Purrs & Paws

Prince Eric aka Fat Eric, Luxor, Molly and Wintergreen all went to the rainbow bridge this past week.  Please send some comforting purrs to their families.

Gigi and Brandi are two dogs that are on death row after defending themselves from attacks by smaller dogs.We are outraged that they are still in jail while Keith Shepherd the HUMAN who shot Bear-Bear at a dog park is free and still has his GUN!!!!! I suppose we should just be thankful that charges were eventually brought against him but we are very upset by this injustice. Please join us in purring that Gigi and Brandi will get to go home to their loving families soon and that Keith Shepherd will wind up in jail where he belongs for the maximum nine months. And lets all do what we can to make sure there are stiffer penalties for shooting someones pet -family member.


  1. Oh it was such a sad week for losing furrfriends! Me and Charlie continue to keep our candles burning bright in our hearts for Eric, Luxor, Molly and sweet Winnie's loved ones.

    Big hugs and purrs to Gigi and Brandi and Bear-Bear's families.

    take care

  2. Yep, it sure was a week. I just got back from Bark World in Atlanta, met Romeo the Cat, Boris Kitty, BruskieButt, George the Duck, and a whole bunch of other pals! You should have went with me Scylla!!!

  3. I am so sorry about your friends.
    And you are so right.
    The ones who must be free are not.
    The one who must be in jail is not.
    Kisses and hugs

  4. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  5. It was a very sad week--I haven't been blogging very long so I didn't know these kitties, but I know it has been hard for all their friends and Humans.

    Here's to a happier week coming up!


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