Wildflowers are a NATURAL part of the environment. If you has a wildflower garden you don't have to weed.


  1. I love wildflowers. I have a couple of hollyhocks and some tiny morning glories that just came up by themselves.

  2. Awwww what a lovely sentiment! Me and Charlie love wildflowers - they're very pretty and really brighten up a grass verge or an arable field or just an ordinary pavement!! Lovely!
    Take care

  3. I love wildflowers, I wish I were in a house and not a condo so that I could have my own backyard with a garden!

  4. Naturally pretty they are too!

  5. Mommy likes wildflowers too. It's amazing how many come up in Spring in the desert, sometimes the road to Mommy's work is a carpet of yellow poppies.


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