Bear ~ Bear Update

The more we read about Bear~Bear's MURDER the more angry and upset we get.

WJA, ABC7 News out of Washington, DC has named Keith Shephard as the officer who shot Bear-Bear on Monday night. Bear-Bear was a Siberian Husky who was playing in a community dog park when Shephard, allegedly fearing for his life, shot the husky in defense.
Police Withhold Name of Officer Who Shot Dog

We wants to know why Keith Shephard carried a GUN to a dog park?

We wants to know why he didn't simply LEAVE, if he felt he was in danger?

We wants to know why he MURDERED Bear-Bear?

And we wants to know why police prevented Bear-Bear's person from going to him and rendering aid and comfort. We wants to know why they threatened to taser him?

The fact that the dog was left on the ground for 20 minutes, bleeding out, and the owner was being threatened with a taser for trying to get to him... Well, it makes me question authority. The officers in charge of that scene should be charged with negligence and animal cruelty. Why could no one take the dog to a vet immediately? They don't leave human suspects on the ground like that.

More from Bear-Bear's family on his death

This terrible tragedy has reminding Mommy of a horrible MURDER that happened right in front of her when she was a teenager. Mommy was walking home from her friends house when she saw a Border Collie that she thought was Sir Lass. She called the doggie and it was coming to her when Mr McCarter shot and killed it. It's blood got all over Mommy and the police didn't do anything to this monster because he was a Fireman. Even after Mommy calmed down and realized it wasn't Sir Lass she was still mad as a hornet. The doggie was very sweet and loving and she didn't do anything wrong. She was in the road and had never been in Mr. McCarter's yard, but he MURDERED her and got away with it cause people said "it was just a dog" and Mommy was too young to do anything about it. But Doggie, Mommy never forgot you and she prays you are happy at the rainbow bridge. And Doggie Mommy thinks you probably saved Sir Lasses life because Mr. McCarter was drinking and just waiting to shoot a dog. He had his female dog that was in heat tied up in the yard to attract male doggies. Mommy knows he wasn't punished for killing you but Mommy thinks he was probably warned not to shoot anymore doggies, so you probably saved a lot of doggies lives. Mommy just wishes there had been things like FB back then so maybe she could have contacted other dog lovers and gotten justice for you Doggie. (Mommy knew the dog and where she lived, Mommy often stopped to visit with her when she was taking Sir Lass for a walk).


  1. Me and Charlie are so sad to learn about such people.

    Poor Bear-Bear. And that poor doggie that your mum saw shot when she was little. :-(

    I hope that this time round the outcry will be such that Bear Bear would not have died in vain. We only hope something good and decent will come out of Bear-Bear's murder.

    Take care

  2. Thanks for sharing such a memory -

    and reliving it -

    Sweet Praline's mom Paula shared one from her youth as well -

    Bear-Bear was failed twice in his short life by UNhumans -

    We will NOT let him down again -

    Bear-Bear's Legacy WILL make a difference -

    Khyra's Mom

  3. This story just makes us sick - something needs to be done, not just for Bear-Bear but for every animal this has happened to - it just has to be stopped!

  4. Poor Bear Bear, that make me so sad and so mad at the same time.

  5. That is SO wrong.

    The Big Thing

  6. The story just keeps getting worse and worse. We will reiterate Old Kitty's thought that something good has to come out of such a horrible event.

  7. The news on this just gets worse. And makes us angry.

    And we feel sad for your mom having to witness something so horrible as a young girl. Some people are just unprintables!

  8. Oh those are such horrible things happening! I hope that people will hear and speak out--no living thing is a "just"--or we all are.

  9. This has just made us so sick and sad. What kind of person takes that kind of a gun to a dog park and murders a dog for just playing? Why did he have his dog on a leash in a fenced off leash dog park? As mom would say "red flag"...

    Crying tears for Bear-Bear,


    pee ess...Grete went to play in a park this afternoon and I worried about her

  10. I forgot to add that if any of us were injured and bleeding, mom would let those creeeps taser her before they prevented her from helping us or any kitty or woofie for that matter.

    Still crying,



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