out. we love your garden . HAve a great weekend all.

  8. Fenris, we can see you're a great help to your mom, pulling the weeding wagon. We think your blue pool looks fun too...do you not like water?

    Scylla, holding up the wall is hard work! Kind of like Atlas of myth, holding the world on his shoulders. It might be boring, but it's an important job!

    Happy weekend to you all!

  9. Great job in the garden, Fenris...thanks for sharing it with us.

    And great job of holding up the wall, Scylla.

    Y'all have a mighty fine weekend now, y'hear?????? xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Great job Fenris!! The garden is lovely. Scylla, holding up the wall is a very hard job. We hope Brian can come over to help you!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  11. Fenris, we think the blue pool is an evil bath plot...

    Scylla, we have never held up a wall before. Do we have to take classes or get a certificate before we try it?

  12. Fenris, your so cute...and smart too! Hey Scylla, let's not take any chances, I'll come help you hold up the wall for a while and if it stays up we will leave and start the NipFest early!

  13. Too bad Merdie and I khan't khome ovFUR with our pool!

    Great garden tour Fenris!

    I do believe Scylla is a working breed khat!

    PeeEssWoo: The new header fur Charybdis looks pawesome!

  14. Wow, what a nice tour, your garden is one of our favorites.
    Keep that wall up, I know it's hard work, but somekitty has to do it!

  15. FENRIS~!!! You did a FABULOUS job showing your garden and pool today! One day, you're going to be really hot and just jump right on in there! And Scylla, you are doing a most wonderful job, as boring as it may be, holding up the wall! Happy weekend, Furiends!

  16. Fenris!
    My mom used to do that trick of throwing the ball into my pool at the beggining when I was not so sure about what to do!
    Pawesome garden tour!
    Scylla sure is good with the wall supporting thing!
    Happy friday!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Oh, love that new header for Charybdis.


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