Scylla Sunday

I am dreaming of King Brian.

He makes me purr with delight.

Do you think boys like getting flowers?

This very interesting flower was on our cactus. We thinks cactus are guy plants our youngest boy bean loves them.  Well he used to love them until Mommy planted this washtub full of cactus and then got him to move it for her. He didn't like getting stuck.

MOL, I thinks I will tell you about my last VET visit. It was kinda funny. First you has to understand that my nickname at the VET's is GRUMPY GIRL cause they can hear me SCREAMING from the parking lot and I hiss and growl the whole time I am there the VET has to allot extra time to listen to my heart because of all the hissing I do.  They likes me anyway, they are weird like that. Anyway it started with Mommy putting me in the PTU, I went in without a fight (Mommy was pleasantly surprised) and then after Mommy took the hint that I didn't care for that stuff she calls music and turned the radio off I settled down and didn't meow once (Mommy was overjoyed). So she gets to the Vets and brings me in (I am still being silent) and they ask her "You have Scylla with you right?" (See Socks had an appointment that afternoon and he is always quiet and polite). Mommy confirmed that she had me (and she noticed they looked kinda funny at each other). So we go in the examination room and I came out of the carrier without a fight (another first) and I was nice and polite and let them do whatever they wanted. When Dr. Lisa came to listen to my heart she wanted to know what Mommy had done to me cause I didn't hiss once. The only thing Mommy can figure out is Artemisia (who is a nice calm kitty) is having a good influence on me. The time before when I was at the VET Artemisia went with me, I put up a gigantic fight about going in the PTU and I was  throwing my usual hissy fit. It scared Artemisia so bad that she put up a fight about going in her PTU (She said from all the racket I was making she thought something awful was going to happen to us). Anyway once we got there (with ME screaming all the way) I couldn't help but notice how nice she was and that she got lots of petting and treats (and she ate them). They have tried giving me treats but I always refused them. Anyway Mom was happy with how smoothly this vet visit went and how nice I was. I don't think she should get used to it, do you? OH and they decided the GG stands for GOOD GIRL now (Ha). ~Scylla


  1. MOL Scylla. Our Doggie Shen hates the vets, he barks and whines and howels all the time.

    When the vet has finished he always gives Shen a treat. Shen always drops it on the floor and refuses to eat it. We think he's suspicious the vet is trying to posion him

  2. woooow nice flower :D
    we have a lot of cactusess here
    but no flower :(

    one time when i (hauwii) was a year old i eat one hahaha well play with it but sanne had to pull out the needels out my lip and thong that wasnt fun

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Scylla, I am very proud of your good behavior at the vet's office!

  4. Somebody sat on a cactus here, us kitties won't tell who but Mommy suspects Artemisia. We thinks eating one would hurt a lot, but Mommy says cactus are very tasty. She ate one!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Scylla

  5. Scylla you look beautifully blissful dreaming of Brian :-)

    Those treats hold a mysterious power dont they - LOL! Glad you were such a good girl and the vet and I hope you were rewarded lavishly!

  6. Sweet Scylla!! You are a Good Girl for being very brave at the vets!! Me and Charlie are so glad you felt happier going there - thank you gorgeous Artemisia! We hope that you are ok? We hope so!! We think you deserve extra treats for being so wonderful and surprising your mum and the vets! LOL!! Well done you!

    We hope you dream of King Brian lots! Take care

  7. That's it, Scylla, keep them guessing. And eat whatever treats are offered.


    Re your comment - I suspect Buddy ate #8 too.


  8. That's right get them to let their guard down and den yoo can nom dem gud!!!

  9. Oh yes, much better to be well behaved at the vet. Although I can imagine you have a lovely singing voice that the vets talk about after you leave.


  10. Oh Scylla, seeing you dreaming of Brian makes me purr because I purr when I dream of Whitey!

    We are proud of you being a GG (good girl)!

  11. We may have to check out this Brian guy! Glad to hear you had a nice trip to the vet.....

  12. I'm so proud of you sweet Scylla, yep, let's snuggle to celebrate the great visit! I am always good at the vet too, I just hate the process of getting there!

  13. Scylla,
    We hope next time will be different at the evil vet...gotta keep the Beans guessing, we say. We start howling the second the PTU comes out.

  14. That is a nice flower! I don't like the vet but I do have the wrapped around my paw. They love me...

  15. Firstly, we think those photos are just gorgeous, Scylla!

    Secondly, that is a very funny story at the vet's! Maybe you are aiming to be like me: my vet has a hard time listening to my heart because I purr so loudly when I am there (but I DO sing at the top of my lungs the whole way there and back!).

    Yuu-Chan and the gang

  16. Scylla, we think the picture of you dreaming of King Brian is beautiful! Mom said she has never had a kitty that likes to go to the vet and a couple of her kitties have really complained very loud all the way there! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  17. Happy Sunday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. That dreamy photo is gorgeous.. I am glad you decided to go quietly to the vets as I know how much it stresses the beans. I yell all the way there and all the way back.. Hugs GJ xx


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