50-50 and Turtles

Nikita and Elvira picked a winner for their contest. You simply must read the cute story they created about picking the winner Soups On! Announcing Summer Travel Stories, and Tips Contest Winner, and yes it did drive us nuts with suspense as we were one of the two contestants.

Chicken Soup is one of our favorite foods, we gets it as a treat when Mom can afford it. We likes the taste, she likes that it is good for us. So we are thrilled that we won.

For those of you who read about our recent bout with tummy troubles, Mommy has determined that Scylla's throwing up (which is actually more regurgitating)  is probably due to Scylla's eating too fast. She tends to gobble her food. Mommy has been trying to give Scylla small snacks of food when she is the only one around. Scylla tends to eat slower that way. Artemisia's constipation and then the opposite may have been just a fluke, as Mommy reintroduced the food to us and we haven't had any problems.  Mommy did take AnimalPal's advice and mix it in with the dry food we normally get, so getting high quality food wouldn't be such a shock to Miss Stinky's system. There is also the fact that we likes the taste of Chicken Soup so much that we eats more of it then we normally eat. Generally we eats more of the canned cat food and less of the dry. See at supper time Mommy gives us canned catfood first then if we are still hungry we gets dry catfood.  Also Mommy didn't know that you are suppose to slowly introduce food, she has always just bought whatever cat or dog food she could afford that is on her list of OK foods and given it to us. This is the first time we had problems. 

Also some of you asked Artemisia about the turtle she discovered. Thunder even thought it might have been his friend Tony. We hopes it wasn't Tony as Mommy found it dead a few days later. Mommy doesn't know what happened to him although she thinks he may have been behind one of her heavy flower pots when the wind blew it over and got crushed. Gotta run the Dad took today off and Mommy has yard work to do.


  1. King tends to "regurgitate" his foods too! He scarfs it down like an apocolypse is going on! Sorry to hear about your turtle furriend. He will make many friends at The Bridge. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hope Scylla eats more slowly and glad to hear that Artemisia is OK. As for the turtle, Thunder thinks his is still somewhere in the area looking for him. Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I hope you slow down a bit sweet Scylla, trust me, it's better that way!

  4. Congratulations on winning the chicken soup contest but me and Charlie can't find your entry to read?? Nevermind, we will try again later!! YAY you won!! That was a very suspensful way of picking the winner!! Yay!!

    Oh poor Scylla and Artemesia!! We hope they are feeling better now! We hope the new eating method works!

    That poor turtle! oh dear! :-(

    Have a great day !

    Take care

  5. Thunder we hope you find your turtle soon.

    Old Kitty, our entry is here in the comments.

  6. Old Kitty, and anyone else...

    The contest entries can be read in the comments of the original contest post.

    Just follow the link under my name in this comment. ;-D

  7. Rupert is a regurgitator, too. On the carpet, mostly.


    They make pet bowls with a "bump" in the middle that forces the gobbler to slow down, I've seen them at PetSart and the the Dr. Foster's catalogue.

    MomKat Trish

  8. Congratulations on your win! I had problems when my mom first introduced the Blue canned food to me, but she cut back on how much she gave me and I'm doing much better with it now.

  9. KhonKhats on your win!

    How khool woo won that one and Khousin Merdie and I won JFF's!


  10. Congrats to you all!

    Glad you're all okay and no more tummy troubles.

  11. It took me MONTGS ta get used ta the food here when I first arrived. I had the same problem.

    Gettin smaller amounts mixed with my accustomed food helped lots.


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