Fenris Friday

I wants to go for a walk Mom and I bets my friends would enjoy seeing the garden can we go now, please.

This tree gets a lot of pee mail and not just from dogs.

Let's play chase.

Here is the Hummingbird Cottage. It is really looking good.

This is Sniffie's rose. It just blooms and blooms. We can see it from the house and Mommy loves it. The other roses aren't blooming. This is the only one that has bloomed for us since we planted them.

Charybdis' Bed. There is some Rosemary for remembrance tucked into the back. It hasn't gotten very big yet. The Angelonia on the other hand has really taken off.

The Encore Azalea.

Mommy says it is time to go in now. She has stuffs to do.

Scylla said I needed to hold the wall up for Mommy so it wouldn't fall down.

Mommy will the wall really fall down if I move?


  1. We think Scylla is being a little bit naughty... And you, Fenris, are very, very sweet! WE very much enjoyed our walk with you!

    Tommy (and purrs from the Chans)

  2. These humas always have stuff to do, eh? What could they possibly have to do besides playing with me?!?

    licks & slobbers

  3. Oh Fenris ~ we fink yoo're being teased a bit!

    We love it that Sniffie's Rose is blooming ~ we think thta is a sign she is happy and OK at the Bridge.

  4. Beautiful Fenris!! Thank you for taking me and Charlie for a lovely walk around your beautiful garden!!! We think the Sniffie's blooming rose in the Hummingbird Cottage is just lovely! We adore Charybdis's bed with their gorgeous flowers!

    Awwww sweet Fenris!! You are doing a great job holding up that wall! Take care

  5. Thank you for showing us Sniffie's rose! It's beautiful, just like she was. Milo and Alfie's comment made Mom's eyes leaky but with a smile on her face.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Fenris, you're such a sweetie! Mom would love to give you big kisses and cuddles.

    Sniffie's rose is beautiful; we think she must be sending it positive energy to bloom!

    Thanks for the tour of your wonderful garden!

  7. Oh Fenris that was a wonderful walkie with you. Now you are really doing a grrrreat job of keeping the wall upright. That is most helpful.
    I truly LOVE your hummingbird hut. How many feeders do you have in there?

  8. Fenris, don't be fooled by Silly Scylla. But helping Mom out in the garden was good work. The gardens are looking good.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Thanks for taking us around Fenris! Hey, I'll talk to Scylla about telling you to hold up the wall sweetie! I love the Sniffie Rose, it is blooming with love.

  10. We think Scylla is playing a trick on you! And that is SO sweet that you have a Sniffie Rose!

  11. You are very helpful holding up the wall!

  12. Oh, Fenris, Scylla is pulling your leg. We're not sure which one, though. But we feel certain if you move, the wall will remain as it is. Or not. Perhaps Scylla is right. :)

  13. Hi, Fenris!!!!!!!! We always enjoy your posts. We purr that all of you will have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Oh Fenris!

    What a great tour AND a great job!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  15. Fenris (and gang) we have missed commenting! Our Mommy has been BAD.
    Your gardens look lovely, and we like the name "Bee Bed"!
    We are so happy to see Sniffie's rose blooming, we know she's shining her light on it to help it fluorish.

  16. Fenris,
    The hummingbird estate is lovely. I bet they tell all their friends about it. You must be worn out after those vigorous gardening duties AND holding up the wall.


  17. Most excellent wall holding skills!


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