Scylla Sunday

I thinks most of you know that me &  Charybdis lost our Cat Mom when we were 4 weeks old. Luckily for us Mommy & Daddy agreed to foster us cause we were so little we needed constant care and to be bottle feed. Charybdis had a heart condition. Mommy & Daddy took her to the Vet School @  MSU for an ultra sound. She was Mommy's baby. Charybdis would lay in Mommy's arms like a human baby and snuggle forever, but we both loved our Mommy & Daddy very much.

Mommy says we grew up to be beautiful cats.

I still miss Charybdis, but I loves Artemisia too. She helped my heart not hurt so much after Charybdis went to the bridge..

We helps our Mommy with the laundry.

We thinks everything looks better with a little fur on it.

I noticed some of my friends didn't know what LIVESTRONG Day was or how to participate. Well I am not terribly good at explaining things so I am sending you over to Alfie & Milo's blog post where they explained all about it. I hopes you will join us in going YELLOW for LIVESTRONG Day October 2nd.  ~Scylla


  1. Awww beautiful Scylla!! Your mum is so right - you and Charybdis are purrrfect!!! And me and Charlie are sad that your mummy kitty and lovel Charybdis are no longer with you but at least they are together now! Big purrs sweet Scylla!

    And we think you and adorable Artemisia are doing a fantastic job helping your mum!! Yay!!!!
    Everything looks much better with furrs on them! :-)

    Thanks for the link about Livestrong - will go check it out now! Take care

  2. Sweet Scylla, I am so happy that you and Artemisia and such good buds now. You know you can snuggle with me anytime you're feeling a bit down.

  3. You are very beautiful cats, Scylla. And we know how much you all miss Charybdis. Artemisia came along at just the right time to help heal those broken hearts.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Scylla, we're glad you mom and dad took you and Charybdis in and we're glad Artemisia has helped you not hurt so bad when Charybdis went to the Bridge.

  5. It makes us purr that Artemisia has helped your heart heal after your sister Charybdis had to go to the Bridge. Charybdis is with your mommy cat and they will wait for you and watch over you because we need you here on earth for a very long time Scylla!

  6. We are glad for all the memories and fun that the two of you had. We hope that time will help heal those wounds of loss, and that you will gain strength in the knowledge that you gave so much love that all her moments were filled with joy, and that everyone misses them as well.

  7. Scylla, losing your best friend IS hard, and we're glad Artemisia is your pal now.

    You two work quite well together furring everything up!

  8. We are glad that Artemisia is so good at helpin ya with yer loss...


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