Fenris Friday ~ Doing a Fin

I was pawstruck by Fin's ability to combine two events in one post Housecat Confidential: Helping Dogs Meow Like Pirates, I think the ability to multi task is very important so I am going to attempt to combine my entry into Mango's Wanna Be Like Mango Contest with getting the word out about what excellent pets large breed dogs makes. I thinks I has a very expressive face like Mango this is my BORED look.

This is my look of total disgust that Mom has that flashy thing out AGAIN!

Like Mango I am a good gardner. I am checking the water level of the pond here to make sure it doesn't flood the Butterfly Garden. I thinks Daddy may need to unstop the dam and let some water out in case it rains.

Mommy says I am very handsome. She thinks I am even handsomer then Mango but she is my Mommy. Mommy's are prejudice about their kids good looks.

More of my handsome self.

Like Mango I am also athletic, like to ride in my car (the Fen-Mobile), eat very delicately so I to can take a nommy treat without risk to the beans fingers (unlike the cats), am handy around the house and LOVED Dog School. Alas unlike Mango I totally destroy stuffies, but I am kind to my CATS, even though they bites my Mommy's fingers when she gives them treats.

Mommy says that MUTTS like me and Large Breed Dogs are often over looked at shelters. The people at the shelter really didn't  know what I am. Some nice people found me abandoned so nothing is known about my parentage. The lady at the shelter thought I looked like a Great Pyrenees, so that is what she listed me as. Male dogs can be 100+ pounds. At 64 pounds I am on the small side but as I am not yet 3 I may grow some more. Mommy doesn't care if I don't. But some places discriminate against large breed dogs. Imagine being told you can't live somewhere just because you WEIGH to much. And some silly people are afraid of big dogs, I can't imagine anyone being afraid of ME! I loves everybody and unless you try to hurt my Mommy you don't have anything to worry about. I even LOVES cats. Even though I am big I don't eat very much. When I am inside I just lay around and watch everybody and the cats. I never bother Mommy's stuff. When I am outside I likes to chase squirrels. I actually don't bark that much. I just bark when someone I don't know comes up in our yard or when the Good Year Blimp flies overhead, I bark and chase helicopters too.  I do have a LOUD bark but if Mommy tells me to hush I do. So as our vet says ADOPT DON'T SHOP! ~Fenris Wolf


  1. Greetings Fenris,

    Nice to meet, I guess, cus a dog chased me two years back and bit my hind quarter and dad and the rest of the family took me to the vet. So I am very cautious of other animals and especially dogs and hardly venture outside unless dad or mum are with me.

    Never the less it is nice to see you out among the garden and checking the water level. How fortunate you are to have a pond with water lilies growing. We have a very small pond, more like a wine barrel sunk into the earth in which dad grows a few water lilies. Last year he photographed one and placed it as a masthead on one of his blogs, but now that we are in autumn he changed to picture.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty

  2. What a great post Fenris! We agree that Mutts and Large Breed Dogs can and do make fantastic pets

  3. Oh beautiful and stunning Fenris! Have we told you how me and Charlie are just crazy about your amazing eyes?!!? Cos they are just so unique!!! We think you are a most handsome and cuddliest dog ever!! We don't understand how anyone could be afraid of you - you are just too sweet!!! :-)

    And the kitties love you and you love them and so all is good!! :-)

    We like how you help around the garden too! Look at you being all vigilant with the water levels - now that truly is a most clever thing to do so well done you!

    Enjoy your day!

    Take care handsome Fenris!!

  4. Hi Fenris! You are doing a great job! What a cute woofie!

  5. What a great combo post! You are a lovely pooch and I like a dog who likes cats. Great job Fenris!!

    PS I love your pond!

  6. YEAH... It's T.G.I.Fenris F.,
    You certainly are Mango like!! I had never noticed.

  7. PAWesome post, Fenris!!! We just think you are totally adorable! Mom LOL'd at you chasing and barking at blimps!

  8. Fenris! That is a great blog. I will have to wait until momma gets home from work to add you to the official list. Good luck with the contest!


  9. Hello Fenris! You are handsome. The Woman says you do have the look of a Great Pyrenees in that photo but your tail is wrong. She wonders who gave you that nice curl in your tail? It is good to be a mix when you are big though. I bet you are thriving

  10. Matters not to any of us what your breed is, we all think you are one very handsome boy!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Fenris, this is an awesome post! And we think your vet is very wise saying ADOPT DON'T SHOP!

    Have a great weekend BIG boy!

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    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Blair Sorrel

  13. Hey handsome Fenris, that was a great post and the pictures were terrific!

  14. Fenris, we like that saying, "Adopt don't Shop!" Mommy is gonna remember that.
    You are a fantastic doggie and we don't say that to just any woofie around town. We thinks bigger woofies like you maight make a great pal for us...could you talk our Daddy onto getting us one? So far Mommy hasn't had any luck.

  15. Woo are of the most pawesome handsome breed:

    A Fenris!

    Great Mango-like moments!


  16. Oh, so glad to have someone talk about the joys of bigger dogs. There are medium large dogs here that need homes. They are full of love and do the cutest things. They can be house dogs just like the little bitties. So here's to choosing bigger doggies - Hip Hip Hooray!!

  17. It is more useful and satisfying to adopt a animal rather than buying one , It is as good as giving life to a stranger with our love and affection.

  18. Hi Fenris! I am Simba. I hope to be new friends!
    You are such a pretty dog and you belong to such a pretty breed! :-)


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