Fenris Friday

I am taking my boy for a walk, do you want to come with us?

I find lots of interesting smells on our walks.

Hey Mommy is on the other side of the pond with that flashy thing.

We thought she was suppose to be WEEDING!

I still fit on the Butterfly Bench. I only weigh 64#.

Why don't you come sit by me Ciara? there is plenty of room.

Back in my yard. I am going to hang out in the jungle gym for awhile you are welcome to join me. The top two floors is CATS ONLY, but the bottom floor is for us dogs. The humans can sit wherever they want.

I bets the humans want to pet me?

We wants to THANK everyone for coming by and helping Socks celebrate his birthday yesterday. He had a great time. We will try to visit all of you as soon as we can.


  1. Hi Fenris,

    Can we pet whoo? Yoo look adorable today.

  2. #1 calls you the handsome blue-eyed boy...

    I will be right over to play with you, Fenris!


  3. Thanks for the walk Fenris, you are always such a great tour guide!

  4. Awww handsome Fenris! Thank you for inviting me and Charlie for a lovely walk! We enjoyed your lovely garden and are so tired we think we'll just sit here with you on your bench - we promise to leave space for Ciara! :-)

    Enjoy your day lovely Fenris!

    Take care

  5. You are just so handsome, Fenris. Ciara really enjoyed sitting with you on the Butterfly Bench, but she was too shy to have her pic taken. She had fun trying to catch a butterfly.

    Happy Friday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Hi Fenris. Mommy would LOVE to pet you! We would too cause you are one cute woofie! :)

  7. Yes, Milo and Alfie you may pet me. I have never been petted by cats before.

    Tommy, I am so glad you are coming over to play.

    Everyone thank you for stopping by and petting me. I loves being petted by cats. Y'all need to teach my cats to do it. ~Fenris

  8. (Blushing) I enjoyed sitting by you Ciara and I thinks you almost had that butterfly, sorry I distracted you. ~Fenris

  9. Hi, Fenris....you are so handsome!!!!!! Yes, our mama would love to pet you!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  10. Fenris, you do a good job walking your Boy and getting your Mom to work!

    Please tell Socks we are sorry to have missed his Birthday Party yesterday. Our Mommy really is a slacker at times. We hope he's all tuckered out from the pawty...it looked like it was a LOT of fun!

  11. Oh Fenris!!!

    Woo keep getting khuter and khuter!!!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  12. Hi Fenris, what fantastic blue eyes you have!!

    Ben wanted to thank Artemisia for looking out for him at Sock's party yesterday, he had a fantastic time and is quite taken with her beauty :-)

  13. Nice tour Fenris. Is very nice of you to saves space on the bench for Ciara!

  14. Woo, Fenris, looks like a great walk and Rusty gives you paws up for the bench choices.

  15. Hi Fenris! We had fun going along with you today - and our mom said of course all the people would want to pet you! You are such a cutie! And we think that you look perfect on the butterfly bench!

    We hope you all have a great weekend!

  16. Hi Fenris, that was a great walk. You are right, everyone probably wants to pet you. I know I do. You have such beautiful blue eyes! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  17. Happy Friday Fenris!
    Sure you had a nice time on your yard!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Thanks for letting us come with you on your walk, Fenris!! We had fun!

  19. Um, is the woofie safe for us? If so, we would love to walk your yard...

  20. Mai goodness--we want to fanks you fur coming to our blog pawty..
    Hope you had funz wif da beans litter box paper. MOL.. we tried to have lots on hand..

    Wuz a little hard to find where to put our fanks- you note... you bisited as "AFSS" but no bloggie by dat name zackly...hope dis gets to you. ;-)
    We had funz--hope you did too!


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