Tsarina Tuesday ~ Artemisia

Oh there you are (sigh of relief) I was worried no one was going to show up for Tsarina Tuesday. Mommy has been slacking so much we hardly ever get to visit and now she is being haphazard with our post. Anyway I gets to tell 10 things I like today.

  1. Being able to come in the house whenever I want.
  2. Playing in the Butterfly Garden.
  3. Playing with Socks.
  4. Playing with Scylla.
  5. Having plenty of food to eat.
  6. Flowers
  7. Helping Mommy garden.
  8. Having real honest cat toys to play with.
  9. Snuggling with Mom, Dad and the Boy Beans and being petted.
  10. Snuggling with Socks and Scylla.
Would you like to see some of our flowers?

Devil's Trumpet

Yellow Angel's Trumpet

Purple Heart


Fenris will tell you 10 things he likes Friday and we will try our best to make Mommy do a gardening post Thursday. And we promise to come visit as soon as we can, we thinks about all our friends every day.


  1. You are obviously a very snuggly little girl, Artemisia. Would you like to come over and snuggle with us too?

  2. Artemisia, you sound like a great family girl. We love seeing your garden. Our angel trumpet has a half dozen or so trumpets ready to start to blare.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Hi, Artemesia! ::waving paws::

  4. Can't get enough of the garden pictures. Love how you capture the essence of a flower.

  5. You sure do like to play and snuggle Artemisia, two very impawtant things!

  6. Your garden is lovely but you are lovelier!

  7. Yoo are adorable and we love yoor 10 things abowt yoorself. And we can't wait for yoor gardening post on Thursday.

  8. We LOVE your love list~!!! We loves you all too!

  9. I would love to snuggle with the Chans and maybe Tommy. I am not sure about snuggling with doggies yet.

    Thanks for visiting everyone.

  10. Purry nice tour and stuffs!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  11. All ten of your happy things are great, we admit we *might* like the Fudz the best...since we are SUCH piggies, as Mommy says!

  12. Greetings Artesmia,

    My look you sweet but a little concerned.

    But sometimes mum needs a break but do keep your paws on control so the slacking does not become a habit.

    Dad needs to work on our next post but first he has to clean the house.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty

  13. We think ya picked 10 really good things! An we liked the flowers too. That purple thing is REAL pretty...

  14. Aww sweet Artemisia! Thank you for showing me and Charlie these beautiful flowers!! Lovely! And thank you for sharing the ten things that you like!! You really are a fab gardener and we hope you have lots of snuggling time with mum, dad and boy beans! Take care


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