Tsarina Tuesday

I believe in starting the day with a good breakfast. I also believe in cleaning your plate, Socks left some food in his bowl, I'll just finish it off for him.

Socks, what should we do today?

Socks said I should show you around the garden so here we go. This is Rosemary.

The only thing I recognize in this pot is the Ornamental Pepper and it DIED.


Us cats just love the catnip.

I think I'll nom a little of it.

Yellow Mums

One of the icky bugs that have been eating our plants. I guess I should catch him and eat him for Mommy.

Now I needs some help from my subjects friends. Mr. Cloud, Mr. Sun and all those pesky bugs and weeds are not minding me at all. They are very naughty. I needs a dungeon to put them in and I suppose I needs some royal guards to round them up and throw them in the dungeon. So does anyone want to volunteer to be at me beck and call  help. 

Mr. Cloud - guilty of not raining when we need it and of raining too much when we don't need rain. The garden would do much better if you would follow my watering instructions.

Mr. Sun - I thinks Fin has mentioned  over at Housecat Confidential that you are overdoing it a bit, and I has to agree. It is too hot. You are drying all the water up that the plants need to grow, you sucks it right out of the ground and make it feel like a sauna here. You should stop NOW. You has my permission to work shorter hours. I sincerely hope you follow my guidelines or my royal guards (when I finds some) will throw you in the dungeon they are building. 

Bugs - you are guilty of eating our plants and vegetables. Personally I thinks throwing you in a dungeon is too good for you, so I shall just bite your heads off if you don't stop. Royal guards you may help me chase bugs and bite their heads off. There are so many bugs this year I thinks it might take a huge army of cats to accomplish this, doggies you may help if you would like.

Weeds - stop growing, Mommy is exhausted from pulling you up and we are tired of her not having as much time to spend pampering us. I shall send the royal guards ( WHERE ARE MY VOLUNTEERS) after you immediately. 

(Alasandra) Funny Artemisia seems to be getting about as much help weeding as I do.


  1. We would love to come and help you bite the heads off bugs!

  2. Oooh you are ruthless Ruler - Mighty and adorable!! :-)

    Me and Charlie hope Mr Sun and Mr Cloud and Bugs and Weed listen up and take note - or else they truly will be very sorry indeed! :-)

    p.s. we love your garden - it's lovely!

    Take care

  3. Oh we wanna come over and help with those buggies!! That would be fun!!

    Mom says she just doesn't understand how all the weeds keep growing when it seems like the good plants don't!!

  4. Derry will be right over to help you with the bugs; he's great at crunching them. Our human will take a pass on watching! Your garden is lovely, but that HUGE (in her view) bug grosses her out. LOL.

  5. Yes, you tell them, Artemisia

  6. Artemisia, you are going to have to have a huge dungeon to hold everyone!!!

    We'll help you catch and eat bugs!

  7. Lots of things on the outside messing up the weather and your beautiful garden. I don't think would could find a place big enough to put them in to keep them from messing around. Loved the tour of the garden. Boy, your own catnip. How nice.

  8. My sisters and I will answer the call and we'll help take care of those bugs sweet Artemisia!

  9. Thanks for the garden tour, Artemisia....we will be purring that Mr. Cloud, Mr. Sun, the bugs and the weeds will begin listening to you!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  10. Oh Artemisia you are a tough ruler! We would totally love to help you, except we aren't allowed to go outside. But if you ever need indoor guards, let us know!

  11. Hmmm, we think 'weeding" is one of those bad words and all your potential volunteers have to cover their ears before they hear it.

    Very good tour, Artemesia.

  12. Do we have to stop at just the heads of the buggies? We like to eat then all up!

    CC says he will be over. He's a Prince so you and him should get along just fine!

    Mommy says "weed" is a four-letter word.

  13. We would LOVE to come help kill buggies~!!! Mom thinks the candlebush seeds are beginning to sprout, it's just SUPER hard to tell as where she planted them (Wren's little garden), weeds came up too and mom's afraid to pull them in case it's the Candle Bush! DUH~!!! Anyhoo, your's is beautiful!!!

  14. I'm not real big on bug killing... butt if you had a nice ground mole or two... I'd come help.
    You have some pretty thingys growing.

  15. Let's gather a group of kitties and we can all tackle your Mom's garden woes for her.



  16. Mom says we have all those same problems here, especially the weeds - she hates weeding.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. We agree with you. You are doing a great job for your mom. What would she do with out your help.

  18. Great garden pictures! I'm afraid my garden has been very neglected this year. It is just too darn hot to do any serious work, so it is just growing wild on it's own...weeds and all.

  19. It's so hard to keep the universe in check!

  20. I agree with you!
    Nothing better than a good breakfast to start a day!
    Yes. I think you are going to need a huge dungeon!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Thanks fur sharing your floofy khuteness and the pawesome stuffs in your garden!


  22. We totally agree with all that you said!! I'll come bite the bugs for you and make mom do the weeding! We have too much of Mr. Sun here too. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  23. It's so thoughtful of you to help Socks clean his plate!

    I will think nice damp cooling thoughts for you (that's easy here in the fog belt!)

  24. We would come help, but we are behind in our weeding and bug control here as it is...


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