Some of you may remember when Clean + Green sent us their products to review. You can read our original review here if your memory needs to be refreshed.

Anyway we just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Wood & Tile product is. See Mommy dropped a teeny tiny piece of food on the laminate floor in the kitchen. She didn't notice it right away because she was hurrying to get supper ready so we could eat as a family, with the boy beans in college and working she doesn't get to spend much time with them. By the time she finally noticed there was a trail of ants from the back door to the kitchen. Well after cleaning up the food she mopped with Murphy's Oil Soap but a couple of hours later the ants were back. Then she used very soapy Joy Dishwashing Liquid with the same results the ants came back a few hours later.  Then she remembered how Clean + Green was suppose to kill odors (she didn't think of it right away cause no pets were to blame for this problem). So she got the Clean + Green Wood and Tile product out and sprayed the floor and ANTS NO MORE plus the floor looked nice.

The Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner got a work out too. See Mommy switched us to Chicken Soup Dry Catfood (we are going to call the company later today and tell them about our problem). See we love the taste, in fact we gobbled it down. BUT it makes Scylla throw up and it caused Artemisia to become constipated and then when Mommy stopped feeding us the Chicken Soup and switched us back to our old catfood poor Artemisia became the opposite of constipated. She had to have a BATH cause it wasn't pretty and hours later after it had DRIED Daddy found where she went to the bathroom in their bedroom. The carpet was stained pretty bad, but Mommy sprayed the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner on it and voila the stain was gone. Unfortunately the stink lingered for awhile but open windows and baking soda took care of that. Mommy just hopes Miss Stinky Butt doesn't have any more accidents in the house.

We will try to visit when we can as you can imagine our  help isn't in the mood to be helpful.


  1. Oh no, poor sweeties...and Mommy too, that had to be no fun all around!

  2. Aw we are so sorry that the food you liked made you have so many problems - that just well, stinks (literally and figuratively). But it does sound like it was a good thing that you had all those Clean + Green products around. They sound very effective!

  3. Oh dear, that does not sound like fun, either for the kitties or for the humans. Hope the kitties feel better soon and the smells are all only sweet and pretty

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Oh no! Poor sweet Artemisia! Me and Charlie are sending tons of purrs to her! We hope she is ok now!

    It's great that the cleaner you have works - yay!!! And well done that other product Ants no More!

    We hope that you family supper with the boy beans went well - it's lovely to be able to sit together and enjoy!

    Take care

  5. Oh, dear, that is not good. Poor kitties. And mom. so glad you have the Clean + Green handy. Hope the kitties get over this quickly and get back to normal.

  6. Well, we are glad the Clean + Green works so well. We're sorry that it had to be used!
    Poor Artemisia...she prolly had a lotta poop stored up! We hate bum baths, too. But sometimes you just gotta let the Human take care of it.

  7. Sounds like busy times in a not happy way. At least you had the proper cleaning supplies on hand. Hope things simmer down a bit.


  8. Upset tummies are not fun...I had problems with both ends today and Momma had to do a lot of cleanups for me.


  9. I've heard good things about that product. However, I am sorry it got such a work out for not so good reasons.

  10. Clean+Green is totally pawsome!!!
    So sorry to hear about Artemesia. Hope he tummy troubles get better soon!

  11. Does it work on Uncles too??? hehehe
    It must really work to get rid of ANTS. Those thingys can zero in on a tiny speck.

  12. What a yucky experience, we hope Artemisia is feeling better now!!

    When our Mom switched our raw food, Simon had those, um problems, too... We're thinking that our Mom should get some of those eco-friendly pet cleaner products since they seem to work so well!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  13. That is interesting about that food. I feed my two kitties that and my Sister feeds her cat that too! None of ours get sick. Smokey did get sick when I put her on Purina ONE a year or so ago though, and it was from a too fast switch even though I did it the way the bag recommended. Maybe you should try to switch slower. Maybe try and mix the food 1 part chicken soup to 7 parts their regular food (cut the recommended switch in half in other words) and leave it for a while and then gradually add more. Chicken Soup has recently changed their dry food for adult cats (they added Turkey Meal up where Ocean fish meal used to be and moved the ocean fish meal down lower in the food) to the better so maybe you could get a newer bag and try that.

  14. Well Scylla barfed up the Whiskers too, lest we think it was her so now I am not sure what is causing the problems. Looks like a trip to the vet may be in their future.

    Socks has no problem with the Chicken Soup cat food and Fenris has no problem with the Chicken Soup dog food so I am wondering if it could be an allergy or if Scylla & Artemisia are just eating too much. They are PIGS.

  15. Could be that (they they eat too much)! I hope you get it figured out soon! Most cats don't have allergies to stuff in that food. Usually if a cat has a food allergy it is from Corn, Wheat, etc. and NOT rice, meat, and veggies but you never know.

  16. It also may be the new formula as Scylla has eaten the Chicken Soup Catfood in the past with no problems. I try to get it for them whenever I can afford it.

  17. Yeah, I decided a few months ago (I guess about 3 or so) that I would feed them that (and canned Fancy Feast) because it was around the same price (actually, usually less than) Purina ONE, which is what they were getting at the time. It was SO much better than Purina ONE that I decided that I would do that. It is really hard to find though and the only place close by is our Co-Op.


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